What is a tablet for?

Fashion takes us and brings us and in technology it was not going to be less. First were the netbook, now the Tablets. Each manufacturer has endeavored to produce at least one model of these pots so as not to be left behind and even at this point, I have not found any use for it or iPad with iOS, nor to Nexus 10 de Google with Android.

It may be that this type of tareco is focused on a type of user who is not like me. What would you use a tablet for? Watch videos, listen to music, have a video conference with someone? I see it unnecessary to carry a device like that for something so unproductive.

First, because they are uncomfortable to use: You have to carry it in your hand, at eye level and at an angle with which you can possibly catch a torticollis, because if you put it on your legs, the pain in the neck does not take them away a Chinese doctor.

Second, because in my country, given the current conditions, it is not possible to walk anywhere connected to a Wi-Fi, so 96% of the applications that include these gadgets, do not work for me. To top it off, it's rare to see them with an RJ-45 port.

Now it turns out that Netbooks are declining in front of Tablets. Ok a netbook it's a bit heavier, but at least I can do a lot more things online or offline, and not only that, they usually have a lot more storage space and more powerful hardware.

Although the trend in web design is changing, and sites are increasingly adaptable, there is still a large% of them that are not suitable to be seen on these artifacts (tablets).

Therefore, for me they are all disadvantages. It is not possible to work well in detail with design programs, and I imagine that programming with that touch keyboard is a nuisance, then ... What is a tablet good for? Please, if someone can tell me, I'm delighted .. 🙂

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  1.   DMoZ said

    Elav, old curmudgeon xD !!! ...

    Nano and Hugo already noted several things ...

    This is as subjective as asking, Gnome or KDE? Ubuntu or Fedora? The answer will always depend on who you ask ...

    In Mexico, for example, there is a great variety of places where you can use Wifi connectivity, also mobile phone companies offer 3G access, therefore it is possible to be connected almost anywhere, there are many "PRODUCTIVE" people who need to be 100 % of the time connected, it is a great advantage to work remotely ...

    From my point of view they have many pros and few cons ...

    I assure you that it is much easier to carry on the street with a tablet than with a laptop ... You can read more comfortably, watch video TUTORIALS, with a dock you turn it into a netbook and the most comfortable editing of documents is possible, and all that already it was mentioned ...

    In short, it is part of the natural process that is followed with respect to these devices, it is a matter of being up-to-date with the technological aspects, pilimorphic and flexible devices are already being prospected, the processing capacities will increase exponentially in the next 5 years = D Anyway, this is a tech party that doesn't stop ...

    Cheers !!! ...

  2.   wpgabriel said

    If steve jobs says it you must have one, now they are seriously to waste time or entertain yourself on a trip.

    1.    Anonymous said

      I would tell Mr. Jobs (in peace No. rest) that it will be very good that the devices serve to waste time sometimes, but that does not justify replacing them with junk waiting for years to evolve and improve their performance until we have what we already had. Because if someone wants the virtues of a tablet then buy a good convertible laptop, which is a more coherent evolution since it would not be a new device that loses functionalities due to other striking but less productive ones, but one that adds these new features to those that we have always had, thus preserving a more complete and versatile tool .

  3.   dwarf said

    Well, I like to read, doing it on the PC or on a netbook is a terrible pain and discomfort. Also do site administration tasks (from linux) and look for tutorials and clip them, that's what it works for me, to do things from the sofa or from the bed, the thing is that I can't afford an xD

    1.    Gibran said

      I think both are right, in terms of tablets, you can not say all good, or all bad.

      I am a teacher and in it I manage my blogs (1 per class 4), emails (1 work, 1 Academic and 1 personal) calendar (3 the same), I review the blogs that interest me the most (12), I read Kant's books, Nietzsche, Focaul, science, art, design and marketing, I watch a movie from time to time and when the day got heavy I play a couple of minutes to kill time. I have a galaxi tab 2 so the definition is full hd. And I installed Ubuntu a while ago but it does not run at 100 so I have Android 4.0

      Anyway, it is productive, of course not at the level of my Thinkpad t410 with core i5, 8 gb in Hiperx ram, and ubuntu gnome remix. where I do photography and 3d and video design. But my Thinkpad weighs about 2 kg and my back already demands rest. I'm looking at an ultrabook although I don't see much difference except the weight. A netbook did not even have an Acer 1410 with dual-core accelerated and the poor thing was stunned after a couple of minutes rendering.

