SerenityOS creator resigns from his position and says he will focus on Ladybird

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Recently, Andreas Kling announced, through a blog post, which has made a decision significant that will affect the future of two projects very loved by the community: SerenityOS and Ladybird.

In the publication he announced his resignation as "BDFL" of the project and its focus on developing a fork of the Ladybird web browser.

To give a little context to those who are unaware of one of these two projects (or both), they should know that in 2018, Andreas Kling created the SerenityOS project, as a way to occupy your free time after completing a drug rehab program. What started as a personal project grew into an open source operating system development community with over a thousand contributors worldwide. On the other hand, Ladybird emerged as a simple HTML viewer for SerenityOS and later became a cross-platform web browser with a focus on Linux and macOS.

An Ladybird's notable feature is its multithreaded architecture, where the front-end process is separate from the processes that handle web content, network requests, image decoding, and cookie storage. This provides greater insulation and security, andbecause the drivers related to these functions run in separate processes. Each browser tab uses an independent web content processing process, further ensuring system isolation and stability.

Already put some in context a little and continuing with the note, it is mentioned that For at least 4 years, Andreas Kling was involved in the development of SerenityOS and after that, In the last two years, Andreas has moved away from SerenityOS to focus on its browser engine and the Ladybird application based on it. Ladybird has evolved from a simple SerenityOS-specific HTML viewer to a cross-platform browser with its own engine.

Personally, for the past two years, I've focused almost entirely on Ladybird, a new web browser that started out as a simple HTML viewer for SerenityOS. When Ladybird became a cross-platform project in 2022, I shifted all my attention to the Linux version, as testing on Linux was much easier and did not require launching SerenityOS.

Time flew by and I now can't remember the last time I worked on something in SerenityOS that wasn't related to Ladybird.

This evolution has led to the division of the community between developers of the operating system and browser developers. The lack of common interests has led to the separation of the projects, with Andreas leading the development of the browser and a new group of maintainers taking the reins of SerenityOS.

I love SerenityOS and I love the community that has formed around it. I don't want to suppress it anymore by being a distracted BDFL. That is also why I have decided to resign. Effective immediately, SerenityOS is now in the hands of its maintenance group. They are a lovely group of people and I trust they will look after him well.

This is why Andreas Kling has announced recently that Ladybird will separate from SerenityOS and it will become an independent project. This separation implies several important changes:

  • Ladybird will now have its own repository on GitHub and daily communication via a new dedicated Discord server.
  • The development focus will be on Linux and macOS systems, leaving aside the goal of SerenityOS.
  • Ladybird will adopt a more flexible third-party code usage policy, as opposed to SerenityOS's stricter policy.

With this separation, SerenityOS returns to focus on building an operating system desktop, eliminating the emphasis on the development of a web browser and with this it is also mentioned that the community now has the responsibility of shaping the future of the project and deciding its next steps.

On the other hand, Ladybird will continue its evolution as a web browser innovative and the new approach is intended to be more collaborative. This change provides a new direction for both projects, allowing each to follow its own path and develop according to its specific goals and needs.

finally if you are interested in knowing more about it, you can check the details in the following link

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