May 2022: The good, the bad and the interesting of Free Software

May 2022: The good, the bad and the interesting of Free Software

May 2022: The good, the bad and the interesting of Free Software

In this fifth month of the year and penultimate day of «May 2022», as usual at the end of each month, we bring you this little compendium, of some of the most featured publications of that period.

So that they can review (see, read and share) some of the best and most relevant information, news, tutorials, manuals, guides and releases, from our website. And from other reliable sources, such as the web DistroWatch, Free Software Foundation (FSF), Open Source Initiative (OSI) and Linux Foundation (LF).

Introduction of the Month

With this monthly compilation, we hope as usual, they can more easily keep up to date in the field of Free Software, Open Source and GNU / Linux, and other areas related to technological news.

Posts of the Month

Summary of may 2022

Inside FromLinux in may 2022


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Top 10: Recommended Posts

  1. Learn what's new in Android 1 beta 13: Google released the first beta version of Android 13, the next version of its mobile operating system several days ago. (See)
  2. De todito linuxero May-22: Brief informative overview of the GNU/Linux field: A small, but excellent news compendium to start the informative linux news of the current month. (See)
  3. KaOS 2022.04 has already been released and these are its news: The release of the new version of the Linux distribution "KaOS 2022.04" was announced, an independent Linux distro, focused on KDE. (See)
  4. Firefox 100 has already been released and these are its news: Mozilla has just announced the release of the new version of its Firefox web browser, version 100. (See)
  5. Proxmox VE 7.2 has already been released and these are its news: The release of the new version of Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.2, a specialized Linux distribution based on Debian, was announced. (See)
  6. Microsoft released the source code for 3D Movie Maker at the request of someone who asked to continue its development.: And you're releasing it to GitHub in a read-only repository under an MIT license. (See)
  7. Open Secure Shell (OpenSSH): A bit of everything about SSH technology: SSH stands for Secure Shell is a protocol for secure remote access and other secure network services over an insecure network. (See)
  8. Canaima 7: The Venezuelan GNU/Linux Distribution launches a beta version: This future version of Canaima 7 (Canaima 7.0), has the code name "Imawarí", in honor of Imawarí Yeutá. (See)
  9. Canaima 7: Installation process of the first public beta available: Today we will explore the installation process, which is basically that of Debian-11, the base for its construction. (See)
  10. Firefox and LibreOffice: How to use the newer versions via AppImage: A useful alternative to try to be able to access modernized and current versions in an acceptable way. (See)

Outside FromLinux

Out of FromLinux in may 2022

GNU/Linux Distro Releases According to DistroWatch

  1. Nix OS 22.05: Day 30
  2. LXLE Focal: Day 27
  3. Alma Linux OS 9.0: Day 26
  4. Clonezilla Live 3.0.0-26: Day 24
  5. Alpine Linux 3.16.0: Day 24
  6. OracleLinux 8.6: Day 20
  7. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0: Day 18
  8. openSUSE 15.4 RC: Day 17
  9. RockyLinux 8.6: Day 17
  10. FreeBSD 13.1: Day 16
  11. Kali Linux 2022.2: Day 16
  12. ALT Linux 10.0: Day 13
  13. Alma Linux OS 8.6: Day 12
  14. Euro Linux 8.6: Day 12
  15. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6: Day 11
  16. Fedora 36: Day 10
  17. Alma Linux OS 8.6 Beta: Day 06
  18. Open Media Vault 6.0.24: Day 04
  19. Proxmox 7.2 "Virtual Environment": Day 04
  20. Tails 5.0: Day 03
  21. ExTiX 22.5: Day 01
  22. Zephyx 5: Day 01

To find out more about each of these releases and more, click on the following link.

Latest News from the Free Software Foundation (FSF / FSFE)

  • GNU April Highlights with Amin Bandali – Twenty New GNU Package Releases: coreutils-9.1, emacs-28.1, doe-2.19, gcc-11.3.0, gnuhealth-4.0.3, gnupg-2.3.6, gzip-1.12, help2man-1.49.2, libgcrypt-1.10.1, mailutils-3.15 , mtools-4.0.39, nano-6.3, octave-7.1.0, parallel-20220422, parted-3.5, poke-2.3, r-4.2.0, recutils-1.9, shepherd-0.9.0, and unifont-14.0.03 . (See)

To learn more about this and other news from the same period, click on the following links: FSF y FSFE.

Latest News from the Open Source Initiative (OSI)

  • Exploring the future of Open Source: As the guardian of the definition of open source, the OSI must understand all the challenges it faces. The introduction of new technologies can be a challenge for open source. Like when the “software as a service” model began to emerge and that required revising the GNU GPL, creating the AGPL. We now believe that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence is raising new questions for the open source community. (See)

To find out more about this and other news from the same period, click on the following link.

Latest News from the Linux Foundation Organization (FL)

  • Open Source Software Security – Turning Sand into Concrete: The Linux Foundation and OpenSSF brought together a great team last week at the II Open Source Software Security Summit. Which was made up of a hundred participants, such as companies, the US government and the open source community. And all this, to agree on an action plan to help increase the security of open source software. (See)

To learn more about this and other news from the same period, click on the following links: Blog, Project news y Press releases.

Summary: Various publications

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In short, we hope this "small and useful news compendium " with the highlights inside and outside the blog «DesdeLinux» for this second month of the year, «mayo 2022», be very useful for the whole «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the improvement, growth and diffusion of the ecosystem of applications available for «GNU/Linux».

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