Available Fedora 16 (Verne)

Lovers Fedora are in luck as it is available to download the version 16 (aka Verne)..

I'll see if I can download it to test it thoroughly, however, I show you some of the most interesting features that it incorporates.

Some of the most interesting news for users are:


autojump is a command line tool to move between the different parts of a filesystem more easily than with cd. Fedora 16 now includes version 15 of autojump.


Calcurse is a text-based calendar and activity scheduling application.


Also new to Fedora 16 it's ease. ease, a presentation system based on GNOME simple.


oo2gd is a complement to LibreOffice that allows importing office documents to Google Docs.

These and other novelties can be appreciated here.

Some of the most interesting news for System Administrators are:


Fedora 16 comes with the new kernel 3.1.0. Unlike the dramatic change in number, there are no dramatic changes in their characteristics.


Fedora 16 It takes advantage of several new technologies to improve the speed, safety and efficiency of the startup process.


GNU Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) receives a major update on Fedora 16Anaconda allows you to set a password for GRUB during the installation. With the GRUB original, only the password was requested. With GRUB 2, the user's name is also requested. The user root can also be used.

SysVinit scripts ported to systemd

Fedora 15 saw the introduction of systemd, a new system and service manager for Linux. The integration of systemd continues in Verne, with many more SysV startup scripts converted to native systemd services files. The result is a faster, more efficient startup process and simpler service management.

Changes in UID range

Fedora 16 change the location policy of UID y GID: user accounts now start from value 1000 instead of the previous value 500. Upgrades from previous versions of Fedora will keep the configuration starting the user accounts from 500.

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  1.   Holmes said

    Thanks for information.
    vlwfwi, Holmes

  2.   mac_live said

    Very good, I have it in beta, so just download updates, and we will have the fedora 16 in depth. There is no other choice, also if we update to gnome 3.2 several extensions will go away, but nothing that the testing repository cannot solve.

  3.   Carlos said

    Thanks, I was waiting for this news to install fedora in addition to my LMDE.

  4.   Courage said

    I've been using Fedora for a while and I liked it, I would recommend it for networks. Although once I loaded it because I do not know what repositories I put

  5.   icono00 (@ icono00) said

    Hi, I want to share my experience as a newbie in fedora 16 and linux in general, it is going very well, you have to adapt to the new desktop environment, the only thing that I can't do is that I search in many forums, and come to the conclusion or nobody knows The answer is not possible or not, the funny thing is that nobody answered me if it could or not, my question is, I have a laptop, fedora 16 works very well for me, but the cpu remains at 100%, it gets very hot and only for read some text, forum, etc, without even watching videos or listening to music, and what I'm looking for is something similar or if you can install "jupiter" to lower the performance of the cpu and thus not heat up too much, or the other question is, if fedora 16 is not recommended for laptops? could someone please help me? or other alternative to jupiter on fedora 16 to not switch distro, thanks and regards

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