ATI, 'Radeon' and the price of living in freedom ...

I take this opportunity to write this first entry in FromLinux with a light and jovial tone associated with these summer dates. You will have to allow me to expand on this presentation and open my heart to you, take advantage of this entry to have coffee.


Those of you who know me or have read any of my entries about installing drivers for ATI You will already know that I have a certain love-hate relationship with this company and, specifically, with the support they provide through their graphics drivers. It is true that the company has a couple of people working on open-source drivers (known as "Radeon"), and that these are improving a lot lately, but to this day, the performance (at least in games) is not close to what the closed package gives "Fglrx".

In this post I will do a little analysis, at the user level, of why to use (or not) the open-source driver.


4 years ago I bought my first laptop of my own. Before this, a couple of Toshiba PIIs (with which I discovered Xubuntu and Fluxbuntu), a Fujitsu PIV (with which I discovered Debian) and a Compaq PIV (with which I discovered Kubuntu) passed through my hands. On the desktop I have been lucky, having a Core 2 Duo with 9800GT with which to work and play under GNU / Linux was a real marvel.

The team in question ...

The team in question ...

Well my first own acquisition was this Samsung R522: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, 4GB DDR2-800 and ATI HD4330. I fondly remember many games to Left 4 Dead 2 under Windows 7 in full graphic detail, hours and hours of Team Fortress 2 and eighty-odd hours of Counterstrike: Global Offensive at almost 30 fps (with which I am satisfied). Unfortunately, we all know that the same would not happen under GNU / Linux.

The proprietary driver: "fglrx"

Several distros have passed through this team: Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE Mainly (plus all the multimedia variants that I have talked about in past posts). If there is something common to all these systems, it is that the operation of the proprietary ATI driver was a real curse (and none of this happened with the free driver): window bars that disappeared in gnome and gnome3, windows turning gray in KDE until you minimized and maximized again, even audio cuts by ATI driver power management.)

Richard Stallman - When you have to agree, you have to agree.

Richard Stallman - When you have to agree, you have to agree.

All this ended up going down in history (although I do not forget), but a few days ago I ran into a couple of new bugs. A few months ago, the company left users of the HD2xxx to HD4xxx series at the mercy of a proprietary driver AMD-Catalyst-Legacy which, among other things, does not support the latest versions of the X server, so it implies Downgrade parts of our system to be able to use it. Luckily, there is a Tomasz Makarewicz PPA with some great patches to do this. The performance of this driver is, in general, quite good (it allows me to play DOTA2 on a computer that does not meet the minimum processor requirements, and you can run a campaign L4D2-beta- without major problem of "Jerks" graphics).

Now we go to the problems. The other day I decided to take a screenshot of a very normal game: Counter Strike Condition Zero (2004). I started with Counter Strike and Kazam, but I didn't get the necessary performance, with FFmpeg it was good and I was able to make a video at 25fps.

Interestingly, video capture was not working the next day. FFmpeg gave a black screen as soon as it went from capturing the desktop to the game, so the OpenGL capture was failing. As if that were not enough, if I connected my external monitor (to be able to play at 1680 × 1050), the image began to brighten until the monitor was completely white in 2 minutes. Quickly, my mind began to mistrust the ATI driver (think wrong and you'll be right), and I decided to try the latest Radeon driver. Here the result:

Perfect, except for some cut due to the operation of the hard disk, which I give a few years of life.

The open driver: "Radeon"

As a result of the installation of this driver (which solves both the capture problem and the extra monitor problem), I decided to check which games, within my Steam library, run fluently enough to be played comfortably. For this I have dispensed with the exaggerated resolution of the external monitor (using the laptop's native 1366 × 768) and, instead of Unity, I have used the option Fallback without 3D effects to ensure an environment as light as possible. Anyway, in Phoronix there is a conscientious benchmark from Michael Larabell where he compares the performance of the Ati Catalyst Legacy (on W8) with that of Radeon under a 3.11 kernel.

L4D2 - "almost" playable

L4D2 - "almost" playable

Within the most demanding games, L4D2 It ranges between 10 and 20fps unplayable, with multiple slowdowns against all the particle effects present in this game. On the other hand, DOTA2 it also becomes "insufferable". Simpler games, like Brutal Legend o Costume Quest they also become impossible with this driver (although these were tested under Unity). All the aforementioned are perfectly playable with the proprietary driver.

