What to do after installing Deepin 15.4

The result of testing Linux Deepin 15.4 It has been more than satisfactory, a distro with a very good visual appearance, with a quite acceptable performance and with a successful variety of applications installed by default. Now, despite the fact that the distro is ready to be used by any user, we can perform some optimizations after installing Deepin 15.4 we will see it next.

What's new in Deepin 15.4?

I personally consider Deepin one of the best Chinese distro I've seen in a long time, as it has the best visual appearance of today that it knows how to mix with good performance and updated software. Similarly, the distro comes equipped with an advanced control center that will allow us to parameterize and configure our distro to our preference.

The deepin development team has taken care of every detail in this new distro, from its installation interface which has intelligent detection, QR code scanning and messages about the distro. Likewise, they have added the Linux kernel 4.9.8 to this distro in order to have a more expanded hardware support.

The deepin 15.4 desktop is simply great, with quick access icons, adaptable toolbar, advanced customization menu, among other features.  What to do after installing Deepin 15.4 I recommend you to see some of the following deepin reviews where its characteristics and the beauty of this distro are detailed.

Some considerations to take into account before starting the guide

  • Download Deepin 15.4 It is a debian-based distro with a custom desktop, so most of the applications, guides and instructions designed and developed for this distro work in deepin.
  • Depending on your hardware, some of the deepin functionalities may not work properly, in that case please report it.
  • The recommendations that we indicate below must be carried out at your own risk, they are the result of our experience and the reading of various experts in the field.

Steps to perform after installing Deepin 15.4

Update the deepin repositories to the most acceptable ones for your geographical location.

This is a step that I consider essential after installing deepin since the repositories that are activated by default are too slow for most of the countries that are outside the Asian continent, you can try changing to one of the repositories that appear in the list that Deepin offers us the update options (I recommend the one from Brazil), but elav also shared a list of the alternative mirros that you can use and that I share below

To add these repositories we must edit the sources.list to do so, execute the following command: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

America: United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc.

deb ftp://mirror.jmu.edu/pub/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free deb ftp://ftp.gtlib.gatech.edu/pub/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free deb ftp: // mirror .nexcess.net / deepin / unstable main contrib non-free

Spain and Europe:

deb ftp://deepin.ipacct.com/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free deb ftp://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/linuxdeepin/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free deb ftp: //mirror.inode .at / deepin / unstable main contrib non-free


deb ftp://mirror.dotsrc.org/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free

South America:

deb ftp://sft.if.usp.br/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free


deb ftp://mirror.yandex.ru/mirrors/deepin/packages/ unstable main contrib non-free


deb ftp://deepin.ipacct.com/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free

United Kingdoms:

deb ftp://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/linuxdeepin/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free deb ftp://ftp.mirrorservice.org/sites/packages.linuxdeepin.com/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free


deb ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/linuxdeepin/ unstable main contrib non-free deb ftp://mirror2.tuxinator.org/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free deb ftp: //ftp.fau .de / deepin / unstable main contrib non-free


deb ftp://ftp.portlane.com/pub/os/linux/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free

South Africa:

deb ftp://ftp.saix.net/pub/linux/distributions/linux-deepin/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free


deb ftp://mirrors.dotsrc.org/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free


deb ftp://ftp.kddilabs.jp/Linux/packages/deepin/deepin/ unstable main contrib non-free

Update the system and repositories:

Let's execute the following command from our terminal:

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

You can also do it from the configuration interface, in the system update option. You can take advantage of and approve the search for automatic updates.

Install proprietary drivers:

We often need the proprietary drivers so that our computer works better, in that case we can install it as follows, for this we simply open the driver manager application that deepin has installed by default, enter our password and select the available drivers for our computer.

Install Synaptic

Although the Deepin market is quite easy to use and has a large number of applications, I consider that synaptic is a more complete application repository so I recommend its installation, for this it is enough that we download the version of 32 bits o 64 bits corresponding to your architecture and install using gdebi, or any other package manager. synaptic

Change language to wps

The office package that deepin brings by default is wps, we must change the language to Spanish so that it accepts all the characters of our language and the corrector works properly.

To do this, just open wps and go to the upper left panel where you will have an option that says change language (switch language), we will look for the language (or dialect) that we want and we accept it, the corresponding package will be downloaded and the language will change.

Install windows fonts:

We can install the windows fonts with the following command

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-dejavu ttf-liberation ttf-freefont

Get the most out of the deepin store

Something that has deepin is an excellent store, beautiful, organized, fast, with a large number of applications and with a simple installation, my personal recommendation is that we get the most out of this store, looking for applications that we do not know, testing or installing the most used applications.

