Goodbye Firefox, hello Chromium

This is one of those articles that comes out when motivation and enthusiasm dominate you by having something new that is interesting to you, and meets some of the basic requirements that you need to use.

I've been using Chromium because Firefox/Iceweasel -my favorite browser- it's consuming more memory than I can give it. But beyond consumption there are other characteristics that I like about Chromium and that from my perspective they favor it over the Red panda. Understand that in this article talk about Chromium is the same as talking about Google Chrome.


Although I cannot access any of them because Google My country is blocked, I am using some that several friends have sent me via email (thanks a million for that).

The main advantage of Extensions de Chromium in front of those of Firefox is that these are installed and uninstalled without having to restart the browser. Another plus point -and it is appreciated-  is that they are not obsolete once you update to a higher version of the browser.

Although without a doubt, still Firefox is King of Extensions since it has many more than Chromium and with excellent quality.


Despite that Firefox It has been on the market much longer, there is still a lot to learn in terms of improving its appearance and interface. As I already showed you, the look of the Firefox version 11 Alpha it looks pretty nice, but what we have so far is still a badly copied copy (forgive the redundancy).

The unified menu of Firefox More than solving one problem, it creates another for us. It is very neglected, and the lack of icons (also visible in Chromium) and some of the options that we normally have with the traditional menu bar, make it look ugly and not productive.

Preferences in Chromium It has the options well located, so that it makes it easy for us to configure what we want quickly and easily in a new tab. With Chromium 17 We can even use our email account to log in to the browser and use a functionality similar to the one Mozilla Sync.

Navigation, speed and behavior.

Maybe I'm wrong, but with Chromium I have the feeling that everything is going faster. It may be the way the pages are rendered or the management of the JavaScript, but it certainly feels more fluid.

That if, you have to be fair. There are things of Chromium that come by default that I don't like. In the editor WordPress eg Chromium It does not save the URLs that I am inserting and in the full screen mode it sometimes gets a bit stuck.

Firefox put the batteries.

I think it is already very difficult that Mozilla reclaim the place that Google It's taking him away little by little and it's a shame. Firefox You should turn your strategy around and think about adding things that really motivate the user.

The rampant development it has embraced Mozilla to follow the steps to Google Chrome It is not entirely accurate, especially if we take into account that between each release the changes and news are not very relevant. It simply gives the feeling that they are patches that are added to Firefox.

Although many do not like to accept it, generally things come through the eyes and a redesign in the appearance of Firefox nothing bad would come. From my point of view -and I'm not an expert in interface design- Firefox you need something simpler, easier, more usable and intuitive for the user.

By this I do not mean that I will stop using, or uninstall Firefox but it's been several days since he stopped being the Navigator default in me SO. Also, I use it to develop some little things. I hope that future versions will make me change my mind.

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  1.   They are Link said

    I thought the same, but went back to Firefox.
    If it is going to be used on a laptop, say goodbye, it consumes a lot of resources (in my blog compare Chromium 13 and Firefox 7 with the same pages open and the consumption of Chromium is abysmal).

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Man, but Chromium is already on version 17. I think the comparison you made was not fair ... 😀

      1.    They are Link said

        17? The last one I have is 15 on my Archlinux ...
        Since you mean you that not fair?

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          Hahaha that's so you can see that Arch doesn't always have the latest. In Ubuntu and Debian yes hahaha. When I tell you the comparison isn't fair, it's because Firefox 7 may be a step ahead of Chromium 13 in terms of features and performance. Something fairer would be to compare Firefox 8 with Chromium 15 or Chromium 17. 😀

          1.    Courage said

            Cof cof, Xfce windows cof cof super Debian cof cof

          2.    elav <° Linux said

            Hahaha tell me what you want .. But you don't have it in Archlinux 😛

          3.    Courage said

            As I peel it a bit a lot, I don't use Chromium hahahaha

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              I know, but it's always good to touch the eggs a bit, right? 😀

          4.    Edward2 said

            Elav with your words you only show how little you know about Arch Linux, whoever wants to install the dev, git, etc. version of chromium, chrome from aur without any problem. 😀

          5.    Courage said

            Not only that, but from the official repositories

  2.   mac_live said

    Very true, I think chromium is lighter, not as much as midori, but lighter than chromium, it also has the same capabilities as firefox and as you mentioned, firefox continues to dominate the extensions, but there are things that are still bothering us and It is the memory consumption, and many times so heavy that it crashes, or at least to me if it has happened to me, as with the images, it takes time to show them even if they are already loaded.

    1.    Courage said

      Very true, I think chromium is lighter, not as much as midori, but lighter than chromium

      Chromium lighter than Chromium?


