0 AD asks for help

Hello comrades, elruiz1993 greets you with a quick note (since I have partial on Friday but this type of news must be spread).

At this stage of the game there are not many GNU / Linuxeros who do not know 0 AD that strategy game that was born as a mod of Age of Empires and that recently released its Alpha 14 version.

And with you ... The Mayans!

The fact is that the developers (the Wildfire Games team) do not want their work to have the same development time as Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life 3, so they launched a campaign on Indiegogo to give it the final push and take it out to the streets of the network of networks.

As is customary in this type of campaign, they offer us t-shirts, CDs, posters and others in order for us to be more generous and get more tickets (they also offer to put your face to a faction of soldiers or a hero, but to tell the truth it happened to see soldiers identical to me being massacred by catapults, archers and others).

Without anything else to tell you, I leave you the links so that whoever you like can help (I would love to help, but I don't have a credit card, so even if it is I advertise)

IndieGoGo Campaign

Alpha 14 announcement

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  1.   Francis_18 said

    Well, I would love to support the project, but I don't have a credit card either, it is one of the projects that have caught my attention the most in GNU / Linux gaming, I hope they continue.

    A greeting.

    1.    drkpkg said

      Well idem, the only thing you can do is contribute.

  2.   Jesus Delgado said

    In the repositories of the new version of Canaima4 (which is in beta) will come the game 0 AD

  3.   pandev92 said

    When it comes out, it should use the crysis xD engine at a minimum because with the number of years we are waiting xd ...

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Or Valve's Source engine.

  4.   Jesus Delgado said

    We can download it in Debian 7 with the following command:

    $ echo "aptitude install 0ad"

    and locate it in Menu> Games> 0 AD it weighs around 350MB.

  5.   EGR said

    I would like to contribute, this game I have been watching for a long time, and it seems to me an interesting project, but the circumstances do not allow me more expenses.

  6.   eliotime3000 said

    While I wait for the confirmation e-mail to download DOTA 2, I'll take advantage of playing this game that looks spectacular.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Installing 0 AD

  7.   Jesus Delgado said

    I correct the command: # aptitude install 0ad

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      sudo apt-get install 0ad

      If they don't use SUDO, then:
      apt-get install 0ad

      1.    Jesus. thin said

        🙂 great. Tried to make the code look terminal mode, but I think it's for copywriters if I'm not mistaken.

        1.    Joaquin said

          I was going to ask you why you wrote "echo". Has no sense.

        2.    cookie said

          No, all the tags are HTML tags and you can use them.

  8.   spyker said

    Although they have all the right in the world and it is a very good option, I think this method of financing is beginning to be abused a bit.

  9.   hrenek said

    Regarding the image, they are not Mayans. They are mauryas http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperio_Maurya

    1.    elruiz1993 said

      That's why you can't trust Google Images hahahaha

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        But in the same image it says "Mauryan Structures" (Mauryan structures in Spanish). Thus, the error had been layer 8, not Google Images.

        1.    elruiz1993 said

          Ok mea culpa 😛 but I try to edit the post to correct it and it won't let me, so if someone can correct it I would be grateful.

      2.    xbdsabelearn said

        Hello elruiz1993 because you do not make an article talking about the programs that came forward due to people's donations, and others that apparently were very good projects but unfortunately they were stopped, due to the lack of support, it would be interesting greetings.

        1.    elruiz1993 said

          It would be necessary to look, because what I understand that you want to do is a list of free programs that advanced thanks to collective financing, right? In that case I only know OpenShot, which thanks to that got funds to port the program to QT (which by the way has not shown anything yet) and this one. If you have more information or if you want to write the article, you are welcome 🙂

          1.    xbdsabelearn said

            Well, not so much a list would be too long. but only mention the best known examples, example would be blender for donations the code came out after the foundation was formed, Debian, Libre oficial ok that would be how they rescued the code just in case oracle, haha.
            Librecad is managed by donations, but it is a good project but it is very green to compete with the big ones, Examples of how companies are red-hat, linuxmint, ubuntu. Projects that looked good would be Kompozer for the initiators of the world of web design but oops it left the market. Draftight which is very good software but it is paid, but very economical compared to the others. Sauerbraten that at the time of download the game comes out advertisements, ubuntu and linuxmint that handle merchandising t-shirts, hats, backpacks. they would be good examples.

  10.   auroszx said

    Another one more interested in the game and without a credit card: / I would like to donate something and try that game once and for all.

  11.   rainbow_fly said

    Honestly speaking .. isn't it too long now? even for an indie game with financing problems .. according to wikipedia the project has been around for almost 14 years ..

    Other newer projects and with many financing problems, have concluded a "final" version in 4 years

    I wonder if the developers are really motivated to make this game after such a long time .. xD

  12.   dhunter said

    I love board games, I have played Age Of Empires 2 thousand times and "LOTR: Battle for the Middle Earth" I gobbled it up in a week, hopefully 0AD has a good ending, I have tried to play the current version but it is still missing .

  13.   / Dev / null said

    Well, then to install it XD

  14.   xbdsabelearn said

    How can they be like that, people are asking us for help and for the comments I have seen. No one is willing to help? (They only talked about the game) -.-! 1 if we are going to support them, = Oh what a bad roll people, well I already donated. Don't be like that, I hope that someone more than one contribution, free software developers, give a lot to us, we use their FREE tools, it's time to support them. In order for them to continue with this great work, it is true that there are many projects that they support per community (but they are very slow in their development or in improvements, in the worst case they were stopped).

    Others are supported by advertising, marketing donations and private projects to companies and some have even become paid (but yes, they are still cheaper than private software).

    It is that when you hear the word MONEY, MONEY some not all, it is clear, they see it wrong, people with that are paid:
    Transport, electricity, telephone, food, clothing to mention a few examples, they took their time, to help us there are projects that are maintained like: debian, blender and they can be put to you by you, with any proprietary program. Let's not say from linux, I had to see several pay the hosting again, just an image for a second, that the hosting would not have been paid that would have happened eeee? (Possibly they would have found other means to solve the blog) I leave them for you to reflect, help and contribute. Regards.

    PS: Image that is Goku asking to raise their hands jiji XD

    1.    Joaquin said

      The truth is that you are right. One of the reasons why we use free software is because in general they are free and those that are paid, cost 5, 10 or 20 dollars.

      Some of us may not be able to donate by the means of payment that is used, but almost all of us have someone we know who does make frequent use of those means of payment. Just give that person the cash and donate with their account.

  15.   leonardopc1991 said

    Good news, when I get home I will try to install it in my Sabayon

  16.   Joaquin said

    Thanks for the info. You have to share it.

    1.    xbdsabelearn said

      It is true I will spread the info on my channel, but it will be until Friday of this week I am busy here with work. so while I will send it to my social networks. Regards.