Boot Deepin

Deepin OS 15.6 installation guide

Deepin OS is undoubtedly one of the Linux distributions that has one of the most beautiful desktop environments that we can see in Linux. 

List of Equivalences of Repositories of GNU / Linux Distributions

GNU / Linux Distribution Repositories: The Art of Merging Them!

A repository is basically a server that houses the specific programs for one or more Linux Operating Systems, and they are generally built to be accessed via the console or graphical package manager, and that gives us the advantage that the programs found in these repositories are verified.

Genymotion: Android Emulator for GNU / Linux

Genymotion: Android Apps Emulator on GNU / Linux

Genymotion is an Android ROMs, Applications and Games Emulator on GNU / Linux. Genymotion is the best option as a Multiplatform Android Emulator to run all kinds of Android Software that we need. And it is a good option to the limited Shashlik Emulator that comes for GNU / Linux.

encrypt files

How to encrypt files in an image with Cryptmount?

Well, in this new article we are going to see the possibility of being able to host files in an encrypted image with the help of this utility, for this we are going to make use of some additional tools which we already have within Linux.

Voyager GS 18.04 installation

Voyager Linux 18.04 GS LTS Installation Guide

A few days ago the new Voyager Linux GS version was released that I told you about in this article, which makes it an excellent option for those who are looking for a good system to run their games. That is why I share this small installation guide aimed at new users.

Gammu Project Logo

How to install a Messaging Server with Gammu - Part 1

Gammu is the project name of an application (command line utility) that can be used to control mobile devices from a Linux-based Free Operating System, although it is also cross-platform. It is written in C and built on top of libGammu.


Fedora 28 Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Even though we have the option to do it without reinstalling, it is always advisable to install from scratch in addition to the fact that all new users have to do it, that is why we share this simple installation guide with you.