  4.   sieg84 said

    to install debian 😛

  5.   Manuel_SAR said

    Totally agree, I hear all the time that an iPad is the best, but I don't understand the best for what? Personally, they are for, as they say in my country, hanging around there "milling", you can't really work on them, to watch videos I prefer a large monitor, if I'm going to chat (and look, if I'm late chatting) I prefer a complete and PHYSICAL keyboard, and to program JA!

  6.   tammuz said

    They only serve to stun people more, they are the junk of the future, use and throw away because every year they come out a thousand more better than the last

    1.    Luciano said

      ajjaajajaj more better xD

  7.   Dragnell said

    from one Cuban to another…. to resell it XD

    1.    elav said

      Hahahaha .. True Story

  8.   fernan said

    Totally agree with the article. To mess around for a while is fine but it is not worth carrying such a device to give it the use of a smartphone.

  9.   Hugo said

    Well, a tablet can be very "useful" for: playing angry birds, giving them a geek, watching augmented reality, etc. As they tend to be highly unproductive and cheaper than a PC, that's probably why everyone wants one now, hehe.

    Well speaking more seriously, tablets and some smartphones (currently almost as large) have become very powerful and do almost everything that can be done with a PC, and easier (after all, the tip of the finger is a device much easier and more natural to use than a mouse). My mother has an iPad and is delighted with it despite also having a laptop (which she hardly uses anymore). But hey, she does not program or write, she only uses her iPad to navigate, watch videos on YouTube and the like, listen to music, check email, play games, review a map and occasionally write a letter or fill out a form, and to All this a tablet is enough and plenty, especially if the user lives in an area with Wi-Fi coverage. And of course, the main advantage over a PC is portability.

    But for a user like us, a tablet can also be useful as a development platform. Whether with Android or iOS, there is a great field for the development of applications for mobiles and tablets, and from a technological point of view, at least it would be very interesting for me to be able to experiment with things like OpenGL ES, etc.

  10.   set92 said

    It is simply that as cell phones, smartphones were going so well, Apple decided to get something between a laptop and a cell phone, and as Android could not be less because the companies that work with Android released, and now everyone wanted one.

    And for those of us who program for android more complicated because we have to make it look good on mobile phones and at the same time on tablets and it is more annoying, my S3 is enough for me and I have plenty, a mobile has everything a tablet has , you can even connect the phone to a monitor and use it as a CPU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nh2NSLgaII&feature=player_embedded

  11.   helena_ryuu said

    It is not necessarily a bad thing to have a tablet makes you be useless who is carried away by the tide of advertising, nor a “fashion geek”, or anything like that….

    They gave me a tablet of Chinese origin with Android, which cost 20 times less than any original product: D, it is the best thing I have to read, be it books, or manga, or the captures of the evernote, I like to write too, and the notepad that it brings is more than enough, then I drop them on my PC and that's it.

    I have read more books since I have this tablet (because the reality is that I do not have money to buy the books in physical format and the library of my faculty is an @ #!? &), I have only passed some songs for when I read, and videos, because I don't like uploading videos to these devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.)

    The truth is, if you are going to use it to play angry birds (how I hate that fashionable little game) then congratulations, you have made a smart purchase (ironic tone). and better if it is an ipad (I hate the apple: D) you are one of the many who are a better person for having a tablet hahahahaha

    1.    Hugo said

      A tip for Angry Birds haters, like helena_ryu [malicious grin]:
      Some time ago I was setting up his Blackberry PlayBook for a neighbor upstairs and I found a little game that makes a very interesting use of the gyro / accelerometer, it was called boxes or something like that, and it consisted of placing some boxes in their correct place leaning on the gravity.

