Alfresco: an Open Source Business Process and Document Manager

In companies and organizations it is common to manage an industrial quantity of documents, which entails a series of processes that tend to consume many man-hours, the processes of categorizing, storing, labeling, selecting and, above all, controlling are quite cumbersome, in addition to sometimes we make mistakes that make tasks more complicated. As a result of this problem and many others, various technological solutions have been developed that help in one way or another to automate and control these processes, the free software community has contributed a lot to document management and one of the most popular software. important of the free world when it comes to document management is Fresh. alfresco_logo

Alfresco means "outdoors" and in an Open Source Document and Business Process Manager that is very efficient, easy to use and with a huge community that supports the development of new functionalities. Alfresco It is developed in Java with other open source technological components, they have endeavored to use international standards for the development of free applications, it has extensive documentation which helps the community to continue developing improvements that allow each day to adapt the software to the challenges of document management.

Alfresco It is distributed in 3 versions:

  • The Alfresco Community Edition version: Which is open source and totally free, which is managed by the community and verified by the creators of Alfresco, it is a version that is updated very often and that has a high support from programmers around the world.
  • The Alfresco Enterprise Edition Version: Which is open source and free, but has some unique characteristics at its core and also has commercial support from the company that created Alfresco. Alfresco's support is very good and mainly the commercialization of this edition is what allows financing the entire structure necessary for this Software to be so powerful.
  • The Alfresco Cloud Edition Version: What is the Alfresco cloud version and Software as a Service that allows many companies to use alfresco services without a very large infrastructure. This SaaS solution allows the collaborative work of the members of the companies and also helps the mobility of the companies, allowing access to their documents from anywhere.

An API and an SDK have been created between the Free Software Community and the Company that Manages Alfresco that allows developers to integrate Alfresco with other applications, develop new modules for the Alfresco core and, above all, optimize the processes that Alfresco offers. In this way, Alfresco innovates and corrects errors very quickly, thus significantly ahead of the rest of both free and proprietary software that are on the market, since we are guaranteed to have software updated with the latest advances in the technology.

One of the strengths of Alfresco is that it is characterized by being Simple, Smart and Safe.

Alfresco is Simple because learning to use it is easy, the level of usability it has is very high in addition to having a very broad and standardized user documentation, the tool is very intuitive and allows it to reflect all the document management processes that companies use today. Alfresco It can be used from any device and from any Operating System, everything is well structured and has quick access to many of the common tasks.

Alfresco is Intelligent because it allows automating all document management processes which in most cases are done manually, it also aims to transform documents to digital, which helps to optimize resources, organize data, integrate users and providers, as well as access to information quickly and according to the criteria I want. Whether you are a Legal Desk, a Stationery, a Supermarket or a Library, Alfresco It will allow you to organize the document processes of your organization, quickly and efficiently.

Alfresco is Safe because it has various mechanisms that guarantee the integrity of the stored documents, Alfresco has multilevel security, DoD-certified document management, data integrity, version control, excellent performance, enviable robustness and above all, it is widely scalable software.

Alfresco It is composed of a web framework with content management capacity, virtualization of web applications and static pages, a content repository, an interface CIFS that allows the compatibility of file systems in Windows and Unix, searches via the engine Apache Solr-Lucene and excellent workflow thanks to jBPM technology.

Alfresco It is one of the most widely used free software in the world, with more than 1800 companies that currently use the product, in the same way thousands of people from all over the world manage, create and organize their document processes with it.

Alfresco solves various areas of document management where it stands out: Alfresco Solutions

  • Content Management since it allows us to organize and consolidate our information, thus improving our productivity and the control of our documents.
  • Collaboration in the Expanded Company, Alfresco allows us to share our information with all members of the organization, in the same way our external users can access the information that we approve from anywhere. Alfresco  makes it possible for members of the organization, partners, clients, among others, to participate, know and manage the information we want in real time.
  • The Government of Information, Currently, governments are focused on being more transparent, but they are also focused on providing automated mechanisms so that their citizens can access various government services more quickly and safely. Alfresco is a pioneer in creating mechanisms that allow compliance with governmental, corporate and judicial regulations.
  • Process Management, from Alfresco We can automate and optimize all the processes of a company, eliminate bottlenecks and make the creation of invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, among others, a much faster process and that in the future it will be much easier to audit and find. the proofs you need.

To start enjoying Alfresco we can do it using the installation guide that the Alfresco community has written, we can also download the Alfresco Community Edition version from the following link. Alfresco also offers us an Online Trial version that we can enjoy just by registering on their website.

All documentation of Alfresco we can find it here!

Without any doubt, Alfresco It is an innovative, free-spirited tool with a community willing to improve every day, which can be useful both in our homes and in our companies.

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