Apricity OS, an elegant and attractive distro

Apricity OS It can be described as an intuitive and very modern operating system, with excellent integration with cloud services. The mission of its developers has been to search for outstanding features, that is simple to use, a great design and easy to access, in order to make it stand out. Apricity OS is not only beautiful and functional, but its developers have sought to make it secure by incorporating tools to keep security risks to a minimum. It also has Pushbullet, the well-known tool for sharing notifications between devices.

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The order and structure of Apricity OS is quite attractive, we were able to notice a great level of detail in the design. You can see all the tools with excellent power, in a well structured way and with easy reach. Although Apricity OS cannot work on 32-bit computers, for the moment, all the quality of the distribution is not underrated.

Next we will talk about the features, and how the structure of Apricity OS is made up.

If we talk about PerformanceApricity OS is proud to mention on their site that they can count the Gnome 3 desktop, using only about 500 megabytes, quite remarkable considering that other similar systems use an amount of memory that exceeds one gigabyte of RAM nothing more managing the desktop. Obviously, this favors Apricity boot times of just seconds. By using Gnome 3, we can be certain that all elements of the distro can be appreciated quickly and smoothly, without neglecting the aesthetic appeal.

With Powerline-Shell, we have a modern and adaptive console. With the most efficient computer tools within easy reach, plus the information exposed in an attractive way, it is natural that everything is in harmony with each other.


La fullfilment of security requirements is another important aspect. Apricity OS works with Uncompllicated Firewall (UFW) to keep the information in full security. UFW is created to be a fairly intuitive firewall, and it has a set of default rules for user requirements. In addition to also being able to be customized to adapt to the needs of the most demanding users.

On the other hand SBackup, is one of the ways to create backup copies of your computer, in an easy and simple way. You will have the possibility to create two backup copies in a compressed and uncompressed way. In turn, you will be able to divide the uncompressed backups into different parts. It can support both manual and scheduled backups. You will be able to make backup copies of files in different destinations, local and remote, in addition to the different options it has, such as notification by email.

Apricity OS comes with TLP, an advanced battery manager that optimizes battery use. Its default configuration is very complete, but without limiting the user to structure it based on their needs. All this, plus the decrease in resources made to the system, favors us in more hours of work with the team.

With ICE the system allows you to place your favorite web applications on the desktop. This specific site browser (SSB) seeks to reduce the number of steps between the user and the use of a preferred web application. Which clearly shows us the purpose of this distribution, to make the user experience something productive and elegant.

To keep in touch with your devices we find Pushbullet; tool that allows you to send files and small links between your devices. You can have notifications from mobile to computer, as well as text messages and chats on all your devices.

If you want to share large amounts of data across multiple platforms, syncthing lets you do it. You will be able to transfer large files quickly, the data will be encrypted during each step of the file transfer process. And for your files and personal information, there will be storage on local devices, not in the cloud.

Among the applications included that accompany Apricity OS we have; Gnome Photos, Gnome Calendar, Gnome Music, Totem, and Steam. All of them are designed to create a more useful and efficient work environment, in an outstanding elegant system.

EThis distro is characterized by being a fairly modern system, making itself stand out thanks to the fact that it can be used on high-resolution screens, and that it reduces scale problemsI lie. All thanks which is compatible with HiDPI.

Apricity OS 08_2015, Beautiful Arch Based Linux Desktop

Apricity OS is based on Arch Linux, which works under a rolling release cycle, in other words, constant update, when combined with the administrator graphic of packages Pacman. It is quite safe to have all the updates available to date, and in turn, minimize any security risk in the distribution. For this reason, and for all of the above, it is worth using Apricity OS and experiencing all its virtues. As last data Apricity alsoén is compatible for games and software on Windows. Made possible thanks to PlayOnLinuxy y Wine.


Clearly, it is a distro focused on design and usability, with great attention to visual details and the fluidity of the user experience. A big contender for distros like ElementaryOS, known for its design and aesthetic guidelines. Despite being based on Arch Linux, its installation and configuration process is very simple, allowing a rewarding experience to less experienced Linux users.

We invite you to Download this distro and give it a try!

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  1.   Shadow said

    According to it, it works with computers that have 512 RAM but it was only designed for 64Bit computers 🙁

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      64-bit PCs date back to 2006, just when Windows Vista was released.

      In my case, I have a PC dating from 2006 and the Pentium D processor supports 64 bits as if nothing else.

  2.   Gildardo Cancino said

    Hello everyone; Personally, I installed it and tried it for a week, Apricity got me hooked, it's fast, stable, it has good packaging for the basic use that I give it (watching movies, basic photo editing, writing documents), and I thought I'd keep it for a long time, but a week later, when I wanted to turn it on, I couldn't enter, it stayed in the grub, and it didn't give any report of the problem, and that's when I began to realize certain things that I didn't see at first, such as that there is no Spanish-language community to give you hand in case of problems (still), almost all current users are English, and I can hardly make myself understood in Spanish, English or in dreams, I think this distribution promises, but it needs to mature and correct some detail.

    1.    jlcastrogro said

      Since it is based on Arch, the community is great about that. I'm not looking for solutions for the distro itself, but I look for it with references to Arch, to the mother 😛

  3.   mantisfistjabn said

    What differentiates this distro from Antergos? And I'm not trolling it's a question I've had since it came out

    1.    Hugo said

      I believe that a repository and that the poses install from the iso without internet

  4.   Carlos reyes said

    Gildardo Cancino, did you manage to recover him from the problem?

  5.   Felix said

    I would like to know how to install it from a USB, I have tried and it cannot. I await your prompt reply.

    1.    ANDRES said


  6.   repair said

    I am new to linux but and installed some distros including elementary that I already had a while with it until it proved apricity and I am delighted with this system I recommend it 100% and it has worked very stable and if it runs games and windows applications thanks to wine