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Outside of my almost manic addiction to the console, is my taste for minimalism ...

A few days ago, a fellow from the ArchLinux asked the question that evoked the Geek-Minimalism relationship, which made me look back and give an adequate answer to my feelings and philosophies, the result made allusion to minimalism in my life, because for a long time I have understood that in the greatest part of the occasions, less is more ... And, according to my perspective, we tend to externalize what is within us in the form of feelings.

Several years have passed since I started the reckoning with my spirit and with my neurons, I have managed to achieve an acceptable stability between these and other parts of my being. As I have gone through these steps, I have noticed a transmutation of my tastes for the visual and eye-catching, to the increasingly essential and functional (not lacking in style  big_smile ).

Computer-speaking, I have come to the conclusion that if I need an application that allows me to enjoy playing movies, it does not need to contain the options to view documents and navigate through web pages; in the same way, if what I'm looking for is a music player, what I only need is that it be dedicated to its task.

This is how after trying various applications that bring my hearing senses to climaxes, products of sometimes sublime melodies and sometimes scandalous musical notes, I have come up with the definitive one, its name ... Vitunes ...

What is special about this player?

First of all, it is only a music player, and if that were not enough, it works only through the console, it also does not have absurd and unnecessary options, which it does, does it well, quickly and consumes very few resources from our computer equipment. .

Not only does it allow us to play music stored on our disk drives (internal or external) but it also allows us to play music through the Internet. Those who have seen count, who can offer us the possibility of managing our iTunes playlists (it makes sense if we look at his name, although I don't know yet).

Its installation, configuration and use is quite simple, below I detail what is necessary so that you can enjoy this experience, and in case you want to abound in the world Vitunes It has a complete documentation that is also included in the installation.

We open our console.

Installing on Arch Linux.

$ yaourt -S vitunes

The next step is to initialize the database

$ vitunes -e init

Now we must add the files that we want to be reproduced to the database, for example:

$ vitunes -e add ~ / Music /

This will cause every file contained within our ~ / Music / directory to be added to the music database. Vitunes, regardless of the number of directories it contains.

Once the above is done, we simply run vitunes and we can enjoy our music.

$ vitunes

If you remember, we are in console and we are being minimalist, therefore we will not have the usual visual controls to perform the most basic operations

In the following, I will describe some of the keyboard shortcuts that may be useful to you, in the form "Key" = Action.

«Enter» = Start playback.
"Z" = Pause current playback.
«S» = Stop current playback.
«F» = Advance the current playback by 10 seconds.
«F» = Advance the current playback by 1 minute.
"B" = Return playback in 10 seconds.
"B" = Return playback in 1 minute.
«: Q» = Exit Vitunes.

Once we know how to use VitunesIt is time to give it our touch, we can achieve this by coloring its visual aspect as well as placing the information we need on the screen about our musical pieces, this is achieved by editing a simple text file.

We open our terminal and type.

$ vim ~ / .vitunes / vitunes.conf

Please note: Can substitute vim by the text editor of your choice.

$ vim ~ / .vitunes / vitunes.conf

$ vim ~ / .vitunes / vitunes.conf

We specify the information we need on the screen of the shape, column.length, for example.

display artist.20, title.50, -length.20

This will show us three columns, the name of the artist whose space on the screen will be 20 characters, followed by the title with a space of 50 characters and finally the length of the track, that is, the minutes that the track will last, the hyphen (-), indicates that column will be aligned to the right side.

Once this is defined, it is time to assign a specific color to each column of the form, column = color_of_la_letra, color_of_background.

color artist = green, default
color title = blue, default
color length = green, default

In this way, we have learned to use and configure our simple, light and minimalist music player for the console, however, if you want to abound in the options Vitunes offers us, I invite you to review its documentation using the man command. For this, we go to our console and type.

$ man vitunes

$ man vitunes

$ man vitunes

For a better visualization of the documentation I invite you to visit the article, Coloring the manpages.

It's that simple ...

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  1.   itrative said

    minimalist and elegant, very good data… .. I will consider it as my next music player…

  2.   DMoZ said

    😀 My first article on desdelinux, I hope many will come ahead and I managed to satisfy the expectations of the visitors of this blog ...

    Thanks to elav for offering me the opportunity 😀 !!! ...

    Cheers !!! ...

  3.   dark said

    Another option for console lovers, I use moc I like the minimalist

  4.   dhunter said

    I always wear moc but let's see this baby. I will have to compile it because it is not in the debian testing repo (in debian we are not afraid of a "configure make" from time to time). But that "strong vi-like bindings" on the vitunes page attracts me, everything that smells like vi I stick my teeth into it. Zathura for example, a vi-like pdf reader.

    1.    DMoZ said

      You should give dwb a check as a web browser then 🙂…

  5.   dhunter said

    Compiled and tested… .. moc wins by a lot.

    1.    DMoZ said

      I will have the opportunity to enter him with moc and get to know him better, right now I'm entertained getting to know Gentoo xD ... I'll come and tell you ...

      By the way, could you give us a verdict as to why ...

      Cheers !!! ...

  6.   DMoZ said

    Before I used ncmpcpp + mpd, I liked it a lot, its installation took me time but it was very functional although with more options, I went through some others even moc, and before giving them a complete opportunity I met Vitunes and I stayed, I will surely give them opportunities again to those who were left on the road and I will come to comment here how it has gone ...

    PS Thanks elav…

    Cheers !!! ...

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      You're welcome DMoZ .. By the way, did you try MP3Blaster?

      1.    DMoZ said

        Not yet, but I assure you that I will ...

        Cheers !!! ...

  7.   AurosZx said

    Hmm, interesting. I'll try it one of these days ^^


  8.   taregon said

    Curious, I'm seeing a subliminal message: 'V' iTunes xD

    1.    vicky said

      I think it refers to I saw more than itunes 😛

      1.    DMoZ said

        More like a Vi-Itunes compound, right ??? … It's a good use of marketing 😛…

  9.   sieg84 said

    So minimalism is stop using the mouse?

    One of these days I will try that program.

    1.    DMoZ said

      No ... Rather, it alludes to something being Basic, Simple and Functional = D ... In terms of computers, it does not imply stop using the mouse, I have had to see DESKS even with minimalist KDE, that KDE is not very minimalist, that is already another's water river 😛 ...

      1.    sieg84 said

        I already imagined it, but anyway one reads minimalist and bang comes a screenshot like the ones in the article.
        By the way good article.

        1.    DMoZ said

          xD ... To be honest, now I feel more comfortable using only keyboard shortcuts, I still use the mouse, especially to surf the internet, but I no longer depend on it 😀 ...

          You are the same sieg84 that I had from ba-k right ??? ...

          Thank you !!! ...

  10.   rodolfo alejandro said

    It looks good, I currently use the moc, (music on console) but I will give this a test if it offers better things, thanks for the tip;).

  11.   Appliance repair Newport Beach said

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