      The truth, if I had the possibility, I would buy a Chinese tablet too, there are places like http://www.hongkongeek.com that offer them at very cheap prices.

  12.   Alf said

    In the last company where I worked, the sellers have ipad, there they have the videos of the products, price lists, and they connect to the database for what is offered, they prefer it to a laptop or netbook.

    Personally I prefer a laptop, I don't care what it weighs or measures.

    1.    Ezekiel said

      As has been said in previous comments, it seems to me that one of the true uses is to read, especially if you have to go from one place to another and in each place you have to wait a long time. It's the only thing I'd buy it for.


      1.    Tanrax said

        Read on a backlit screen? No thanks. I'm happier with my Kindle: smaller, cheaper, liquid tint, the battery lasts longer (several weeks) and lighter.

  13.   Fedorian said

    A tablet is A: a gigantic mobile; B: a netbook without a keyboard. That is to say: in any case, a deficient useless gadget.

    1.    Blaire pascal said


    2.    Krim said

      And more if it is an iPad with an exorbitant price.

    3.    sieg84 said

      it's a fashion.

  14.   Blaire pascal said

    Well ... for me there is nothing like opening a book, preferably a new one and catching that unique smell, the "signature" of the book. For me it is very uncomfortable to read from a tablet, but also from any other device. As it is of limited capacities, one cannot do practically anything, and if one installs an application for example Blender, it is bundled with the input. To do jobs, no, because it is like working with a smartphone, uncomfortable. Listening to music ... for that there are smaller and more practical devices, to watch videos, either. At most, what it can be used for is exhibitions and slide presentations, to have the information at hand, but other than that, I completely agree with elav.

    1.    The crazy said

      I left books years ago and started using a kindle and my ipad makes me happy, my eyes don't get tired at all. I usually read a lot at night lying in bed.

  15.   JuanMa Jurado said

    They gave me Nexus 7 and I use it to program. For any Android developer I advise using a tablet. If it weren't for my work, the tablet can be used to play games at home reading internet articles (I have an e-book to read a book) or to take it to someone's house to teach them something. As a computer scientist I have always preferred the laptop, but it is true that for some tasks it is easier and faster to use a tablet.
    The tablet is something you don't need until you try one (although it is still just as unnecessary).

    1.    Blaire pascal said

      Oo interesting. I've never heard of someone programming on a tablet. Apart from making it comfortable, you do it with XD style.

      1.    JuanMa Jurado said

        Sorry, I explained wrong XD I meant that I use it to test the programs. I don't want to point out the shortcomings of the Android emulator on Linux. To program I use a laptop with Fedora 17. It is impossible to program on a tablet.

  16.   k1000 said

    A tablet seems to me like a phone without calls and a pc with a cap.
    For me something useful would be a phone with tablet functions, something like a galaxy note, when I grow up I will buy it XD.

  17.   Krim said

    To show off and throw money away.

  18.   Blitzkrieg said

    The problem is not the tablets, but the use they give to this

    1.    ReichSk said

      totally agree, I study at university, I work, and I am also a dad, and believe me I really get the most out of my tablet. In the U, it helps me to keep up to date with my mail, take notes and take my documents, whether they are work or study material, even more it serves me during the trip to the University, because it is more or less than 1 hour and a half traveling, and enough that you have helped me to advance manuals and material for tests. Basically the same at work, but focused on killing time in your idle moments when there is nothing to do, in theory ... xD, to browse, use my email and hang out with my people. And finally, as a dad, I can bring the music and videos that my daughter likes, plus she can go to YouTube, for example, and stop fucking on trips haha. All this, of course, with my tablet that has 3g and its corresponding monthly plan with my ISP. Greetings friends.

  19.   paltonov said

    I identify with the author of the article, I am glad to know that I am not the only one that I do not see what it is for me.
    Those of you who use it to read I would recommend that you do not do it, in a backlit screen it is burning your eyes.
    For that this Kindle with an electronic ink screen and without a backlight.

