Icedove 10.0.2 available on Debian Testing

As we all know, the developers of Debian take their time to include updates to many of the packages available in the repositories, and now it is the turn of Icedove, an application that seemed to have been forgotten.

Icedove is a fork of Thunderbird, and they have just entered the repositories of Debian Testing the version 10.0.2, being finally replaced the version 3.1.10. As we all know, Thunderbird is in the version 11.0.1 and it won't be long until the 12.0. I guess as usual the guys from Debian have not updated Icedove to version 11 for some security or instability reason.

We only have to update if we already have the application installed. However, if you want the latest version of Thunderbird o Firefox en Debian, I recomend you this article which shows us how to make them the default applications for Surfing the Internet or Reading Mail.

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  1.   Oscar said

    Never use Icedove, it is better than Evolution.

  2.   Merlin The Debianite said

    That good news right now I'm updating to testing great thanks for the info.

  3.   ianpocks said

    Oscar is supposed to be the same as Thunderbird but of course because of the trademark that firefox has, debian cannot use it (because it is so free) because they somehow trade iceweasel as firefox.

    Icedove is the free and perhaps customized copy of thunderbird

    1.    sieg84 said

      how ugly it reads «customized»

      1.    ianpocks said

        sieg84 you are right that word almost was left over….

      2.    Carlos-Xfce said

        Why use invented words based on other languages, such as "customized", when we already have in our language others that already express that idea, as in this case "customized"?

    2.    commentator said

      Custo ... what?


      1.    Courage said

        I told you once and I repeat it again, I am not going to accept a single disqualification here towards anyone.

        Your comments will continue to be deleted if you continue to insult or disqualify readers.

        I have already deleted several of your comments for insults and false testimonies, which I will not hesitate to continue doing if you continue the same.

        You are warned.

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          I have not read the comments that you say you have deleted, there is only one in the trash ... I ask you, do not delete the comments completely, you send them to the Trash and so they can be reviewed once more by elav or myself, because we take the issue of "censorship" very seriously.

          1.    Courage said

            I removed them entirely.

            Do you know if the trash can slows down or something? more than anything for that topic.

            But come on, what I am not going to do is allow insults and disqualifications, which this man already has a few.

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              Look how curious, then should we delete your comments? Because in some you go over troll. Please Courage, the next time you decide to delete a comment, make sure it only goes to the trash, if you have to delete it permanently, we will take care of that KZKG ^ Gaara and me.

            2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              No, it does not slow down anything, when you think that a comment has insults and should not be approved, you send it to the Trash or leave it pending until elav or I review it, but never delete them completely.

          2.    Courage said

            Read what I just said.

            My intention and his are completely different, you know that I am not going to screw up or go around insulting or disqualifying, which this man has done.

            I've already told you, stupid comments we've all made, and that includes you, but it's one thing to insult and another to make a troll comment.

            I will see if there is any option to recover it and I will leave them in the trash.

  4.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    Pretty pigeon 🙂

  5.   jamin-samuel said

    Does anyone know what version KDE is in the Sid branch?

    1.    Shiba87 said

      Right now I think it is the same as in testing, 4.7.4.

      1.    jamin-samuel said

        ahh ok ok yes it is that today they asked me and I told them the same .. but I wanted to be sure .. thanks 🙂

  6.   David said

    I am happy with iceweasel (I quit firefox long ago). And now that I installed Debian Testing, I tried to install thunderbird, but finding this information I installed Icedove 10.0.6-2 (amd64). It's fine, I just need to change it to Spanish. Let's support Debian developers. Thank you.

    1.    David said

      I switched to Spanish by installing Icedove- | 10n-es-es. I also installed (from Icedove menu> tools> plugins) the extension for Linux - Lightning Version 1.2b2. Once again, let's support Debian developers.