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What is From Linux?

From Linux (aka <° Linux) is a site dedicated to topics related to the software y free technologies. Our goal is none other than to provide all users who are just starting out in the world of GNU / Linux, a place where you can acquire new knowledge in the easiest and most intuitive way possible.

As part of our commitment to the world of Linux and Free Software, at DesdeLinux we have been a partner of the Freewith 2018 one of the most important Events of the sector in Spain.

The From Linux editorial team is made up of a group of experts in GNU / Linux, hardware, computer security and network administration. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.


  • darkcrizt

    An average Linux user with a passion for new technologies, gamer and Linux at heart. I have learned, used, shared, enjoyed and suffered since 2009 with Linux, from the problems with dependencies, kernel panic, black screens and tears in the kernel compilation, all with the purpose of learning? Since then I have worked, tested and recommended a large number of distributions of which my favorites are Arch Linux followed by Fedora and openSUSE. Undoubtedly Linux was a great influence on the decisions related to my academic and work life since it was because of Linux that I was interested and currently I am heading for the world of programming.

  • Linux PostInstall

    Since I was young I have loved technology, especially what has to do directly with computers and their Operating Systems. And for more than 15 years I have fallen madly in love with GNU / Linux, and everything related to Free Software and Open Source. For all this and more, today, as a Computer Engineer and professional with an international certificate in Linux Operating Systems, I have been writing with passion and for several years now, on this fabulous and well-known website that is DesdeLinux, and others. In which, I share with you every day, much of what I learn through practical and useful articles.

  • Isaac

    My passion for computer architecture has led me to investigate the immediately superior and inseparable layer: the operating system. With a special passion for Unix and Linux type. That is why I have spent several years getting to know GNU / Linux, gaining experience working as a helpdesk and giving advice on free technologies for companies, collaborating in various free software projects in the community, as well as writing thousands of articles for various digital media specialized in Open Source. Always with one goal in mind: not to stop learning.

Former editors

  • Alexander (aka KZKG ^ Gaara)

    I started my journey in Linux back in 2007, over the years I have traveled through an endless number of distributions, I have seen dozens of them born and many others die, if it is about personal preferences I would choose ArchLinux and Debian over any other. I have worked professionally for years as an administrator of networks and UNIX systems, as well as a web developer of customized solutions for the client.

  • Luigys toro

    I love immersing myself in the world of Linux, specializing in the use of its distros, particularly those intended for businesses. The Freedom of the Code is directly proportional to the Growth of an Organization. That is why Linux is a system that cannot be absent in my day to day life.

  • Luis Lopez

    Programmer who enjoys Linux and its distributions, so much that it has become something fundamental for my day to day. Every time a new Linux-based distro comes out, I can't wait long to try it out, and get to know it thoroughly.