January 2022: The good, the bad and the interesting of Free Software

January 2022: The good, the bad and the interesting of Free Software

January 2022: The good, the bad and the interesting of Free Software

In this first month of the year and penultimate day of «January 2022», as usual at the end of each month, we bring you this little compendium, of some of the most featured publications of that period.

So that they can review (see, read and share) some of the best and most relevant information, news, tutorials, manuals, guides and releases, from our website. And from other reliable sources, such as the web DistroWatch, Free Software Foundation (FSF), Open Source Initiative (OSI) and Linux Foundation (LF).

Introduction of the Month

With this monthly compilation, we hope as usual, they can more easily keep up to date in the field of Free Software, Open Source and GNU / Linux, and other areas related to technological news.

Posts of the Month

Summary of January 2022

Inside FromLinux in January 2022


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Top 10: Recommended Posts

  1. UbuntuDDE 21.10 arrives with Deepin 5.5, Linux 5.13 and more: A Distro under the code base of Ubuntu 21.10 and supplied with the graphical environment DDE. (See)
  2. GIMP 2.10.30 arrives with improvements: A version that got to fix a couple of bugs and that brings improved support for various file formats. (See)
  3. TON Wallet: How to install the Toncoin digital wallet on GNU / Linux?: An official development of the TON Community that works as a digital wallet to store the Toncoin cryptocurrency. (See)
  4. Slimjet: An interesting free web browser focused on privacy: A free web browser based on the Chromium open source project, which is not very well known. (See)
  5. The new version of the IDE Lazarus 2.2 has already been released: Based on the FreePascal compiler and performing tasks similar to Delphi, together with an environment designed for the FreePascal 3.2.2 compiler. (See)
  6. GNU cflow 1.7 has already been released and comes with new commands and more: A GNU utility designed to build a visual graph of function calls in C programs. (See)
  7. USBImager: Useful app to write compressed disk images to USB: It is not as well known as Ventoy, and many others, but it is just as functional and effective for this task. (See)
  8. Balena Etcher: New version 1.7.3 of the useful disk image recorder: A well-known app in this field, due to the fact that it comes in the practical and useful universal AppImage package format. (See)
  9. Firefox 96 has already been released and these are its news: A new version that among many new features "significantly" reduces the load placed on the main browser thread. (See)
  10. Session 1.7.6: What's new in the new version of this messaging app: An open source secure messaging application, which uses a set of decentralized servers. (See)

Outside FromLinux

Out of FromLinux in January 2022

GNU/Linux Distro Releases According to DistroWatch

  • Nitrux 2022.01.29: Day 30
  • OPNsense 22.1: Day 27
  • Linuxfx 11.1.1103: Day 20
  • ArchLabs Linux 2022.01.18: Day 19
  • Download Deepin 20.4: Day 19
  • Qubes OS 4.1.0 RC4: Day 18
  • Parted Magic 2022_01_18: Day 18
  • SystemRescue 9.00: Day 17
  • GhostBSD 22.01.12: Day 17
  • ExTiX 22.1: Day 15
  • Slackware Linux 15.0 RC3: Day 13
  • emmabuntüs DE4-1.01: Day 12
  • DragonFlyBSD 6.2.1: Day 10
  • Easy OS 3.2: Day 09
  • Linux Mint 20.3: Day 07
  • Gecko Linux 153.220104.0, 999.220105.0: Day 07
  • UBports 16.04 OTA-21: Day 06
  • Neptune 7.0: Day 01
  • Slackel 7.5 "Openbox": Day 01

To find out more about each of these releases and more, click on the following link.

Latest News from the Free Software Foundation (FSF / FSFE)

  • Waag founder Marleen Stikker to host LibrePlanet 2022: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced Marleen Stikker as its keynote speaker for LibrePlanet 2022. The annual technology and social justice conference will take place virtually on March 19-20, 2022, with the theme “Living Liberation ». (See)

To learn more about this and other news from the same period, click on the following links: FSF y FSFE.

Latest News from the Open Source Initiative (OSI)

  • Google Open Source Program Office: The Business Impact of Open Source: This Open Source Initiative (OSI) blog series will feature guests telling their open source stories during the Practical Open Source Insights (POSI) 2021 event.. (See)

To find out more about this and other news from the same period, click on the following link.

Latest News from the Linux Foundation Organization (FL)

  • On DEI research: Why the Linux Foundation? Because right now?: The open source community is working on many simultaneous challenges, one of which is addressing vulnerabilities at the core of our projects, securing the software supply chain, and protecting it from threat actors. At the same time, the health of the community is just as important as the security and vitality of the software code.. (See)

To learn more about this and other news from the same period, click on the following links: Blog, Project news y Press releases.

Summary: Various publications

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In short, we hope this "small and useful news compendium " with the highlights inside and outside the blog «DesdeLinux» for this first month of the year, «Enero 2022», be very useful for the whole «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the improvement, growth and diffusion of the ecosystem of applications available for «GNU/Linux».

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