  20.   Steve Harris said

    Since I bought my tablet, I have started to carry out most of my activities on it, from having activity on my social networks to productive activities (research, design and systems analysis). I am a Systems Developer and it has served me in the analysis and design stage. With applications like dropbox or google drive, I have all my important files at hand such as PDF's, office automation, photos, books, manuals, etc. I consult them at any time, there are endless applications. There are applications that help the stimulation of my baby, it is something incredible. Maybe I still can't 100% replace my laptop, because programming and development is more complicated, but I can do all my personal activities 100% on the tablet, my professional activities I do 50% on the tablet. It's my experience

    1.    The crazy said

      I still give it special use in transportation, the laptop I only take it out when I get to the office

  21.   Anonymous said

    I am not going to spend the similar amount of money that they cost just to pass the time while I lie fooling around ... and as mentioned above, there are better things to read, for a reason electronic ink exists.
    The relationship between its price and its usability does not fit me, not to mention that I do not like its operating systems (iOS, Windows and Android).

  22.   jorgemanjarrezlerma said

    Although I agree with Elav in principle, I also think that Nano makes a good point. I believe that the Tablets are an extension of the PC or Laptop (for now) and facilitate or simplify the consultation, research, presentation and transfer of information.

    Personally, a Tablet is useless to me and as long as they do not have the power of a laptop or even a Netbook, the truth is just one more thing.

  23.   kik1n said

    I see it as a newspaper update. I don't like reading on my pc, I see it very heavy compared to a book or magazine.

    On the other hand, those things are not heavy, for another use I cannot find them, nor do psp games run. Use blender, pffff you break the device together with a burn in the hands.

    Read the rss and other chatter, because not even the videos run well haha ​​(my friend's laptop).

    From what I see, you can install linux like debian or other systems.

    The most important factor, they cost too much for what they can do. Better buy a laptop with better resources (if it comes to portability).

  24.   The crazy said

    A good reason is that they are a magnet for women;).

    Nah, the truth is, I use it a lot, especially in college and I also throw my series, books, sleeves, rss, Mail and I always carry a backpack so it doesn't weigh me down xP

  25.   Carper said

    Personally, the use I give to the tablet is to surf the internet when I'm in bed, or read ebooks, it's quite comfortable XD

  26.   raerpo said

    In my opinion, tablets are obviously for people who consume content rather than produce it. It is no secret to anyone that programming on a tablet would be a 100% unproductive task. On the other hand, tablets seem ideal to me so that people who do not know anything about computers can get closer to this world. For all of us it is very normal to move the mouse and for the arrow on the screen to move, but for a person who does not have practice with a computer this is not obvious. Another example is the way we move in documents or web pages, we say that we lower the page with the mouse scroll but when I want to show my dad things on the internet he tells me to turn up the page to read more, and although it seems strange to me, what he says is right the page is going up only so that we get used to saying that it goes down by the movement of the mouse and on a tablet if he wants to read more he goes up the page as if he were doing it with some physical sheets. Anyway, I think the merit of tablets is to bring people closer to the resources currently available and remind us that devices should be adapted to us and not us to them

    1.    Charlie-Brown said

      "Tablets are obviously for people who consume content rather than produce it"


    2.    Blaire pascal said

      WTF you have caused a total distortion in how I read on the computer. I am confused after reading that. I know I'm going down, but at the same time I feel like the page is going up. It's frightening.

  27.   Linda said

    Rather, they serve to view the entire Angry Birds saga.

    Seriously speaking, I think that what was once called a tablet was rather had a tendency very similar to what is the Microsoft sourface (or whatever it is called), we are going the same thing that we have been seeing in Android tablets or in the ipad, taking into account that it did incorporate USB ports, the possibility of connecting directly to an external monitor without the roll of adapters (like many Chinese tablets) and with a decent cpu capable of running desktop programs, with the success of the ipad , Apple changed that vision in the eyes of many users, becoming the 'standard' or reference center, creating a product that to a great extent that only works to synchronize your multimedia files with the computer, browse, read the news of your favorite blogs and to be able to tweet every so often ... well, what we see today; Large smartphones trimmed to prevent calls.
    Sorry for the absence of the ttildes and the n ~ EN ~ E, the keyboard is English.