With these small changes we will have a deepin a little more in tune, that if we start to modify some other things, something more productive will surely come out.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   Martial del Valle said

    Excellent, very good !!

  2.   Gonzalo said

    Hello greetings. I have a problem that I have not been able to solve in Deepin 15.4, which is the torn video, I have an integrated intel graphics, hopefully someone can help me, thank you.

    1.    Axel said

      I have the same problem I could not solve it

  3.   Alejandro said

    Very good tutorial will be useful for newcomers to the distro, but I must clarify something for you and that is that Synaptic is included in the deepin store, you can search for it and install it from there. Also there are many apps that are only found by synaptic.

  4.   jose said

    Updating the repositories does not have to be difficult as they do by terminal, here is the easiest solution

    finally I leave a video that explains in the best way, what to do after installing deepin?

    and the official review of deepin 15.4

  5.   Gerson said

    Thanks for collaborating with this Chinese distribution, I come from OpenSUSE 42.2 (KDE and Cinnamon) which let me down because it gets very slow and it is not hardward. At the moment, just installed Deepin is fine but to prevent it from exiting when using "sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade":
    E: Could not open lock file "/ var / lib / dpkg / lock" - open (13: Permission denied)
    E: Could not lock admin directory (/ var / lib / dpkg /), are you as superuser?
    I used: "sudo su" put my password and write: "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" and immediately the update begins, of course I first went to the Control Center (lower right corner) and from there in "Update / Update settings »I changed the mirror to the fastest one for my area.
    And after placing the proprietary sources you have to place: sudo fc-cache
    I'm not an expert, I'm just curious about GNU / Linux and I've always liked KDE, I've learned everything from articles and tutorials like yours.

    1.    uzanto said

      You need to specify sudo both times and apt-get is not necessary with apt as well. "Sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade"

  6.   pipo said

    Hello, very good tutorial, I have a problem, I install deepin but it does not allow me to save or delete ntfs disks or partitions, it puts a lock on each of these and I do not know how to solve this problem, I wait for an answer and from now on, thank you . Cheers

    1.    Darwins torres said

      Good afternoon, try removing the quick start option in the windows power options, restart in deepin and voila

  7.   Carlos Luciano Figueroa said

    Hi, how are you? I have a cx notebook with an i7 16gb of ram and an intel hd graphics card plus another from nvidia 940mx. I love Deepin 15.4 but I can not solve the problem of the update via GUI. Every time it asks to restart to update, I do it but it gives a moment at 0% and gives an error, despite retrying it continues with the same thing. I updated via terminal. The msg appears at the end: 0 updated, 0 new will be installed, 0 to remove and 52 not updated. This same error apparently does not allow me to download and install other applications from the store, since they also give an error. The repositories are from my country and they work at my normal 20mb connection speed. How could I solve that problem? I've been searching and searching for information about it but I'm new to Linux and everything costs twice as much. First of all, thank you very much for your contributions and time spent. Cheers!

    1.    Darwins torres said

      Follow the steps to change the official Beijing repositories for one closer to your country

    2.    Marcelo orlando said

      Apart from doing what Darwin Torres says, it is convenient to install apt-fast (Requires installing aria2). If you find it too complex to install all that from the terminal, you can download the .deb of prozilla and apt-proz (Although it is a little slower). This software allows you to speed up the number of connections, making downloads faster.
      PS: If you decide to install apt-fast, you must use the manual to install it on Debian, not Ubuntu.

  8.   Borola said

    Your blog is good but I hope you inform me how the application repositories in deepin are updated because sudo add-apt-repository ppa: they do not work or do not update.

    1.    Darwins torres said

      In the configuration, in the update section, a list of mirrors appears from which you can select one that is close to your country

    2.    Anonymous said

      Deepin is not compatible with ppa as it is based on Debian and not Ubuntu. But you can install those packages with "Aptik", you can find it in the Deepin store, in the description it says that it allows you to install software packages such as ppa.

    3.    Marcelo orlando said

      Deepin is not compatible with ppa as it is based on Debian and not Ubuntu. But you can install those packages with "Aptik", you can find it in the Deepin store, in the description it says that it allows you to install software packages such as ppa.

      1.    Dan said

        Well, I tried and it didn't pull 🙁

  9.   Carlos Flores said

    Hello, excellent tutorial. A query in my deepin 15.4 I do not have the DEB command installed. How do I install it ???

    1.    Darwins torres said

      in order to manage .DEB files you must install gdebi

  10.   Roge said

    Sorry I have a problem, I install deepin 15.4, I update everything, but when it turned off and on, the dock and the launcher were removed and I could not fix it, I need help