Team Fortress 2 had some texture problem, solved with the latest versions of the driver and 'table'

Team Fortress 2 had some texture problem, solved with the latest versions of the driver and 'table'

The good part is that older Source engine games work perfectly: Half Life 2, PortalTeam Fortress 2 (Let's remember that TF2 is still quite demanding today). TF2 ranges between 20 and 30fps in my case, but it is fluid and I have played perfectly for several hours. Valve's lightest games will go without a problem, although they are already more centuries than years old: Half Life, Counter Strike, CS: CZ ...

Trine 2 - Buy it when you can, it's worth it.

Trine 2 - Buy it when you can, it's worth it.

Outside of Valve, other great titles Indies they go perfectly in my system: Killing floorBastion, Trine 2 y Amnesia, Among others.

Killing Floor - Another "zombie killer"

Killing Floor - Another "zombie killer"


It is difficult to live with the free driver, it is true. It is also more than certain that I go back to the AMD Catalyst Legacy, at least until I have burned L4D2, Brutal Legend and be published CS: GO for Linux. However, in the long run, we will have to live with the Radeon driver, since the lack of updates to the Legacy will cause AMD to leave a lot of graphics users with 3 to 4 years old. Seeing the improvements of the free driver I have no doubt that we will be able to continue using our old equipment in the near future, at least until they are completely burned out.

It's been a long time since I divided the two drivers: the proprietary one will make an application run as well as possible, while the free one will make the desktop and the entire environment in general stable as a stone. It is your choice.

Looking for AMD executives ...

Looking for AMD executives ...

For the moment, do not be surprised when you see my hagstag #foktheATI on Twitter and substitutes ... In later posts, I will talk about the games listed that you do not know. 😉

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  1.   Giskard said

    Good article. I have a Mobility Radeon X1400 and it ran out of support a few years ago. Planned obsolescence, what are we going to do?
    Unfortunately, as I understand it, the PPA does not contemplate my model.

  2.   Javier Eduardo Sola said

    I have an Ati 6570 and probe installing Zorin OS (based on ubuntu 13.04). With no driver I could get to 1920 * 1080. Just 1366 * 766 or something like that.
    Any recommendation for this GPU ?. For now I still keep the XP for steam because I am missing a couple of games that I have bought and I have not played yet, but the idea is to completely migrate to Linux.
    Thanks and a hug.

    1.    pandev92 said

      with that graph you should not use windows xp….

      1.    Javier Eduardo Sola said

        Totally agree, but I still have 2GB of ram and if I put a 7 of 64bits I can't have my username and my wife's open simultaneously.
        I will see with linux but the biggest problem, besides the resolution, is to convince my wife to use linux …….

        1.    dwarf said

          Your wife's username and yours open simultaneously? On windows? xD hahaha that you couldn't keep it even with 68443844515547 billion petabytes of ram xD Windows is not multi-user, so don't worry

      2.    tammuz said

        You are all right, what a pity of wasted graphics

  3.   majority said

    Very good theme. I am a fanatic user of AMD RADEON but I had to change them to NVIDEA since I realized that they worked better with this in Mageia 3. Hopefully they will improve with time. AMD has better technology than NVIDIA in hardware but in software is the detail ...

  4.   pandev92 said

    It is very clear that if you pull the legacy driver, most of the new games will probably not work because of opengl bugs that will never be solved, in fact in windows try to play when the new call of duty comes out, in the new legacy xD driver….

    Now, about the 3d performance in the radeon drivers ..., because you will never have much performance, the truth, like those of us who use intel we will not have it, the free drivers depend mostly on the table ... and unfortunately it is full of bugs .

    So if you plan to play on linux, don't buy amd .., buy nvidia, if you want a free driver without tearing…, buy amd.

    1.    Adrian olvera said

      More than agree, I ran out of shank and quake4 🙁 I think I'm going for an NVIDIA

  5.   Leo said

    I was always a big fan of NVidia. Right now I have a GT650 and I love it, hey, no performance issues. I also had a couple of Sapphire ATIs a few years ago and they were a real headache on Linux (even Windows sometimes). It is true that the advances in the Radeon driver are remarkable, but there is still a lot left. Excellent Gaius analysis ...

