Available to test Tanglu LiveCD


Do you remember Tanglu, that layout that I fell in love with without even leaving?

Tanglu is a Debian Testing based distro that promises to be up to date even when repositories are frozen. Well, we already have the isos (LiveCD) to test it.

Tanglu KDE 32Bits
Tanglu KDE 64Bits

At the moment it only comes with KDE SC, although its developers promised to support the rest of the Desktop Environments. 😉

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  1.   @Jlcmux said

    Error 404 - Elav Head not Found 😀

    1.    Rohan said

      Should be fixed now.

      1.    Rohan said

        Actually, the files are no longer there, you should use one of the ISO's from

  2.   Richard said

    mob fired up to get elav out of his town !!!

  3.   pandev92 said

    It tells me that not found!

  4.   HashPack said

    Not found !!!

  5.   Daniel said

    The link "NO FOUND" does not work

  6.   pandev92 said

    It works now!

  7.   Outdated said

    What repositories does it have?

    1.    Outdated said

      I have already tried it and it has its own tanglu repository

  8.   TUDz said

    This news and I in Seismic Risk and Assessment classes Shit! Are there problems with the links? I hope not because as soon as I get home I download the LiveCD 😀

  9.   Dark purple said

    What are the username and password to enter?

    1.    Outdated said

      The same thing happens to me, I have tried to test the LIVE distro and it asks for user and pass, I have tried the typical ones and it does not enter.

      1.    pandev92 said

        Wow and I was excited ...

        1.    Rohan said

          User: 'user', password: 'live' (Without quotes)

        2.    Rayonant said

          As I have already put in a previous comment, the user is: 'user', and the password is 'live'

  10.   Rayonant said

    What a news man! and the Tanglu page already works completely then? How about an excerpt from the announcement on the mailing list or similar? don't leave us on edge man!

  11.   Rayonant said

    I copy the ad that I saw in Tanglu devel's list:

    After some debugging of live-config, we can now spin working live images of tanglu [1].
    (for proof you can find kde example images on [2], other spins will follow. User: 'user', password: 'live')

    The images currently are live-ONLY and have no installer on them, even if you can choose install at the syslinux menu - it simply does nothing.
    I've made some progress with debian-installer recently, but it's still failing on the network setup step so needs more work. I'll keep you updated.

    The build instructions for the live images can be found at [3] for the interested.
    Configuration can be found on gitorious [4]. Currently all it will create is kde images and you'll see that the images still have Debian as distro name all over the place, but it works 😉


    [1] http://i.imgur.com/on4G3c4.png
    [2] http://kyofel2.dyndns.org/tanglu/cdimage/
    [3] http://wiki.tanglu.org/BuildLiveImage
    [4] https://gitorious.org/tanglu/live-build


  12.   msx said

    Yeah, finally a Debian a day.
    Good work from these people.

  13.   xino93 said

    How up-to-date will this distro be, with links to the "most popular" rolling releases, arch and gentoo (sabayon) that take a couple of days to have a new package in the repositories?

    1.    sieg84 said

      not days, months.

    2.    pandev92 said

      sabayon takes days only on some packages, because with gnome it took more than 3 months.

  14.   Paul said

    Let's try this distro, at the moment I am very comfortable with Solydxk, also based on debian 7 testing testing

  15.   TUDz said

    Is this LiveCD not installable? Anyone who has already tried it?

    1.    Dark purple said

      It is not installable. You have the option to install but it does nothing.

  16.   entel said

    Downloading to test. Anyway on their website they don't say anything and I'm signed up to the mailing lists and they haven't sent anything either.

  17.   -ik- said

    For when the version with Gnome? = S

    It has been a long time since I was excited about the release of a distribution, I am looking forward to this project =)

  18.   eliotime3000 said

    Congratulations to those who made this distro an alternative to Debian Testing (and Unstable).

    Also, you can see that the look of that desk is good.

  19.   pandev92 said

    It is still very green, we will have to wait for a little more 🙂

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      If you're right. It is just too green to be able to fully enjoy it.

  20.   Dark purple said

    I have been looking at the issue of the versions and they are more or less on a par with the Kubuntu ones, but the rekonq version is old, I do not understand this isolated case.
    Amarok's is superior (2.8 vs 2.7) and LibreOffice's too (4.0.3 vs 4.0.2, which if this were a final version I think they should avoid versions 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 due to certain bugs). By the way, why LibreOffice and Calligra together?
    Another thing that is missing is the Firewall of the KDE system preferences, I hope it at least comes available in the repositories.
    And I've been wanting to see which graphical package manager you would use (I hope Muon including Muon Discover).
    I hope they have everything available in the repositories including things like Steam, Skype ... And I don't know if it will be possible to add PPAs.
    It is clear that they have to polish it and finish some things, but I do not see it bad looking ...

    1.    Dark purple said

      By the way, I would rather they use LightDM-KDE instead of KDM ...

      1.    Dark purple said

        It seems that you have both installed although the one that appears at the beginning is KDM.

        1.    Dark purple said

          By the way, I think I read at the time that it was going to be updated every 6 or 7 months… Is this so? Would it have an update notifier and a graphical version updater like Ubuntu and family? Hopefully, it is something important for users who do not follow the current GNU / Linux world.
          Although what would really be great is that it was a semi-rolling release ...

  21.   comment said

    Well ... And what does this distribution have that does not have debian 7.1 kde with testing repositories?
    Ah! yes ... it has a different wallpaper.

    1.    x11tete11x said

      I save you the trouble of investigating before saying such barbarity ... https://blog.desdelinux.net/tanglu-otra-mas-del-monton/

  22.   Hetare said

    this or solyd?

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Solyd, because it's still not very well stabilized, well what shall we say.

  23.   xarlieb said

    f * ck yeah!

    I love debian stable, but I can't help but feel a bit angry when I need a certain feature that is not in the stable repository versions:)


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