Available Pink 2012 Beta: Another Mandriva-based distro

Pink is "another" distribution GNU / Linux, maintained by a Russian company, which has as a special feature that it is based on Mandriva, so we have "one more alternative" in addition to Mageia 😀

ROSA 2012 will have 5 years of support, so it will be the first LTS (Long-Term Supported) of the Russian distribution. This version is codenamed 'Marathon' and use KDE 4.8.1 Be Desktop Environment. In this new version the performance has been improved, on a Kernel 3.0.26. At first glance you can see that it has a Artwork very well cared for, which I love. Rosa contains support for new Intel 'Sandy Bridge' and can be downloaded from the following link:

Download Rose

Further information: @Distrowatch.

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  1.   josue said

    What a nice distro, but will that Russian company be like Canonical with Ubuntu? With the update of online programs ?? It looks interesting, I think I'll be moving !!! 😀

    1.    isar said

      I don't know if it will end as canonical. But at the moment he has made some contribution that in my opinion is interesting.

    2.    VaryHeavy said

      This distro, for those who do not know, is Mandriva -Russian version-, since it is based entirely on it, uses the same tools, and also, this same company is the one that develops a good part of the current Mandriva, including the artwork, which apparently is exactly the same as the ones used in their own distribution.

      The facelift of the current Mandriva is entirely due to the folks at ROSA Labs, who have developed applications and interesting utilities for KDE, such as the plasmoid Stack Folder.

  2.   Oscar said

    It seems like a very interesting distro but ... I could never adapt to the RPM, I installed Mageia and Mandriva to test but I could not dock.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      In practical terms, what differences are there between RPM and DEB so that you cannot couple to the former? Because both have the same facility to install ...

      1.    Oscar said

        Possibly you are right and they are just my ideas, currently on my PC I have Debian and in another Chakra partition, with the latter I had no difficulty adapting and I feel extremely comfortable.

      2.    taregon said

        YUM oO if we talk about fedora. It is not the same as an APT-GET D: I also find it difficult to ride RPMs ...

        1.    anubis said

          Like when you switched to Linux you had a hard time learning some things? And that's why DEB (which is wrong, since you should say DPKG) is better than RPM? Ergo…. Windows is better than Linux? xD

  3.   Nano said

    I find it exceptional, the Rosa desk is very well worked, let's hope they start to gain strength.

  4.   Marco said

    I've tried Mandriva sometime, especially in the renovation stage since the Rosa team came on the scene, and in general it looked great, but I never got the happy wifi to work. I got tired and went to give Chakra.

  5.   Courage said

    I would swear Rosa are the ones in charge of the artwork for Mandriva.

    Well, they do well to create their own distro, so to use this artwork you don't have to use Mandriva, which, as we already know, are French and copied to Mac.

    What bothers me about this is that they are a company, so between the 3 of them I stay with Mageia by far.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      And since when, if anything, did you copy Mandriva to Mac? O_o
      Mark Shuttleworth did admit to drawing inspiration from Mac for the Ubuntu GNOME design, but Mandriva? What do you copy it into? : S

      1.    Courage said

        I'm going to find you a photo, what I do know is that it was with 2011:


        In the dock, and by the way, those buttons are very Vista

        1.    VaryHeavy said

          So, if a distro comes with a dock (or a panel simulating a dock as in this case), and with a mix of colors that at a certain point resembles that of Mac, are you copying to Mac?

          And the buttons thing is simply a plasmoid, by that rule does it mean that everyone who uses Icon-Only Tasks plasmoids is copying Windows? And even if so, raise your hand who has never copied anyone. Since when is Windows a benchmark in terms of its own innovation on the desktop?

          On the other hand, you are criticizing Mandriva for something that is also done in ROSA Labs' own distro, since the environment is exactly the same, only that Rosa's desktop photo shows the desktop with graphic effects disabled (that's why the lower panel appears in its default state) while in the photo you have put me of the Mandriva desktop the effects were already activated (which made the panel take the form of a dock). That is to say, there is no difference, in Mandriva 2011 when you did not activate the KDE graphic effects the appearance was exactly the same as Rosa's desktop, and I imagine that when the desktop effects are activated in the latter, the same thing will happen as on Mandriva, and that panel will take the form of a dock.

          1.    Courage said

            So, if a distro comes with a dock (or a panel simulating a dock as in this case), and with a mix of colors that at a certain point resembles that of Mac, are you copying to Mac?

            Yes it is.

            And the buttons thing is simply a plasmoid, by that rule does it mean that everyone who uses Icon-Only Tasks plasmoids is copying Windows?


            you are criticizing Mandriva something that is also done in ROSA Labs' own distro

            I did not know that but well within what is possible Rosa is not French, which is a very positive point for them

          2.    VaryHeavy said

            Well, let me tell you that you have a somewhat superficial concept of copying, because there are as many color schemes as in the rainbow but those that are more comfortable to look at on a desk are considerably smaller, so put a selection of colors gray with sky blue does not seem to copy Mac. At most a slight inspiration, but not a copy, which is not bad hey, we all copy everyone here.