  6.   Oscar said

    Unfortunately I bought a Lenovo lap top with an AMD Radeon ™ HD 6470M, because I was ignorant and because I didn't think it was so bad. Now I suffer the consequences xD. With the combination of UEFI and my inexperience, the only combination that I have managed to start up and work without problems and without excessive heating is: kubuntu 12.04 + proprietary drivers from the official page.
    It's weird, but with other kubuntu's it's not the same: S

    1.    tammuz said

      I think that is a kernel thing, with the NVIDIA 520 the distros prior to ubuntu 12.10 do not work for me

  7.   cesasol said

    Maybe you didn't install what makes Radeon hot on the heels of the proprietary driver the libtxc_dxtn

    1.    Tarkin88 said

      Could you give me more information about that library that you mention? or a source? I am very interested =]

      1.    Diego said

        Here they talk about that driver and how to install it, but it is focused on Fedora

  8.   ferchmetal said

    What a good article there really was a need for one where you could talk in depth about the subject of video cards in GNU / Linux, for my part I have an ati radeon HD 5450, I use double boot with windows vista and Debian 7 , but I was testing it in Ubuntu 12.04 and also in the last 13.04, it is rare that when I install the driver Ubuntu makes me slower and when not if it runs fast, so I decided not to do anything to debian and rather play the little games in windows and the rest if in GNU / Linux, of course I am a graphic designer and the adobe design package is very good for the ati card, greetings!

  9.   Cuenux said

    Congratulations on the article Gaius.

    There is one thing that has not been clear to me in the end, you get 3D acceleration activated with the catalyst driver. I have an HD5400 on a Debian 7 64-bit machine and I can't activate 3D acceleration.

    The command "LIBGL_DEBUG = verbose glxinfo | grep direct »returns the following output:

    libGL: screen 0 does not appear to be DRI2 capable
    libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/tls/
    libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/
    libGL error: reverting to indirect rendering
    direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG = verbose)

    Somebody can help me?

    Thank you very much

  10.   edo said

    Very good article, very interesting, perhaps because I feel identified, I am also an ATI user.
    I have an ATI radeon hd 4200/4250, and the only way I can use the catalyst-legacy driver is by using a derivative of ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.2, otherwise it is impossible for me, and I have already tried with all the tutorials on the net, I have already tried it on several distros (ubuntu 12.10, ubuntu 13.04, linux mint 14, Chakra, Opensuse, Manjaro, etc, when I install it the screen goes black, and I usually have to format from new) and neither works. From what I have been forced to use the free driver, with respect to 2D it works excellent, and with 3D it works well, games using wine like need for speed most wanted run very well, halo through wine (with the effects to a minimum ) also, half life (steam and wine), counter strike steam. But with respect to team fortress 2, both in windows (with amd driver) and in linux with the free driver it runs just as slow, you have to put the resolution to the minimum so that it works more less well.
    What is true is that the free driver is advancing very fast, also in general it is the one that works more well, I always what I do when installing a distro is to install a package that helps accelerate the performance of the mesa driver, called libtxc_dxtn (32 and 64 bit), and that helps a little.
    I hope I will come back to this topic again in the future.

    1.    Adrian olvera said

      libtxc_dxtn The same works so that Bastion and San Andreas walk well.

  11.   Fungus said

    I have a Radeon XPRESS 200M 5955 (PCIE) running in trisquel 6.0 without graphic acceleration, I still don't know how to activate it, although I don't really need a lot.

  12.   pacoeloyo said

    It's a shame that I'm in as a gold member and instead give such a bad or null support in some cases. Luckily in my case I have never had amd / ati graphics, on the other hand it is curious, nvidia is a silver member but its drivers are quite good, outstanding in my case.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Nvidia does not have opensource support…, also if I'm wrong, that list depends on how much you pay or something like that xd.

  13.   Yoyo said

    To avoid being kicked off the blog, and possibly out of the country, I will not comment on AMD / ATI.

    With this you can imagine my opinion about AMD / ATI.

  14.   Abaddon Hormuz said

    My graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 and although it still has "support", the only drawback I have is that my notebook sometimes gets too hot, even using GNOME Classic.

    The only environment in which I have not noticed that it overheats is with Xfce that, although the performance is very good, no matter how much it fills it with "tweaks" it does not convince me.