    1.    elav said

      Greetings .. for the English keyboard I use the International English variant with dead keys .. and I put the ñ with the combination Alt + N 🙂

  28.   Fish said

    To read comics is perfect!

    1.    Edrako said

      either in pdf, cbr and cbz format, or webcomics
      I also use it to make sketches with Sketch book pro and I pass them to my pc and color them with gimp
      in addition to browsing the internet and things that have already been put here, but as they design, it depends on the user's needs
      you don't have to buy one by force either

  29.   commentator said

    I have a desktop computer and a laptop. I only turn on the laptop once every 3-4 months.

    1.    elav said

      O_O That's when what they say comes out: God gives a beard to those who don't have a jaw .. I'm crazy here for having a laptop and you have one that you use every 3 or 4 months xDDD

  30.   pandev92 said

    Here in Spain, at least it is an Ipad, it is not a magnet for women, what if, is that tablets are simple gadgets for consumers of audiovisual content ..., for the rest, I prefer ultrabooks.

  31.   Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

    In Guatemala, an android tablet was created that had several USB inputs and 2 of them were for a mouse and a keyboard that came with the tablet, that is, it was a netbook that if you wanted you could use it as a tablet or as a netbook and as it goes directly in the briefcase When you opened the briefcase you already had the netbook and if you did not want to use a mouse or keyboard, you only disconnected them, by the way the keyboard had its pad to move the arrow in addition to being able to adapt a normal or laptop mouse. Actually, one day at least they double their capacity in terms of hardware, I do buy one, but not at the moment.

    For the rest, I totally agree with Elav and some colleagues, it's just a stuffed-up thing.

    1.    Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said


      2 years ago, the first tablet / netbook was created here

      1.    Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said
  32.   Joseph said

    I am one of those who bought a Netbook from the first. And I was soon disappointed. I always wanted a device to do basic tasks like reading mail, reading a PDF, checking the calendar, taking notes, consulting a database, looking at something on the internet, etc…. without having to turn on the PC and comfortably seated in the armchair. That is to say, nothing that requires a great team power and concentration on my part (such as editing a video or a photo). I thought a Netbook would allow it, but for some things it was uncomfortable. Tablets make up for the shortcomings of Netbooks, at least for the use that I think. But I have doubts; basically that the good ones force you to work in the cloud, something that does not make me too funny which usually involves the need for a good connection, that is, more money.

    But anyway, I find them very useful to use as an instant access computer, always available and obviously with a great future.

    I see my future like this (thinking about my uses, ecology and minimal consumption): a laptop as a personal computer (any of the current ones already has enough power to do everything), a tablet for day to day and to manage your digital life (although a mobile would also be worth it) and a miniPC, attached to the TV, for downloads and TV. In other words, the "tower" sacrifices itself for mobility and savings / acology.

  33.   willians said

    I like to see a tablet as something more useful and powerful than an eReader, with the same features as a netBook (even higher as is the case of the screen, both in size and resolution) and with an interface very up to par this times. Ernesto, Cuba is not a benchmark in the world market. In the rest of the world, there is free WiFi and the "type of public" that uses these gadgets.

    They don't get hot, the battery lasts a lot of hours, and the user experience is great.

    Anyway, that it does not top my list of priorities / self-pampering, but that it is included in it, it is a fact.

    1.    elav said

      Of course Willians but I think how I live (unfortunately) and I could use a tablet (for entertainment, and so on) when I already have a PC, a Laptop .. but without any of these two before mentioned .. What do I want it for? Not to say that in general, its storage capacity is much less than a netbook, for example.

  34.   willians said

    BTW. If the idea was to speak ill of Jobs, good for the image of the iPad on the cover. If not, I think the image of an Android tablet would have been more at the height of this blog.