            And before Windows used those buttons on its panel, there were already plasmoids for KDE that did the same job, so I'm afraid that in any case Windows is the one that copies.

            And finally, what about the French?

            PS: Mandriva is Franco-Brazilian since Mandrake merged with Conectiva, and now with the entry of ROSA Labs it also has its Russian side.

            1.    Courage said

              And finally, what about the French?

              Do you remember a certain Mandriva post where Malcer? I'm pretty sure there were comments from you.

              And before Windows used those buttons on its panel, there were already plasmoids for KDE that did the same job, so I'm afraid that in any case Windows is the one that copies.

              In that case, the one that copies is Windows, as usual.

              Get inspired, nothing happens, but that dock simulation is a copy of Mac

          3.    VaryHeavy said

            Well, I have read dozens of posts about Mandriva, but I don't remember which one you mean or what role the French had in themselves ...

            And the thing about the dock, the truth is, it doesn't remind me more of a Mac than any GNOME desktop with its dock does. And that was precisely one of the things that really caught my attention in Mandriva 2011, that by focusing fully on KDE, it had a more "gnomera" appearance than ever, using a modification of the Elementary theme and the GTK icons as the default theme. .

          4.    VaryHeavy said

            I still don't know what your problem with the French is.

            1.    Courage said

              They whore the Spanish, they have done it to me

          5.    VaryHeavy said

            What have the French done to you?

            But according to your way of thinking, if a Norwegian bitches me, for example, do I have the right to hate all Norwegians? What makes you think that everyone is the same and that their behavior is linked to the country in which they live?

            1.    Courage said

              To me and to many more people, as I said where Malcer in the post, the World Cup thing, the Dofu $ thing and I'm sure more things that I don't even remember.

              In general, the people of each country tend to be one way, for example the Chinese are usually unfriendly as we can see in the Chinese stores or the Romanians who are drunks who steal in the Metro, there they are in the news.

          6.    VaryHeavy said

            You would do well to moderate your prejudices. Are all Chinese unfriendly? No.
            Are all Romanians drunk beggars who steal in the subway? Definitely not. That you have not seen anything else does not mean that there is nothing else, be careful when the trees do not let you see the forest, because obviously if you go to Romania you will see everything, from drunks who steal in the subway, to educated and decent people who respect everyone. It is not okay to cut everyone under the same pattern.

            And the same thing happens with the French, what has one of you screwed up? Well boy, you had the bad luck to run into an undesirable. Does it mean that they are all the same? Of course not. You will find French people who have apathy for us and others who have empathy for us. But what of course I will not do is compare the people of the different countries for their behavior in football or in any other sport, when bad rivalries surface, they all become savages, wherever they are from.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              Here I agree without a doubt VaryHeavy
              CourageIn Cuba, the vast majority listen to reggeatón, they like to dance and parties, they adore carnivals and those excessive congregations and more ... However, saying that all Cubans are the same is as big a mistake as saying that Mark is your friend, and You have the living example here every day, because not even elav nor do we like to dance, we don't like discos, we hate reggeathon and etc ...

              Generalizing is definitely harmful

          7.    isar said

            But is there any use in trying to get Courage to understand that inspiration! = Copy and that copying isn't bad either? For him anything that is minimally similar is a copy.

            If he even told me that my desktop was a copy of unity by putting the default kde bar (with icontasks for windows) on the left.

          8.    Courage said

            If he even told me that my desktop was a copy of unity by putting the default kde bar (with icontasks for windows) on the left

            Take the comment out because I don't remember.

            Are all Chinese unfriendly?

            In the vast majority of Chinese stores they speak ill of you, even in one I have seen how a classmate from high school was ripped off a little over a year ago.

            In general, it is like this, that there is no rule without exception, yes, but usually they are edges

            Are all Romanians drunk beggars who steal in the subway?

            If they have the fame they have, I don't think it's because they do.

            I put a case, last year, the last day before Christmas holidays.

            I do not like to drink and less in the park because of the issue of the peaks and the logs.

            Well, I'm so good playing football and a Romanian is going (KZKG ^ Gaara you know who she is, the one who's thinking) and choricea a bottle of vodka.

            She picks up, fills a glass, comes from behind me, puts it in my mouth and makes me drink the vodka because she feels like it.

            What have I found with an undesirable? Yes, but it is on the news there when Romanians are robbing the subway and insult or threaten reporters.

            If you go to Romania you will see everything from drunks who steal in the subway, to educated and decent people who respect everyone

            I know another (not undesirable) who when he comes back from vacation says that this country is made shit and full of put **.

            Some will be saved because there is no rule without exception, but generally they are rabble.

            And the same thing happens with the French, what has one of you screwed up? Well boy, you had the bad luck to run into an undesirable. Does it mean that they are all the same?

            Let's remember a historical fact, Spain had a war with France since they wanted to put José Bonaparte here as ruler.

            There it all begins.

            The World Cup thing is not because of the fans, since Spain has the worst, but because of FIFA, the worst referees were Spain (Howard Webb) always whistling against Spain. The clearest example is De Jong's kick to Xabi Alonso.

