This is what the new Firefox home page will look like

Another of the changes that we can appreciate in the next versions of Mozilla Firefox, is a renewed design for your home page, which we can obtain by typing about: home in the URL bar.

It should currently look like this:

And in the next versions you will see this other:

In fact, we can already enjoy this change using the version available in the branch Nightly.. What do you think? At least I love having everything I need at hand, if the need to resort to the menu of options.

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  1.   pandev92 said

    I didn't like the old one or the new one.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      And what could a staunch Opera user say? ¬¬

      1.    sieg84 said

        Nice work, Firefox developers. 🙂

    2.    antonio said

      As it seems that you like apple I will tell you that I also have a mac and firefox on mac it goes not only faster than opera and safari, it goes much faster than chrome !!!

  2.   patriziosantoyo said

    Looks very good. We will also see some of these changes in Iceweasel ?, because the truth is that it is very useful to have the essentials at hand.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Sure man. Remember that Iceweasel is a Fork of Firefox.

      1.    patrizio santoyo said

        lol I can not hold and install it. I like it, thank you!

    2.    Ares said


      It is not for nothing but with Opera for a long time you already had it at hand with its Speedial and Panel.


      Don't you know how those posters are deactivated saying things that are not interesting? That home page has given me disgust for that Spam "Adware" included there.

  3.   keopety said

    I like it better than the previous one, but I don't use firefox, hahaha

  4.   Courage said

    I do not understand what the problem is with accessing the menus, nor that it was an energy expenditure of more than 2000 Kcal.

    Well, I prefer the previous one, it makes me silly to put those buttons there that I'm not going to use them or god

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well, I prefer the previous one, it makes me silly to put those buttons there that I'm not going to use them or god

      Let's see baby .. Don't say it that way (you are not a fortune teller, nor is your reason absolute), because the fact that you are not going to use them does not mean that others do the same.

      1.    Courage said

        It is true, it is bullshit.

        It will cost a lot to open the menus, I say. Or are you going to herniate?

        1.    kasio said

          The first thing they teach you in programming is that the computer is stupid, the second that the user is more stupid and lazy. So don't underestimate the vagueness of many users

          1.    Courage said

            One thing is laziness and another thing is this, that they fuck to give one more click.

            It is that they are not going to tear themselves apart for it

          2.    anubis said

            It is said laziness, Courage 😛

            And yes, the user is lazy even to click.

          3.    Courage said

            I fail once nothing more

    2.    Tina Toledo said

      I do not understand what the problem is with accessing the menus, nor that it was an energy expenditure of more than 2000 Kcal.

      Well, I prefer the previous one, it makes me silly to put those buttons there that I'm not going to use them or god

      It is no problem to access these functions through the menu, as is currently done, but of course it is appreciated that everything is more convenient. "hand". Like all things, some users will use them -worth the expression- and others don't.

      For my part I like it.

    3.    Ares said

      Your comment even if it seems strange has more coherence than many things.

      People who use Firefox never hernia or miss things and are even happy ... until the day that their Firefox includes things (things that would have been in other browsers for a long time but in these cases were "unnecessary" as well as "overloaded »).

  5.   nerjamartin said

    I like it a lot, the only thing I miss is being able to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google on this page ... or is it possible and have I missed something?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      I do not know if you can do it, although I suppose that it would be necessary to change which is the browser that Firefox uses by default, or do it manually in the code of the about: home.

  6.   v3on said

    God forgive me, but I agree with courage, I see a very reloaded interface that was perfectly functional ,,, and even worse, I will need an extension to have it as I wanted, more ram for the devoura ram ,,,

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      God does not have to forgive you, it is your criteria and it is respected. For example, I don't think the interface is overloaded, quite the opposite. But tell me what do you mean by this?

      and even worse, I'm going to need an extension to have it as I wanted, more ram for the ram devourer ,,,

      What extension are you talking about? 😕

      1.    Courage said

        But you eat me

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          Because you do not provide your criteria baby, you impose it..

      2.    pandev92 said

        Oh oh oh, some don't know how to understand what set phrases are….

  7.   v3on said

    the one that a developer does when he realizes that he doesn't like it either xD

  8.   Razetsu said

    Well, I like it a lot, and I think I would use it a lot. I know it can be done in the usual way but it is not too much, and we must not exaggerate, that should not consume practically any RAM.


  9.   Saito said

    I love it!

  10.   xgeriuz said

    I completely miss the Firefox home page since that feature could have been implemented or placed in the new tabs. Because I say it: many people change the home page for the one they want, or a program or something changes the home page and they would be without those characteristics of a single to pass or do that. On the other hand, if these were on the eyelashes, no ... that's why it seems like a mistake.

    also in the new tabs they could have placed the speed dial + the characteristics of the home page + a search engine and they would not have an idea so copy and if a little more original.

    If anyone knows how I communicate with the people of Mozilla to raise this with them, let me know and if you think it's my point, hopefully you will also contact them and tell them something so that they can change the focus of their idea.

    1.    Wolf said


      In Arch I use Firefox, but I always change the home page for it. For advanced searches, I find it limited. The other options, I don't need them.

  11.   garbage killer said

    between what I see practical and not, it would be necessary to see.

  12.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    This is too much like what Chrome has ... ¬_¬ ...
    The idea is not bad at all, but the screen could be worked better so that it seems less loaded ...

  13.   Aaron Mendo said

    It is very good for those who say that if it is too much trouble to enter the menu it is not with a mouse or keyboard but with a touch monitor if it is a problem and now with these buttons it will be easier I like this interface: D.


  14.   Jamin samuel said

    It is very nice .. I like the second one ^^

  15.   nonamed said

    after me, since I'm not interested in the least google, I have as a home page about:

  16.   taregon said

    A simpler: 'about: logo'

  17.   oleksis said

    Let me DOMESTICATE YOU - the PRINCIPLE said to his FOX #friendship #france

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Seriously partner ... you look like a bot ... why now write this way?