    1.    elav said

      The idea is to talk about the Tablet, and well, I'm sure that anyone you ask about one, the first thing they will think of is an iPad. 😉

  35.   medina07 said

    Because it depends on the use that is going to be given, for example I have an acquaintance with an autistic son who goes to a special school together with one of my children (he is also autistic), the fact is that that acquaintance bought an iPad and installed Some applications that have been developed here in Japan and I can attest to you that the boy of that acquaintance has been progressing quite quickly in terms of learning and adaptation to later be sent to a normal school, so that the "junk" useful.

    As I said before, it all depends on the use that is going to be given.

  36.   elav said

    Thank you all for your comments.

    I start from the idea that I do not like to read a book on a screen, only short content such as articles, HowTo, tutorials ... I do not have Wi-Fi in every corner, and much less Internet, so I can not check even the mail, Nor nothing alike.

    To play? It may be, but I don't dedicate more than half an hour to the game, except when I shoot the Arenoso in OpenArena xDD.

    For more business things like presentations, to show a product, I see it more useful, but it is neither my field nor my world. I don't see a comfortable way to watch a video on the bed, so the same: discarded.

    But we go further, the prices .. If I could buy an iPad with what it is worth, I hope it will cook me, iron my clothes and even wash them .. please.

    It is for these reasons that I see no use for my similar thing .. 😀

  37.   Daniel Rojas said

    I have an Acer Iconia A500 and I use it for exactly what nano says. I use the desktop PC for things that I can't do on the tablet, the notebook I only use it for college things (to go).
    For entertainment and consuming content comfortably from anywhere and with much more autonomy than the notebook, the tablet. At least it seems quite useful to me 🙂

  38.   Scraf23 said

    I've always wanted a tablet, but only if I can put linux on it, until vivaldi and the like come out, nothing that suits my pocket

  39.   geronimo said

    They are not used for NADAAAA just to get money from the "cholulos" who like to brag about the technological news. I keep a notebook.

  40.   smudge said

    Mr. Geronimo, comments as sharp as yours and the like are really what enrich this, our blog (the great absence of them, do not believe).
    The diversity of uses that technology is made today, causes that the different options we have, have room depending on the end user who consumes them.
    In my particular case, I have a desktop pc and a tablet.
    My wife is a full-time user of the tablet, since she uses it to receive information and for leisure, she listens to the radio, her music collection, reads the mail, looks at her things on the internet, and when the children they stop for a moment, read a book or watch a movie. All this with very high freedom of movement, without carrying weight, it is suitable for watching a recipe while cooking, while listening to music, and watching a movie while ironing, without having to do it where the TV is. I mean, all the supposed advantages that a pc or a notebok have over the tablet, for it are disadvantages.
    My children share their time, half and half, they play some things on the PC and others on the tablet, movies and the Internet, almost always on the tablet, documenting themselves while studying, on the tablet, doing office work or drawings, in the pc.
    In my case, I use the pc 95% of the time, I have no need for mobility whatsoever, nor am I interested, for what I do, I need the power of a pc, its screen.
    Well, as you can see, I think they do have a pretty good reason for being, although I personally don't use them at all.

  41.   msx said

    What is a tablet for:

    If I am in any place that is not in front of the machine, for example in the patio, ahead in the garden, in the library (also known as the bathroom) or in bed, the tablet is THE MOST PRACTICAL THING EXISTS for, among other things , surf the web, watch a video and even use it as a remote control to operate my laptop without having to get up.
    What is a tablet for? FOR ALL! It is used for all those small tasks that do not justify having a monstrosity like a laptop, today almost prehistoric next to the ultralight ones that possibly fulfill well the role that I mention for which I use the tablet although I could not say it until I had one in hand.
    On the other hand, the portrait format is much more comfortable for browsing the web than the landscape screen format.
    The truth is that the tablet is one of the best current inventions, it is a miniature, portable and powerful computer 😀

    Depending on the occupation of each one, the tablet has MULTIPLE USES:
    If you are a journalist or take notes continuously, it is no longer necessary to carry your laptop everywhere, with a tablet you have plenty.
    Within a company, if you spend it between meetings or exchanging information with different groups, you are not going to walk around with your laptop. you are going to take the tablet and go.
    Where I worked until recently, one of the owners carried his tablet everywhere and used it to give live presentations of our products and as an organizer. Although his machine is a 13,3 ″ MBP, since he has the tablet he hardly takes the machine out of the office when he has to work outside meeting with clients.

