Internet search engine: The best for the year 2.019

The best Internet Search Engines 2019

Internet search engine: The best for the year 2.019

An Internet Search Engine is one of the main and most important tools that any Internet user knows or should know, since basically nobody when using the Internet goes directly to the websites of their interest. Most Internet users have a clear idea or not of what they need to search for, they use an Internet Search Engine to navigate it.

An Internet Search Engine is basically a website that offers an application known as search engine, which offers its users the possibility of consulting on millions of Internet websites, any data (word / phrase / concept / question), to obtain as a result a list with links to the different web pages that respond to the search criteria supplied.

Internet Search Engines 2019: Introduction


An Internet search engine serves specifically so that any user of the network can locate the required information about the wide and intricate Internet, since without the help of these platforms it would be impossible to achieve this task in a reasonable way, that is, effectively and efficiently.

Internet search engines fulfill this vital task thanks to the use of robots that visit and explore each website over the network to analyze, classify and rank them, using complex computer algorithms.

And precisely the difference and relevance of each current "Internet Search Engine" on the Internet is given by the different "complex computer algorithms" used to perform these tasks of analysis, classification and ranking.

The algorithms within an Internet Search Engine can be defined as the method used to classify the registered and analyzed websites, so that they correspond effectively with the searches or queries that users subsequently carry out.

And although in general, when using or offering others an Internet Search Engine, one of the best known such as Google, Bing and Yahoo always comes to mind, There are many more search engines that can adapt to our particular needs, due to their very specific functions and internal specifications.

But more important than a "Internet Search Engine" is always to be clear about the objective of what we want to search for, how we want to visualize it, that is, in what format text, audio, image, among others, and from what kind of source do we want to obtain it, from anyone or a very specific, verifiable or recognized source of information.

Internet Search Engines 2019: Content

Internet browser

Below we will indicate a list of Internet Search Engines available (active) for this year 2.019, where some compete with each other, since many have defined segments of users and action segments that offer different and specific benefits of use.

Most are general purposel, that is, they offer a list of results for a word, phrase, concept or question asked, allowing them to be filtered or separated by text, images, sounds and videos.

Others are of more specific use such as just searching for snippets of programming code, or just searching web pages that are too old or new, searching for prohibited or excluded terms from traditional search engines, searching with higher levels of security or privacy, or simply searching without advertising.

Main Searchers

  1. Google Search
  2. Google School
  3. Bing
  4. Academic Bing
  5. Yahoo Search
  6. Icloud Find

Alternative Search Engines

  1. AIO Net
  2. AOL Search
  3. ASK
  4. Finder
  5. Dogpile
  6. Duck Duck Go
  7. Ecosia
  8. EveryPixel
  9. Gibiru
  10. Good search
  11. Giphy
  12. Find 3D
  13. ixquick
  14. Ludwig
  15. Lycos
  16. metacrawler
  17. Metager
  18. Relevant now
  19. OSINT Framework
  20. Peekier
  21. Privatelee
  22. Qwant
  23. Search Code
  24. Searx
  25. start Page
  26. swisscows
  27. Wayback Machine
  28. web crawler
  29. Wolfram Alpha
  30. Yandex

Children's Searchers

  1. Kindle
  2. Bunis
  3. Child Finder
  4. Dib Dab Doo
  5. Kidy
  6. Kids Search
  7. Kidoz
  8. Kidrex
  9. Kidz Search
  10. Zoodles

Internet Search Engines 2019: Conclusion


We use 1 or more Internet Search Engines (or Search Engines) on a daily basis without really understanding how they work, without worrying about whether they are safe and reliable, or effective and efficient for the purpose we use them. We simply use them because they store an almost unlimited amount of information extracted from websites, through their special programs called spiders or robots, whose main function is to track the websites that are related to the content we are looking for.

Remember that many Internet Search Engines have recommended mechanisms (tricks) to improve the searches we carry out, since they are supported by the content of the websites, which is classified thanks to the keywords included in the title, throughout the text and stored images. Therefore, it is important to know them so that the search engine shows us a better and more precise list of the pages that most closely match our search.

If you have more questions about this topic, I recommend that you read the work paper related to it found in this link.

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