Another nice mockup for LibreOffice [+ Video]

En FromLinux We have already posted several articles on some proposals that various users have designed for the interface of LibreOffice / OpenOffice.

From my personal point of view, I think that the weak point of this office suite is precisely its appearance, which bears resemblance to old versions of Microsoft Office since its inception.

Well, a user who calls himself black elgat posted on Gnome-Look a kind of app written with Gtk3 that allows us to see how your concept of graphical interface for an Office Suite works.

If you want to see it in action, here is the video:

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  1.   raerpo said

    I find it quite interesting and beautiful, we need to test it to see how usable it really is. I think it is clear that libreoffice needs a good interface change to reach a wider audience.

  2.   Bla bla bla said

    The title is "yellow" because it is not true that it is a mockup designed for LibreOffice, it is just an application mockup.

    1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      In the title of the video and the screenshots on deviantART it says it is for LibreOffice.

    2.    elav said

      One question. Did you bother to watch the video? Because if you had seen it, you would realize that reaching the end, when the author goes to the NEW section, the LibreOffice icons appear.

      In other words, if in addition to this, you observe the capture of the image, you will be able to realize that the title is not at all as you define it. However, since you take the liberty of adding adjectives to my post, I'll put one for you too: Troll ..


      1.    Bla bla bla said

        And I wonder if you bothered to read the description that the same author gives in

        Let's see if before calling someone "Troll" they read and observe what they post and say ...

      2.    Bla bla bla said

        And by the way, what a shame that the blog author himself puts unpleasant adjectives to his readers. What a shame and what a lack of seriousness. That does bother me.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Aren't you the same one who is rolling it in muylinux ahahah?

          1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

            O_O… are they migrating here? WTF!

        2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Hello, I would like to ask you:
          Was there not another adjective to use, or to say in a less aggressive way what you say at the beginning?

          I mean the "tabloid title."
          Was there not another less aggressive or offensive way to express your point of view?

  3.   Manuel de la Fuente said

    Well, because of the way the menus are grouped into tabs, it would be the same concept as Ribbon, although Ribbon is more comfortable to my taste because it places the tabs up to the top of the screen.

    Let's say this mockup it reminds me of web browsers - which I know we're not talking about, but it reminds me - of how they were before (with tabs below the menus), and Ribbon looks like they are now (with tabs at the top of everything).

    1.    elav said

      Well yes, something takes from Ribbon, but it doesn't look bad at all. As long as it's for the better, a small copy doesn't hurt 😀

      1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

        But what I say is that Ribbon is better. 😛

  4.   FeRe said

    Wow! It looks too good. Does anyone know if the LibreOffice folks are planning to implement an image change or it is not within their priorities?

    1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

      Yes, for a long time they have been looking for an interface that unifies their desktop version with the future mobile and web versions, they even launched a mockup from an interface called Citrus, but it's been two years since then and it seems that it is still in development.

      1.    Mariano Gaudix said

        I don't use tabs, they are actually buttons that control the pages of a Notebook widget. The OFFICE has well-defined tabs.

        You like the buttons at the top in the left corner.
        If it can be done, it is very easy, just change the position of the buttons and that's it. But it will be better if we use a FLAT style like OFFICE ……… With a gradient it will look horrible.
        You also have to take into account the limitations that Gtk 3 libraries have.
        GTtk 3 libraries are missing some widgets.
        It's a shame we don't have a PATHBAR in Gtk 3.

  5.   AurosZx said

    I love that mockup 😀 As it comes true I show LibreOffice to everyone I know.

    1.    truko22 said

      xD if it's very good 😀

  6.   snogueras said

    I am new to Linux and have recently been using it. I would like to know how to install this mockup.
    Thank you.


    1.    Mariano Gaudix said

      It is a simple auto-executable ... Just compile the CODE that you leave in GNOME-LOOK ...
      To compile it you only need to install the Gtk3 Libraries

      see this tutorial.

      or if you don't go to SYNAPTIC and put in the search engine libgtk-3-dev.
      You install all the Gtk 3 libraries.

      Another thing is that you have to have the GCC compiler installed.