    It all depends on the use you are going to give things, they are still tools. Before I had 3G in my cell phone and in this way I could remotely enter any computer, being anywhere, when they asked me for a support (ssh especially).

    And be careful, here in my country and in my city it is quite common to find open Wi-Fi for the use of people, a pity that the insecurity situation we live in, typical of a banana republic, makes it impossible for you to use an equipment of this type in the middle of the street , if they even hit big people for the two handles that can be removed or kill for a pair of slippers ...
    Banana republic, yes sir.

  42.   mario said

    I usually use a tablet and a smartphone on a daily basis, since I have almost given up computing, spending most of the day behind a monitor (my last goal was gentoo) and I dedicated myself to something else, law. Both devices are very useful, I can read hundreds of pages a day without straining my eyes and without battery problems, looking for a plug and my shoulder ache from dragging a notebook (or dozens of written books). Above it is discreet, the size of a notepad, with its cover it looks like an agenda, I never liked the idea of ​​cholulear with a notebook or what is worse, taking photos of an iPad 😛 just to show off. I really like the possibility and freedom to experiment with android, although I would like an open hardware platform in which the OS could be chosen. PCs will continue to exist for many more years since nothing compares to the comfort of handling a keyboard and multitasking power, the idea of ​​"Post PC era" is completely false, or that Apple would dominate the computer world, less in my country in that this brand is almost impossible to get (as well as e-readers). What is acceptable may be the possibility that the public without knowledge migrate to these platforms, since it does not make sense to buy a PC to write a tweet or Facebook, it is a waste of power and energy to use a PC for such simple things.

  43.   Rainbow_fly said

    I guess so as not to carry a lot of weight and to be able to do VERY basic things

    I really wonder if it would be worth buying one, but my main interest is to get it to be able to save my thousands of PDF's that I don't know if they fit in an E-reader that by the way are not so abundant in Argentina

    1.    msx said

      "VERY" basic !? What do you want, compile a kernel (what can be done)?
      Tell me something "complex" that you cannot do with the appropriate software ...

      Not only iOS and Android live tablets, there are also Debian, Arch, openSUSE and now Ubuntu.

      VERY basic, look at you ...

    2.    The crazy said

      On a tablet you can do many things that are not exactly basic xD

      A good app for PDF is iAnnotate PDF https://www.branchfire.com/iannotate/ a bit expensive but there is the Jailbreak 🙂

  44.   oscar said

    And I still have my paper and pencil ... XD
    I think the consumer policy does not suit me.

    1.    msx said

      "I think the consumer policy does not suit me." : facepalm:

  45.   keopety said

    Well, I'm going to get an ipad retina that is going to shit the bitch, and that is not worth it, hahahaha

    1.    msx said

      Be careful with that, archero!
      My former boss, a lifelong user of Amiga and later Apple, complained how closed, "caged" an iPad is compared to Android, Plasma Active and the rest of the alternatives (free).
      What he used to complain about with his iPad 2 was that basically you cannot manipulate the information contained in the device as you want, you always have to do it through the ways that Apple proposes and that leads you to feel that you do not own it. the information contained.

      In the technical section, these bugs are incredible: very, very cute on the outside, well built (not like most tablets from other companies), with a screen with incredible colors, etc. As for the software, it is basically what Apple has us used to: very practical and comfortable applications to use -although somewhat limited in their functions-, aesthetically sooo beautiful, with an operating system that works smoothly ... it really is a pleasure to use an iPad .
      However, there is the little point that I was telling you about: shortly after using it, if you do not couple it with an Apple machine, you will feel locked in since the possibilities of sharing information with other equipment than Apple are very limited - by design.

      In addition, iPads, unlike most other tablets, do not allow you to expand the internal memory, with the rest of these computers there is no such problem since you can use the memory cards you want - in addition to installing a distro, root the latest Android etc.