  15.   Rene Lopez said

    We each have our stories, and I don't change Intel.

  16.   sieg84 said

    never again amd radeon

  17.   just-another-dl-user said

    I don't know why hardware companies get so much trouble releasing their source code, if in the end they make money selling physical hardware, they don't lose anything by releasing their source code.

    1.    FULL-FULL said

      They miss out on KEEPING THEIR MINDS brighter than they are SICK and busy all their lives repairing mistakes made on purpose by themselves without being able to NEITHER grow or enjoy their life and CLEARING THEMSELVES since they are so inveterate that they think that those minds instead of sharing will want to competing with them ... does it seem of little benefit to you to submit FOR BEING IN AN UNMERCIATED POSITION OF POWER over the rest of the souls to minds that would break your c ... commercially to maintain that position of UNdeserved power and achieved based on STEALING THE IDEAS OF THOSE MINDS BRIGHTER THAN YOU AND THEN KILLING THE BODIES THAT IN THE MOST OF THE CASES AND COVER EVERYTHING? Skinny those guys with disastrously "programming" ADREDES (an action of pressing the finger on the wrong key for the purpose of one second) A STORM BILLIONS OF PEOPLE FOR DECADES ALL OVER THE PLANET .... the worst criminal act carried out with impunity throughout decades in this history of scams and teasing that seems to never end or point out the culprits.

  18.   k1000 said

    In my opinion, using the free driver for private games is a huge contradiction.
    I have used both drivers and hopefully nouveau would work half as well as radeon, and that the nvidia one would work without errors, in the catalyst I never had discolorations, blank windows and strange errors that I had when using Nvidia.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Well, how strange with nvidia I never had a problem, except with compiz .., but it was a recognized compiz bug .., on the other hand with the radeon 4650, kde program windows that were gray, errors in the acceleration by gpu of browsers, games that just wouldn't start etc etc ..., that pc ended up with windows 7 installed and I never used it again.

    2.    Gaius baltar said

      I've already said it, but I repeat. I am NOT speaking from the point of view of my freedom as a user (that is up to each of us), I am speaking from a practical point of view and, as I said, here the problem is, on the one hand, the bugs that fglrx has shown over time and the lack of short-term update of the Catalyst-legacy, while on the 'radeon' side we have the issue of performance in the most demanding applications.

      If the performance is lower in a private game, it does not have to be higher in a free game. Thinking about that contradiction seems to me to look for 5 feet to the cat.

      Greetings 😉

  19.   Jesus Israel Perales (@ ripper2hl) said

    I have a 4xxx hd graphics on a hp g62, in windows I could play GOW, but when I switched to GNU / linux (ubuntu) I realized that running games at that performance was impossible, the good thing is that it goes to work and I don't play anymore in my laptop (I bought an xbox) but sometimes I decided to install the proprietary ati dirver to see what improvements were seen in some things but in others ... no more no, in the end I kept the free ones and patched them a Little with a xnodesystem guide (now I use fedora), and as they go better I can play without problems supertuxcart and playstation emulators, but the use that I give it to work, the bad thing is that I know that I am not squeezing the full potential of my graph (some day some day), and because I suffer from overheating and stuff, compiling the kernel helps a little because the temperature does drop, but I still can't compile it and keep all my hardware working 100%, the truth is not I have put my hand 😀

  20.   Rodolfo said

    Well, on the contrary, I have not had problems with AMD, but now none of them are the only dependencies that I cannot update the system but a new version always comes out and that helps to update. Not everything is bad from my point of view.

  21.   eliotime3000 said

    AMD / ATI: Good for Windows, lousy for GNU / Linux.

    The rest: nothing to do here.

  22.   jSan said

    And that between AMD and NVIDIA, AMD is the one that best does its job with its GNU / Linux users.

    So to avoid displeasure now that I build my new desktop I preferred to do without a video card that was possibly going to waste time with the drivers. I preferred to invest in the basic components: RAM Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz, i5-3570K at 3.4 GHz (overclockable up to 4GHz via BIOS) and the Intel DQ77MK motherboard (it is executive series, it is one of the best talked about among GNU / Linux users, the gamer series is only useful if you use a video card).