      1.    elav <° Linux said

        Don't be annoying, we all understood that he was referring to Firefox ... I hate you EMO, I hate you ..

        1.    Courage said

          The day I find a music group I will send you emails with songs and you rate them, to see how many there are hahahaha.

          You know with the typing errors, it is very ugly

          1.    mac_live said

            ptssss, hahahaha they understood me right? hahahaha, my dream was still at its maximum, but since I like it here, it was the first thing I opened hahaha, before I opened my work page

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

              A pleasure then hahaha, it's good to know that we are in your favorites 😀

  3.   Titan said

    Emo isectus rastrerus beatablus, they group together to be beaten, easily recognizable by the grimace that covers one eye (unlike the Grunge that covers both eyes) they usually wear black clothes with pink, many chains, which they take from their Fine dogs that are worth more than their houses, or not, because at this point anyone can be emo without having to have a lot of money, since being emo is within the reach of anyone who has enough hair and 2 euros to go to the hairdresser every month , they bring more makeup than your girlfriend, and if you are not a man or a tortillera, more than your mother, their favorite topic is suicide and since their parents are so cool that they buy them and let them be what they want, they ruin their lives «Along with the society that doesn't understand them», they spend their time listening to Panda, The Sixth Label or any band that talks about how their girlfriends, society or their family takes them away from the world with stupid lyrics and “Punk” music. You can easily find them in the dark and less scary places you find, or where there are little pump machines. If you see them alone or in groups hit them. If you think this is a lot for one person, call some friends. If you get tired of hitting them rest, don't worry, they won't go anywhere.

    The emos base their life on leaving their arm like the ass of a Mandrill (Blue) because their imaginary girlfriend / father / boyfriend has hurt them ... the only solution for them is to hurt themselves more ...

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Hahahahahahaha I get emo, I say I piss hahahahaha

      1.    Oscar said

        Excuse my intrusion, but I think Courage is not emo, he is ... sorry ... or is it the other way around ?, I think I have a confusion, HAHAHAHA.

        PS: Courage I hope you don't bother.

        1.    Courage said

          Yes, I saw a review yesterday Loquendo a los emos and do not see how I stayed

  4.   Courage said

    Hahahaha come on, stop your bullshit and talk about emos on the other hand so as not to detract from here

    PS: I already read the Geekpedia

  5.   Gabriel said

    never use the oxygen theme in firefox.

  6.   Carlos-Xfce said

    Hi Elav. How is it that Google has blocked your country? Where you live?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well yes, in Cuba Google has blocked many services:
      - Code Google
      - Google Chrome
      - Google+
      - much others…

      Of course, I also can't access Gmail, because my ISP prevents me from doing so.

      1.    Edward2 said

        A company blocks my country for x or for y, and I would not use any of it or get paid, but well, each head is different.

        1.    Courage said

          Indeed, as I do not use anything from Gibson to inflate the prices, I prefer that he keep them to put the super Debian stickers.

          I don't like someone for X reasons and I don't use anything of theirs

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said


  7.   Gabriela said

    I stopped using firefox as the default browser more than a year ago, I always install firefox as a second friend to open my four hundred alternative email accounts with which I manage my eight hundred false identities to create blogs that crowd the internet more with shit.

    I agree with you that the rocket that mozilla got now launching versions of firefox every 5 minutes that have NOTHING new and that if the average user does, they will never see it, it is a strategy that is not It will save you from losing more and more users to chrome.

    Anyone who knows me also knows that programs enter me through my eyes xD
    And firefox is still almost as ugly as in 2004, while chrome enjoys a very striking simplicity. They move the buttons and menus from one side to the other without meaning, I imagine that to pretend that they want to copy the chrome interface. Copy it and now, what an ass. The truth weighs a bit on me and everything. The world's most confused panda panda brings back the best memories of my marriage to the internet, and I would like to see him reborn instead of seeming to be drowned in a sea of ​​bad ideas or misapplied good ideas.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      Do programs enter through your eyes? HAHA… then it's funny how you don't like KDE LOL !!!
      Welcome to the site Gabi 😀

      Super funny the 1st paragraph hahahahaha.
      ^ 3 ^

    2.    Courage said

      I stopped using firefox as the default browser more than a year ago

      Your UserAgent is telling me otherwise haha

      And firefox is still almost as ugly as in 2004, while chrome enjoys a very striking simplicity. They move the buttons and menus from one side to the other without meaning, I imagine that to pretend that they want to copy the chrome interface. Copy it and now, what an ass

      No, it is not a question of copying, because it would be a lack of originality of the developers, it is better that they innovate