      You do it the same way, with the SYNAPTIC.

      Once you download the code I unzip it. You will see four folders…. there are two where I left the code.

      You take one of the FOLDERS that has CODE + ICONS.
      You put it on the desktop with all the code + icons all together.
      Then you will have the folder with in TERMINAL ..

      To do this, click with the right button of the MOUSE and look for the option to open with the TERMINAL

      and you place the following statement inside the TERMINAL:

      gcc -o radio main.c GtkMenu.c Toggle1.c Pestana.c Pestana2.c Col.c Pestana4.c Cocu.c Fol.c Fol2.c Fol3.c `pkg-config –libs –cflags gtk + -3.0`

      and ready inside the FOLDER you will have the auto-executable.
      Doing two cilx on the auto-executable executes the PROGRAM.

      It's not a big deal my show is just a concept.

      If you have doubts, send me a message to

      1.    snogueras said

        Thank you. I will try it because it is the only way to learn.

  7.   Mariano Gaudix said

    It is not Ribbon. In the widget that I wrote, I only took the concept of tabs, since I eliminated the menubar that LibreOffice has ... To all the functions that are in the LibreOffice Menubar I put them or I want to place them in the tabs, that saves a little space.

    Ribbon in English means RIBBON. Each box the OFFICE functions are divided into are called RIBBON link. These links are separated by separators.

    We do not have the functions that MICROSOFT has and that are used in OFFICE 2010, the MICROSOFT libraries are more developed….
    Gtk 3 is more limited so I had to put 2 common TOOLBARS in each tab adapting to Gtk limitations.

    Talk to the PEOPLE of LibreOffice their interface is written with VCL which unfortunately is not compatible with Gtk or Qt.

    LibreOffice developers have to patch the Gtk libraries.
    But it shows that it is a patch on.

    You can also make Paulo's interface, which is similar to elementary, I made it and many people post it.
    But in a NETBOOKS I was not doing well. Because I have to reduce the buttons and widgets for reduced screens.
    So I have it… .. But I have to rewrite it to Gtk 3, that is, change the sentences.

    1.    Pavloco said

      Are you the black cat? If so, I congratulate you on your impressive work.

      1.    Mariano Gaudix said

        Thanks a lot . Pavloco.
        They are just small programs that show what a graphical interface looks like.
        I just throw the concept.

        When I have time I will try to upload a self-executable mockup. Like Pauloup's proposal

        So that you can see how an interface would look like with a sidebar located on the left.

        I wish you luck .

        Cheers ………. Mariano Gaudix.

  8.   elendilnarsil said

    I really like the way it looks. if it were to look similar, it would be a huge success for LibreOffice.

  9.   coco said

    They say that developers want something that is usable in touch devices and on the web, so that idea may be, however, personally I think that the best interface that free office could have is already invented and it is the one that uses IBM's lotus symphony, only I don't know if it is proprietary or if it can be ported to the free office

    1.    Pavloco said

      I think lotus symphony was donated to the Apache Foundation, so for sure it has the Apache license which is very similar to the BSD license.

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said
  10.   Daniel Rojas said

    Am I the only one who doesn't like me? 🙁

  11.   Miguel-Palacio said

    Well, since we are, a total interface redesign would not be bad. The libraries LibreOffice uses to build the interface are a shame (especially in KDE). With GTK + 3, or better yet, Qt, I do not understand why many applications continue with old libraries. Yes, I know it is a huge job, but I think the benefits in the medium term would be evident.

  12.   Ghermain said

    I need help, I don't want to go back to W $ or M $ Off ...
    I am happy with LinuxMint-13-KDE-64 and I use LibreOffice so far everything is fine but it happens that when I print directly from Writer where I have placed color or B&W images I get a black box, but if I do in W $ with M $ Of if it prints correctly, I have searched all the sites and I cannot find how to make it print the corresponding image instead of a box full of black ink.
    Please, if someone has a manual or a guide, I beg you to help me, otherwise, to my regret, I will have to go back to the hateful W7 and M $ Off because my work is based on the things that I write and print.

  13.   composite said

    Really thank you very much. I really wanted to give LibreOffice another look