    Well, when it comes to video performance, the drivers for Intel HD Graphics in GNU / Linux do not give any problems at the time of installation. As for Steam games, CS: S, TF2, and DOTA 2 flow like Amazonian rivers. In the video performance test in CS: S, it marks me 151 fps at a resolution of 1280 × 1024, by the way with Unity running with all the effects that come by default, and running chrome with a page with Flash content (game) and 10 other tabs (no flash content) open, all during the benchmark.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Well, on Linux, I couldn't play dota fluently with intel, 🙁 and left4dead2 crashed a lot.

      1.    jSan said

        Verify that you have an Ivy Bridge with HD Graphics 4000 (16 execution units), which are the i5 3570K and 3475S and all the i7s of the Ivy bridge microarchitecture. They are the ones that give good graphic results.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Those are just the ones I have, intel hd4000 on i5 3570k xDDD ..., I had to use the git 9.2 table, because the textures looked bad on the dota2 and the left4dead2 went at 20 fps nothing more xd

    2.    Gaius baltar said

      Fucked, I was already cool to have that great team !!!! 😀

  23.   sanction said

    Hypocrisy = Refusing to use proprietary drivers to play proprietary games

    1.    George said

      My not understanding post 😛. It just says the opposite, preferring free for desktop and private for playing. Although both give problems.

      I have an apu a6 that comes with a built-in radeon hd. Every time I compile gflrx from the official amd sources when restarting it is checked and the screen is black (obviously I used aticonfig before). There is an akmod driver in fedora that so far did not give me problems although I can not say if it squeezes the graph or not. In my pseudo gamer days I used an Nvidia 8600 gt, never a problem.

    2.    Gaius baltar said

      Precisely, I am speaking from a practical point of view:

      My complaint is about the AMD driver malfunctioning with the desktop in general, and to add that they stop giving us support. Users of this range of cards have to start thinking about using the open driver as soon as possible, but for now, to play, the Catalyst still "wins", and this will be noticed the same in private games as in free games (to the ones I have been vitiating for years).

    3.    edo said

      I use the free one to play on steam, although it is not because I do not want to use the proprietary driver, it is because I cannot install catalyst-legacy in any distro.

  24.   3 said

    I have an AMD Radeon HD 7660D and I tried both drivers and settled on the proprietary fglrx

  25.   3 said

    ah in the previous one I realized that the user agent was configured wrongly because I don't use winbug. I use Debian 7.1 .. so that they do not confuse

  26.   asd said

    To the asshole who posted this: I didn't even bother to read it. But AMD-ATi is one of the few companies that give official support to Linux, however mediocre it is, it is a start. Linus himself said that the worst of all is nvidia, and all you are doing is giving a bad name to one of the few who try to build.

    1.    dwarf said

      I let you pass the message just to make a couple of things clear ...

      First of all, if you didn't bother to read, then the asshole is you because, if you did, you would notice that he is not criticizing Radeon but in fact he is exposing its performance and saying that it has evolved, that the criticism goes with the legacy is something else.

      It touches my balls the simple fact that someone takes the liberty of commenting on something stating that they will not even have the luxury of reading the article ... they will forgive me but will you be so menso? Damn, no, seriously ...

      Anyway, I do not go into the subject anymore because it is no more, read and, another comment like that I do not pass it to you, period.

    2.    Gaius baltar said

      I refer to my previous comment. A greeting.

    3.    pandev92 said

      There is something called exegesis' The word exegesis means' to extract the meaning of a given text '. Exegesis is usually contrasted with eisegesis, which means 'inserting personal interpretations into a given text'. In general, exegesis presupposes an attempt to view the text objectively, whereas eisegesis implies a more subjective view.

      Now taking into account the timing and why linus said that, we can clearly conclude that Linus was complaining about nvidia's lack of open source support on Linux. That's why he said that nvidia is the worst company.

      But that is very different from saying that nvidia is not supported, since if we look coldly, the nvidia driver is much superior to the closed amd.