            Fine to the Spanish team for the number of fouls in the World Cup final.

            And as I was saying, about the Dofu $, that not only have they bitched me, but several, and even those who are neither Spanish nor French complain about the mistreatment they are given in that little game.

            Spaniards and French have never gotten along.

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              What have I told you to offend others Courage? If you don't like the Romanians, the Chinese, the Indians, Mark Shuttleworth, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the ubunto, then swallow what you think, or at least, don't put it in FromLinux, because from the outset, it has nothing to do with GNU / Linux nor Free Software in General.

            2.    Courage said

              Let's see, man, you don't know.

              I have said, as a point against Rosa, that they are French.

              What does it have to do with Linux? Much.

              Also I'm not offending anyone, it is what they are and it is seen if not in the news it is that they have done it to you or if not an acquaintance.

              And let's not talk that it has nothing to do with because you have distorted (like many) what is not written.

  6.   Merlin The Debianite said

    I've been reading your comments and the truth is LOL.

    I don't understand why Courage gets so upset and why everyone is trying to make him change.

    It is almost like asking a Taliban not to commit suicide in the name of allah.

    General opinion of all your comments:

    I don't really care about that distro, although I admit that at first glance it looks good.

  7.   Courage said

    neither elav nor I like to dance, we don't like discos, we hate reggeatón and etc


    I doubt it very much, I could get you a chat, I will not do it because you get mad.

    There are songs and videos of Nu Metal that are reggaeton, so it means that you like it.

    Anyone who does not admit that the song Jet Pilot by System Of A Down carries a reggaeton passage is that he is deaf lost and a poser.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Well right ... hahaha ... I better speak for myself only HAHA.
      And by the way, I'm not a SOAD fan… one or two songs are just the ones I like.

      1.    Courage said

        I say it more about System Of A Down for elav, but you still like Linkin Park and Slipknot (the Dead Memories video is reggaeton)

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          You have me to the balls already with this topic. What does it matter to you what others like? I don't have to be worse than you for not listening to the music that you like. Now colleague, start looking for a girlfriend and leave us alone .. For God's sake !!!

          1.    Courage said

            What annoys me is that you call "shit" what you don't like.

            The other day I finished you to the eggs on IRC

          2.    commentator said

            Here you delete messages for people when you disagree with a certain person?
            If so, tell me not to go through here again.

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              As in any website, it is normal for them to form flames with comments that have nothing to do with the articles we publish. It is normal, and in FromLinux it has been our policy to respect freedom of expression. But one thing is Freedom of expression, and another Disrespect. Here we will never allow racial or sexual discrimination, or offenses to the rest of the users, because furthermore, that is not the social purpose of this blog.

              If by putting a comment you offend a user, it is obvious that it will be removed so as not to cause flames. If you do not agree with that, then it is your free choice to pass through here again or not.

            2.    Courage said

              Fuck teach me to have that touch elav that I get the bad milk right away hehehehe

            3.    Courage said

              Insults are deleted here, not comments that I don't share.

              Whether you want to pass or not is up to you.

          3.    commentator said

            I better go back to esdebian

            1.    elav <° Linux said

              Well, you are completely free to do it .. Enjoy it.

  8.   anubis said

    Courage, yours is already on duty court. I am not going to try to change you, because if you are an idiot and you like to wallow in your imbecility (like a pig wallows in mud or shit) and you are happy like that, well good for you. But do the favor of exposing yourself. Because with those prejudices that you show so happily, it is the only thing you get, to make a fool of yourself.

    1.    anubis said

      : g / But do the favor of exposing yourself./s// But do the favor of trying not to expose yourself./g

    2.    Courage said

      Already the one that I was missing.

      Macho I already told you where Malcer

    3.    commentator said

      I already told one of the blog authors. Care must be taken when selecting collaborators.

      1.    commentator said


      2.    Courage said

        Trololololololol xD

  9.   Sergio Esau Arámbula Duran said

    I love its artwork but it looks like the same MDV 2011 with a new name and splash but with KDE 4.8

  10.   Ghermain said

    It is very curious to enter a forum and after having a meaningful answer to the question asked or the subject in question, those who have nothing to contribute, derive the matter in other trivial things and end up in mutual insults, that is what It makes many pages lose seriousness and that those of us who are new to Linux think about it a bit before finally migrating to any Linux distro when we see that there are people who create some "superlinux" as if they were the creators and instead of helping rookies end up disappointing them. I hope they take it into account before criticizing and if they really want to do it, I think that by an MP or an email they can do it without mixing anyone else and generating chaos.

  11.   smoked ham said

    not you, but since I visited this blog, I hardly read the articles and I pass on the comments… they almost always entertain me…

    1.    Courage said

      Yes, more than once I have penalized it because I see that the comments on this blog are particular

  12.   jonathan said

    My question is how the heck are the additional programs installed. Does it have a software center, what commands should I put in the console to install what I want? a little help would not be bad for me ???

  13.   Rosa Linux Forum said

    For me it has been an excellent distribution. There is no doubt that they have done a good job. The one based on Mandriva makes it more attractive (in my opinion) and thus be able to go very far.