Available MATE 1.2

The project MATE continues to be active, and after being adopted by Linux Mint, has become the best alternative for nostalgic users of Gnome 2.

The version 1.2 with the following changes:

  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • All conflicts with GNOME they were corrected.
  • All configuration files were moved to ~ / .config / mate.
  • Undo / redo option was added in Box(Nautilus fork).
  • Libmate's for the mate-open command is now faster when opening applications.
  • The configuration daemon MATE now supports the backend of GStreamer y PulseAudio.
  • New applications: Waiter(fork of Alacarte), python-box, box-gksu, box-image-converter.
  • Artwork: Themes of MATE were renamed to avoid conflicts with the themes of GNOME. Added a new wallpaper and MATE now has its own icon.

En Debian we can install MATE if we use the repository of LMDE 😀


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  1.   Wolf said

    I tried the previous version on Arch and it wasn't bad at all… until I started changing the subject. There it was already complicated in a bad way. But since I am nostalgic, I will try MATE again.

    Thanks for the warning.

  2.   ianpocks said

    And we owe it all to an arch user who had the idea!

  3.   TDE said

    Will they report anything regarding the release of Unity 5.10?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Sure, when it's time or when we try Ubuntu 12.04 😉

      1.    ianpocks said

        ubuntu 12 is just around the corner

        1.    Jamin samuel said

          and with gnome classic….

          with effects (compiz) for teams with good performance
          no effects (metacity) for low-performance teams.

          1.    Diazepan said

            Within 9 days …… ..

          2.    Jamin samuel said

            correct .. I am really glad to know the variety that ubuntu is offering that not only unity who has improved a lot, but also with gnome classic .. and if that is not enough, then cinnamon or its own gnome shell is added to it everyone's taste ..

          3.    sieg84 said

            What don't you like about KDE4?
            Just curiosity.

            1.    ianpock's said

              Although there are 9 days left for the exit of Ubuntu, I would wait at least one or two weeks, it is already known that the following weeks happen:

              1º All kiski downloads the latest version or updates it, so the repositories will be saturated with geeks

              2nd it is known that in the first week there are many unresolved bugs,


              If we want to have the Ubuntu LTS, the sensible thing to do is wait a little while, with a minimum of one month.

              (This is my personal opinion)

          4.    Jamin samuel said

            ianpock's you are saying to wait a month for the ubuntu image to correct bugs?

            Sorry I don't know how to express my question, I'll try to explain it this way:

            If you download the image on the 26th and bugs start to appear within the first 2 weeks, the Canonical team will correct those bugs.

            My question is if there will be any difference with the image that will be released on the 26th with the download of another image after 3 weeks?

            In other words, the image downloaded after at least one month will have the bugs corrected or will it be the same image that was downloaded on the 26th?

            As far as I understand I believe that the image is the same and that the improvements are in the repositories that as the weeks go by the system will be updated to correct those bugs

            if not, someone correct me ... 🙂

            1.    ianpocks said

              Jamin samuel

              Let's suppose that you are right, that we cannot assure it but perhaps in the first 2 weeks the repos are updated.

              But come on, it is not the same to deal with repos as without them.

              Another thing ubuntu is moving images, if not to make images with the backup copies.

              I present an example:

              ubuntu lts 10.04.1

              ubuntu lts 10.04.2

              Here I see a change of image, if only because of the bugs, it also does it should.

              If I'm wrong, they tell me otherwise, what's more, I've almost always installed it the month after its publication, once I downloaded an image the same day and it restarted by itself. So in my case I happened to get them off the same day.

              Ubuntu should learn from fedora, that they do not mind removing them 2 weeks later if they have to deal with bugs, and that if I have installed it the same day and zero problems.

              But I already said the installation of debian and ubuntu are the same, unless you go in advanced options, let's go is a next, next.

              If you have ethernet a thousand times you should have ubuntu, fedora tb is a very, very interesting option !!!

  4.   nonamed said

    I'm glad to see what progresses

    Although it can be installed from the lmde repos, I wonder if one day we will have it in the official debian repos

    TDE, fork of kde 3, they started a long time ago and they are not in the repos either

    1.    nonamed said

      here the explanation why they are not in the debian repos:


  5.   Asuarto said

    I feel like when I first met Linux, everyone waiting for the next Ubuntu version

  6.   VisitntX said

    If I am not mistaken about the successive versions of the image, it is because the accumulation of updates during, say, six months is such that it may put something in conflict or it may take a long time to update due to the large number of packages.

  7.   Eduardo said

    The other day I read a post from you elav, on how to install MATE in Debian Testing. Having a test partition at hand I tested it and from that day on it became my main system. I put aside my beloved and stable, but already half-old Debian squeeze with Gnome 2.