  27.   Alexander Nova said

    What free ATI driver is being used here? I'm asking because I have made some changes to my notebook, moving to Fedora and the new "DPM" code. With that, the battery life is identical to the Catalyst, but there are still a few bugs (because I'm using a 3.11 rc2 kernel)

  28.   Ariki said

    Very good guys, very good post all the info is appreciated, now I am a fan of AMD from the k7 processors hahaha a little old, and then the jewels of video cards that have passed through my hands, I also had the pleasure of having nvidia in my hands I think both are very good options but it all depends on who builds the card for example I would never buy saphire that seems to look at them and they break. My experience in linux with my notebooks before a toshiba with x1200 amd and now a lenovo g475 with an amd 6310, I can tell you that I have used many distros, the ones that have run best for me both with private and free drivers are debian testing, xubuntu, archlinux and now mint xfce with a nice 150mb usage game, so the laptop flies, the ones that don't even run with sticks and full of bugs fedora, opensuse, mageia. Anyway, my history of amd in linux has been very good and in fact now I'm pointing to an asus with amd certified for linux: d, greetings guys and thanks for your work

  29.   Blitzkrieg said

    En Linux el Minecraft runs me to 2 fps, Windows en 20 fps

  30.   Gaius baltar said

    Ale, I already have my desktop with the 9800GT resurrected. Goodbye 'fglrx'. 'Radeon', you stay in the laptop, which will be exclusive to work with audio and such ... 😀

    1.    Gaius baltar said

      In fact, according to phoronix, from the 9800 onwards it pays to have an Nvidia to get closer to performance on Windows.

      I will tell you as soon as I install Ubuntu 😀

  31.   Leonardo said

    I don't give a damn about games! what I want is that my laptop does not heat up

    eh past x ubuntu, xubuntu, sabayon, elementary os, mint, manjaro

    and none of them manage to make my ati radeon work well

    1.    edo said

      Activate radeon DPM, that's the solution for that in the free radeon driver.

  32.   George said

    I was weak and I returned to windows for the reason that steam games ran very slow, although I had them in low they ran very, very slow, when I changed to win I have them in ultra and they run luxurious, I will return soon alone finish all levels 😀

  33.   dante2614 said

    This article is very interesting, I liked it, I currently have a computer with the ATI radeon HD 6470M drivers, in which I have had several problems with the installation in several Linux distributions, I have managed to install the proprietary drives in the versions of Ubuntu 12.04.2 .13.10, linux mint maya, ubuntu XNUMX with the current beta proprietary drivers, managing to reduce the heating of the equipment, I have read that in the newer distributions there are problems with the kernel and the compatibility of the drives, for these reasons I cannot emigrate due to complete linux, of course it also leads to work issues, but I'm thinking of buying another team where I can install a distribution without problem.

    What I have seen is that unfortunately the proprietary drives, the stable ones, so to speak, only work with distributions prior to the one released, in this case 13.10 does not work with the proprietary stable drives, only with the beta versions that amd has in development .

    but hey, I hope someone enjoys the comfort of linux on a computer. heh heh heh….


  34.   Daniel said

    My 7750 is giving me too many Linux headaches

  35.   barz said

    Hello, I have the same graphics card, I had to go back to Ubuntu 12.04 to be able to run maya, nuke and those applications.

    The problem I have is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot compile the Wacom xf86-input-0.23, nor the most recent ones that allow the Wacom Intuos Pro to work. I love the performance, but I am doomed to return to windows when I have to use it. I have already followed enough tutorials, but they solve them with patches where I have to update the xserver, and where the fglrx of this graph works. They all suggest me to update the kernel and thus the xorg, BUT IT GETS OVERHEATING when opening gimp or using youtube if I run ubuntu 14.04.

    I would like to know if there is a forum dedicated to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, or someone who has already experienced the same problem. Or if there is a place where PPA makers can update the input-wacom with this old xserver.

    Everything indicates that I should get rid of this laptop, but my financial issues do not allow me to do that at the moment.

  36.   Christopher Jara said

    How are you? Look, it seems that you have a lot of experience in AMD, and because for those who have come across your psot it means that I am reading a lot about it and it is only due to one situation, it is that I play a little games, including counter , life for death death dayZ now last a lot the TERA ...

    As you may have realized, they are all steam, but the detail for which I am writing is that I have a problem with Dota2, because while I play the screen freezes and I must close the dota and I must go back in, and I no longer know what to do Well, it really is a game that I like a lot, I have invested a lot of time, and since this problem has arisen I am about to leave my games there because I do not tolerate the situation anymore, I do not know if you can give me a couple of tips to look for solve this situation ...

    I have a lenovo g505 computer with amd a6

    If you need more details I will be happy to provide them, I hope you can help me !!

    A pleasure….