      1.    keopety said

        Thanks partner for your advice, I already have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone so I'm more interested in an ipad than another android tablet, if I had an android phone I would go head to head for an android tablet, greetings

  46.   AurosZx said

    Well, to mix between Tablet and Netbook you are looking for the Asus Transformer. I think your keyboard dock has an RJ-45 port, USB and other little things… So it's not that bad.

  47.   vinsukarma said

    Smartphones have made tablets obsolete, better connectivity, better portability, practically infinite capacity to run applications, oh, and you can call on the phone. Tablets are very cool, slim and elegant as well as comfortable to use (at home) but otherwise equally useless, although they are useful for reading, I prefer e-ink books.

  48.   banned said

    I think that like having a book, especially a hard cover, there is no equal. But in the absence of resources (and with this I do not want to encourage piracy) I would not have been able to afford all the books I have read, there is also the advantage (at least for me) of having a dictionary or rather three (Larousse, Espasa Calpe and The RAE) to which I access only by pressing the word in question where definitions, synonym, antonym, examples etc are indicated all on the spot and using another button I return my reading. The reading position is not uncomfortable because it is held the same as a book also I can carry several that I am reading at the same time. Finally, it is also my telephone, IT-type scientific calculator, television, etc. so for me it is very useful !!

  49.   franplan said

    Well me, as a writer, still unknown! hehehe, law student, worker -not teacher- in a university and unrepentant curious I recognize that:

    -I just bought a tablet.
    -It is not used to produce, but to consume.
    -It also serves to accompany you with your time, to disengage you (remove gray hair or not be so old)
    -it is the most useless and essential object imaginable.
    -it's amazing and magical.

  50.   camilo said

    I have one but it's very slow

  51.   raccoon said

    The tablet friends have a use beyond any doubt, this is; Once you receive one of these devices as a gift, run to your nearest store for buying and selling. You will see how there you will realize how useful they are.

  52.   Anonymous said

    Tablets are nothing more than the next replacement for the remote controls that we all know ... those pots full of buttons that turn on the TV, the radio, the coffee maker and of course ... the ones that also have the button to discharge the toilet when you use it ... The next remote control in home automation will be a tablet ... you just look in the menu for the function you want and that's it ... the stove prepares you breakfast without further ado ...

  53.   kennedyperez said

    to brag with ubuntu 13.04 and watch movies on my amaca

  54.   Oskar chore said

    My Huawei Ideos S7 tablet has been a very good tool for me. The use of an agenda, an occasional typewriter in a cafeteria, to show presentations, a normative library and for quick information on the Internet for meetings, as well as an element of fun to listen to music or watch videos.

    But OjO, a tablet with only Wi-Fi is not much use, because there is not always a connection available so they only use half of its functions; if you want to use a 100% Tablet, 3G or 4G is required. Unfortunately in Mexico the "Carso-Apple" monopoly made the IPAD dominate the market, and since it is very expensive they sell it only with WIFI and the other tablets from other brands are sold like this, if you want one with 3G we have to ask importers .

    I find it fun and ironic that in meetings, my sweetish Ideos S7 with 3G and Android shares the internet with the presumed iPad's of my colleagues.

    Another funny part is when they see me talking on a 20 cm phone ...

  55.   Tablets online said

    A Tablet is used to navigate the web, in addition, through this mobile device you can make purchases in online stores and it is not so complicated to handle it is only the treatment that is given.

  56.   micha said

    help me is a task !!!

  57.   maruendi said

    In my opinion they are useless because for couriers and various emergencies there are already high-end smarfones. and to work on the laptop that I bring it down from the office to the living room to watch TV while I write something. In my opinion they will soon die like dinosaurs. By the way, there is nothing more seedy than seeing the rock taking photos with these monstrosities.

  58.   Connective said

    In Mexico I have a point of sale systems programming business and I use tablets so that my clients optimize their way of working, for example, with a tablet a client in a restaurant can go to take the order, in a clothing store a customer with a tablet can quickly take inventory at the end of the month and capture the differences, etc.

    It's a joy that 'cheap / Chinese' devices can help put a business in better control. Cheers!