BennuGD: A Cross-Platform Video Game Programming Language

BennuGD: A Cross-Platform Video Game Programming Language

BennuGD: A Cross-Platform Video Game Programming Language

To continue with our publications of the Gamer field or related to video game, today we will talk not about a particular video game, but about a not so well known development platform available to create them, and whose name is "BennuGD".

"BennuGD" is a programming language multiplatform video game, which works as a development suite de open source and high level that focuses on modularity and portability, which makes it perfect for this field of video game development.


This is the first time we will talk about "BennuGD" On the Blog, however, we have frequently posted about another similar and better-known software tool, called "Godot Engine". Which, in case it is of interest, we invite you to explore some previous related entries after finishing reading this publication:

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BennuGD: Content

BennuGD: Open Source programming language

What is BennuGD?

According to Official website of said application, it is described as follows:

"BennuGD is an open source video game development language, with a modular design designed to facilitate the portability of the projects carried out in it, making this language one of the best. Although BennuGD only officially supports Windows, Linux and GP2X Wiz, it has also been ported to other platforms, including * BSD, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Wii (Homebrew), Dingoo A320, GP2X, GP32, PS2 (Homebrew) or the former Xbox (Homebrew)." What is BennuGD?

"BennuGD is a scripting language intended for creating games. And it is designed as an easy-to-use tool for developing games. It offers simple solutions for sound and graphics operations. Although it is not as easy as Game maker, it is not as limiting as this one either. With BennuGD, you decide what game you play." What is BennuGD? - Faq

Download and Installation

Currently, "BennuGD" is available in its latest stable version number 1.0.0-r348. Your files can be downloaded as well as, from your Download Section like the following link.

While for your installation and use, has a excellent documentation available on your website, either, through your excellent and comprehensive Manual (Introductory Course) or your Wiki o Faq section.

Complementary sites

To learn more about "BennuGD" you can visit the following related links:

Alternatives available

For those, to whom for some reason it does not serve or "BennuGD" o "Godot Engine", you can explore the following link to see other existing alternatives. Or explore other alternatives in our next related previous post:

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Free Software and Open Source

"BennuGD is a programming language based on DIV Games Studio (formerly called Fenix), which is also open source (GPL) and totally free. Furthermore, it has a very clear and friendly syntax, based on both Pascal and C. It is also totally modular, and since we are talking about free software, anyone can contribute to the project by adding features or improvements. In fact, it is even possible to remove the 2D rendering layer, put a custom 3D and use BennuGD to create your own 3D FPS. BennuGD: A free, open and multiplatform alternative for 2D game development

Note"BennuGD" is free software and is distributed under the terms of the Zlib license. So be sure you understand it before distributing modified versions of the source code.

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We hope this "useful little post" about «BennuGD», a little known programming language multiplatform video game, which works as a open source game development suite high-end and focuses on modularity and portability; is of great interest and utility, for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the diffusion of the wonderful, gigantic and growing ecosystem of applications of «GNU/Linux».

For now, if you liked this publicación, Do not stop share it with others, on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems, preferably free, open and / or more secure as Telegram, Signal, Mastodon or another of Fediverse, preferably. And remember to visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, as well as join our official channel of Telegram from DesdeLinux. While, for more information, you can visit any Online library as OpenLibra y jedit, to access and read digital books (PDFs) on this topic or others.

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  1.   juliosao said

    What memories that Div Games Studio.

    I really like the language although I do not know what pull it can have, the last time I looked on the subject, about October, both bennugd, divdx and gemix (the three successors of the original div) were somewhat stopped.

    I think the success of div, apart from the language, was based on the environment and building an environment for its successors today is complex (divdx maintains the original environment but it shows something vintage ...)

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, Juliosao. Thank you for your comment and contribution from your experience.