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Wine 4.11 is out ...

The Wine project is a compatibility layer, I never tire of repeating it because there are still those who think it is ...

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Best tools to manipulate PDF

We present you some of the best tools to manipulate files in PDF format for your favorite GNU / LInux distribution

VLC 3.0.2

4 of the best add-ons for VLC

Still, for so many features that VLC has, there is always room for improvement, and that is why today we are going to meet some of the best add-ons ...


EasySSH a simple client for SSH with GUI

EasySSH is an interesting client for connections through the SSH protocol that can be very easy to use because it has a GUI, for EasySSH it is an interesting client for the SSH protocol that has a simple GUI for those who like to work in graphic mode.

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Wine 3.13 is out with major improvements

The Wine 3.13 version is now available, so we can all enjoy this fantastic compatibility layer to be able to install native software A new update of the Wne compatibility layer is now available, it is the Wine 3.13 version that we can enjoy from now on

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csplit: split files from the terminal of your GNU / Linux distro

There are many ways to divide a large file into several smaller ones, since it is a fairly daily task that many users need.If you want to divide your files into several parts in your GNU / Linux distribution, you can do it with this command in a simple way: csplit

Screenshot of LeoCAD

LeoCAD: the CAD design program with LEGO

If you like to build with the famous pieces of the LEGO game, you will surely like this CAD program called LeoCAD. It is a program of If you like to build things with LEGO and you need some CAD design program for it, LeoCAD is the project you are looking for.


Bookworm: an open source e-book reader for Linux

Bookworm is a simple and easy-to-use e-book reader designed with a modern user interface. Supports various e-book formats like epub, pdf, cbr, mobi, cbz. Some of the features of Bookworm are mentioned below


VidCutter: a simple editor to cut and join videos

VidCutter which is a simple and free Qt5-based video editor, it is also cross-platform (GNU / Linux, Windows and MacOS). It is written in Python3 and PyQt5 GUI framework and uses FFmpeg as decoding and background encoding.


Ryzom: an online role-playing game a free and open source game

Ryzom is a fantasy and science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Nevrax, this game is free, open source and cross-platform (Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux), it is licensed under GPL, a license of Creative Commons.

Genymotion: Android Emulator for GNU / Linux

Genymotion: Android Apps Emulator on GNU / Linux

Genymotion is an Android ROMs, Applications and Games Emulator on GNU / Linux. Genymotion is the best option as a Multiplatform Android Emulator to run all kinds of Android Software that we need. And it is a good option to the limited Shashlik Emulator that comes for GNU / Linux.

linux code

4 of the best code editors for Linux

Code editors will improve their productivity with some smart functions, although natively we have Vi, Vim, Emacs, Nano in Linux, there are many others that have a great endowment of features.

GameMode Linux

GameMode: Optimize your system to play your favorite titles

The British firm Feral Interactive released the open source software GameMode a few weeks ago, designed to speed up the performance of modern games on Linux family operating systems. The speed increase is achieved due to the automatic activation of the "Performance Mode" for the CPU


Parlatype - An Audio to Text Transcription App

Parlatype can reproduce audio sources to transcribe them in any text editing application no matter how simple or advanced it may be. Due to its qualities, Parlatype was clearly made by someone who had to regularly transcribe audio.

Browser min

Min: A minimalist open source web browser

Min is a free and open source web browser developed for Mac OS X and Linux, it is characterized by being a browser with a minimalist design and high performance. Min is developed in the Electron framework and uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript languages ​​to give it that great minimalist touch.


Diffimg: an image comparison app

Diffimg is a free application written in Qt and open source that is in charge of visualizing and finding the differences between two images since it makes the comparison between both. This application is responsible for marking those differences that it finds between the images.

TLP Linux

Improve the battery consumption of your laptop with TLP

The application I am talking about is called TLP (Linux Advanced Power Management), this is an application created for Linux focused on advanced management of the system's energy use on our laptop. TLP has a configuration that is preloaded by default.


New Gimp update adds HEIF support

In this first Gimp 2.10 bug fix we can highlight as main news that the Gimp developers decided to add support for the HEIF image format for both viewing and exporting.

cryptmount 1

Cryptmount - Create encrypted file systems

Cryptmount is a utility for GNU / Linux that allows a common user to manage encrypted file systems, it also allows to mount an encrypted file system without requiring superuser privileges. It uses the device mapper and the dm-crypt infrastructure.

partition manager

5 of the most popular partition editors for Linux

In Linux we have different tools with which we can manage our hard drives and their partitions, each with something that characterizes it from the others, we have easy-to-use administrators thanks to the fact that they have a user interface (GUI).


Tryton - Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning System

After six months of development, the new version of Tryton has been released, reaching its version Tryton 4.8. Tryton is Integrated Management Software (also known as PGI or ERP) is a high-level, three-tier, general-purpose computing platform.


How to install Telegram on Linux?

Telegram Messenger is an instant messaging application focused on sending and receiving text and multimedia messages. Initially the service was used for mobile phones and the following year for multiplatform available for more than 10 operating systems.

Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and derivatives

VirtualBox is an open source virtualization software from Oracle intended for creating virtual machines. With a virtual machine, they can run an operating system as an application within their current operating system. It is like a computer within a computer.

Google Earth

Install Google Earth on Ubuntu 18.04 and derivatives

Google Earth is a program that I tested for a virtual globe which allows you to travel to any place sitting in front of your desk viewing multiple maps, based on satellite photographs, aerial photographs, geographic information.

Ubuntu web browsers

Alternatives to the Firefox browser in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

After having done a correct installation of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS there are still some things to do and modify to have a more personalized system and to our liking. This time I will show you some alternatives to the web browser that includes Canonical by default in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.


VideoMorph a free and cross-platform video transcoder

VideoMorph which is a multiplatform video transcoder with support for Windows and Linux, is free and is licensed under Apache License Version 2. VideoMorph has become a very popular application in Cuba, as it was there where it was born and with the passage of time has gained strength.

Elisa music player

Elisa Music Player makes its debut on Linux

The project was presented just a few weeks ago and is currently in its first alpha version. Initially they looked for a good design layout that the developer found in KDE Visual Design Group (VDG) and in Andrew Lake's music player layout.


DmMediaConverter a multimedia file converter based on FFmpeg

DmMediaConverter is a multiplatform application with support for Linux, MacOS and Windows, based on FFMpeg which allows us to convert audio and video files which has support for the most popular formats, such as h264, h265, vp8, vp9 audio - aac, mp3, flac, pcm, vorbis among many others.