2013 is coming to us in a big way

I remember a while ago I had talked about Steam and its repercussions on Linux. Well, I was not wrong, the arrival of Steam it has created quite a stir around the Linux world and has begun to open doors little by little.

Admittedly, games are, without a doubt, the biggest hook of an operating system, but ask a young user between the ages of 13 and 25 Why are you using Windows? And they will easily answer you "Because almost all the games are there".

After the games come those who tell you; "By the Adobe suite" o "By MS Office", but rarely will you hear them mention another reason ... Why? Well, because beyond the aforementioned there is not much else to grab.

Things are changing dramatically. I mentioned that with the arrival of Steam we would have better video drivers, and the drivers Nvidia R310 are the materialization of what I (and many others) I predicted (ron). I also said that I would encourage other companies to port or create games for this platform and I was not wrong, Blizzard has announced that it will show a native game for Linux in 2013.

Valve, even if it is a company that creates games with DRM and closed (and offers the same in your store) has the policy of offering them at a good price and of good quality, that and has also adopted Linux as his favorite system, to the point that not only does he speak well of the system but he intends to launch his own video console based on Linux, which would come to compete with the console Ouya (open source) and by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Spain with the Nvidia Shield, both based on Linux (Android).

However, there is still much to see, this I say is just the beginning of everything that lies ahead. We have not yet begun to see the true growth, the people who will begin to arrive in a while have not begun to arrive, nor have real offers on computers been presented with any distro Linux pre-installed. And I'm not talking about the System76 or the Dell XPS, but about more influential manufacturers (and maybe some of the smallest) freeing themselves from the yoke that Microsoft exerts on them and offering computers with different systems (distros) pre-installed.

We have seen how it advances in everything related to the business world, Linux is going faster and faster, to the point that nobody stops it and companies like Suse, RedHat o Canonical they go with everything to their different areas, eating the cake of the dominant systems piece by piece.

I dare to say that this 2013 is going to be great news, we will see even more progress with the inclusion of Kernel 3.8, the most important after 2.6.x with many improvements in many critical fields, thus making systems based on this in the most advanced (or one of the most advanced).

Linux grows and grows over time, and it goes faster and faster. Those of us who work with development find that distros are increasingly better equipped to create development environments efficiently. It is also interesting to see how many of my friends who used Mac, were encouraged to install Ubuntu on their Macbook and incredibly they have stayed with the system, to the point that they deleted OSX from their disk (no lie).

In recent times, free / open technologies have taken a lot of strength for the simple fact that they have been shown to be more profitable, easy to use, scale and monetize. There is no piracy when there is freedom of exchange and use and there is no licensing problem when you use things that others did for you to create something (it depends on the case, of course) but the point is that; a change is being seen in the market and 2013 is decisive, perhaps, I dare to say that it is the turning point where we will see many outdated theories break down and all this new culture that has been growing and flourishing flourish once and for all.

The road ahead is long, we have to continue growing with the system, learning, developing, reporting, designing and improving in every possible aspect; Something that free Linux-based systems have is that they are mine, yours, your neighbor's… everyone's and in the long run, what helps me, you too.

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  1.   Luis Armando Medina said

    I agree with about Steam and it has been the spearhead that was missing to cause the interest of several manufacturers such as nvidia to make good video drivers for linux, that and the finger that Linus Tordvals painted them ha ha ha (http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/06/torvalds-nvidia-linux/) caused the batteries to be put in. But without a doubt the fact that some mac-eros send their mac OSX to fuck (ha ha ha don't drop it to me it's very good ha ha ha) and better put Ubuntu for Mac is a step that I never thought possible and if I have one mac ... old lady but with Ubuntu 12.10 flies !!!
    Without a doubt 2013 will have many interesting things among them I hope that the BTRFS of as many benefits as expected but we will see

  2.   dement said

    Excellent post, I read it completely, it is very interesting to know how Linux is growing

    PS: a few months ago bengo reading post on your blog without in bargo it is the first time I comment I hope I also grow with linux and with you

    greeting from Puerto Rico

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      Keep an eye on that spelling compay xD

  3.   diazepam said

    I already wish my dad would come one day and tell me that he wants to try Linux.


  4.   anti said

    And where do you get that Valve is going to get a console? I mean, it's a question; as far as I know it was a rumor and you do not put references.

  5.   dtll84 said

    What a morale boost! This post beats William Wallace's speech

    For me the great burden of Linux is that it lacks a good professional video editor (yes, kdenlive is quite good, but I have it in U12.04 and it fails a lot). I hope this year they will release the beta of lightworks at once.
    Anyway, I think that for the general public Linux will have won the battle of software against Windows the day Adobe decides to offer its programs also on Linux.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I don't use Kdenlive professionally, just to join or chop videos ... but so far in Debian Testing (Wheezy) I haven't had a single bug from it 🙂

  6.   rhythm said

    Linux always takes advantage of the weaknesses of its rivals, and as soon as Microsoft messes up a bit it takes advantage of it to take a step forward.

    It already happened with Vista, and Windows 7 came and it seems that things have calmed down for Redmon, but now Windows 8 arrives with a very good base but with a controversial desktop environment that does not call many of us and with a market that has raised suspicions in large companies (Valve and Blizzard) with what Linux hits another arreón and this seems very strong. Hopefully this is the beginning of a true desktop alternative, and one that does not focus too much on Ubuntu, so that we can continue to have freedom of choice without many restrictions.

  7.   Paul said

    I'm not between 13 and 25, I already double those of 25 but I love action games in the first person, is that, sometime far away, I started with the duke nukem, doom, etc ... hahahahaha Very good post and hold on linux 🙂

  8.   rainbow_fly said

    Since it is a great time for free and open communities

    We could give credit to the GNU developers too right? because if I remember correctly this system is GNU with Linux, it is not Linux

    1.    dwarf said

      And hit the little item. The truth is, the GNU has not done anything as such for a long time. Gnome belongs to the GNU project and various applications, of course it does, but the real merit in all this progress has been and will continue to be the kernel.

      Be careful, I am not detracting from GNU projects, I am just saying that the advances, the capabilities, what makes this system desirable is its core.

      1.    rainbow_fly said

        "The truth is that the GNU has not done anything for a long time" ??? what did you smoke? the operating system is called GNU, without GNU, they would have a single kernel

        While there is GNU / linux, we must give merit to both, perhaps the FSF no longer contributes as before to the system, but the system itself was developed by them

        Like it or not

        You can not distort the work they have done in the past, because today they do not do the same work

        What's done is done and it would be good for you to recognize it at least when the GNU / linux system is at its best.

        Why the penguin climbed the pedestal by the hand of a wildebeest

    2.    rhythm said

      I imagine that many of us know the difference between Linux and GNU or what it would be like to call it, but personally I say Linux for short, although it is not entirely correct, but if we seek to curl the curl, not even the pointer would be left.

      1.    rainbow_fly said

        the point of saying GNU / linux or Ñu Linux (or niu linux) for short is to give credit to both projects and make them known equally to new users, otherwise Linux becomes famous, and the GNU project remains a leftover that nobody appreciates

        1.    rhythm said

          If we are purists we could be even more convoluted, but I understand what you mean.

  9.   federico said

    Congratulations for 2013

  10.   guillote said

    the big change is coming after pre-installed distros start coming out en masse, nothing is going to stop the penguin

  11.   jonathan said

    Well, for about 2 years now that I use free alternatives since Windows had me green with its virus zoos and its multiple crashes, I decided to try Linux and I loved it and now with this news much more, I still hope that these systems continue to be overcome in reality they are a lot very good

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