Today begins the Black Week

This afternoon at 20:30 (GMT +2) we will start with the Black Week. The Black Week is an experiment that consists of use the terminal for one week only and exclusively. To do the experiment together, we will meet on the #semananegra channel of freenode.

A bot called blackphenny has also been made available to the experiment that will help us and allow us to help others. You can ask him for help with .help on the IRC channel.

To connect from the terminal to the channel, you can use irssi:

apt-get install irssi
/connect -ssl
/join #semananegra

Black week

As well some scripts have been made that allow us to send telegrams. Change your nick in telegram, otherwise you will be looser 🙂

cd telegrama
bash telegrama "hola soy nuevo"
bash telegramas #mostarará los últimos telegramas

Black Week telegrams

Finally, you can place your index finger on the terminal and take the following oath:

I place my heart next to yours, to make ours a wider and safer one. I make a commitment to you, terminal. I will be yours for a week. When I feel weak, I will be strong and I will not start the X, when the ascii of the videos overwhelms me, I will be strong and I will see the entire saga of starwars in ascii, I will be firm when the eyes do not hold, I will be your shadow when I do not know any command I'll be a smile, I'll be a cry

Until the graphical interface separates us.

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  1.   r @ y said

    It's really going to be a black week for those who only use the terminal, there is no mess with the admins but I don't see myself programming in nano or vim. On the other hand, the idea is very good, many can learn a lot in that week

    1.    Juanra20 said

      Learn vim and elbow in it ... and you will see that later you will not want to drop it haha

  2.   Adolfo Rojas G said

    You can also help us by faceook, I installed FBCMD to enter fb from the terminal (in a relatively comfortable way)
    ((The only thing missing to join would be to be able to open a .odt text sheet with an editor in terminal.
    I have tried with nano, vim, emacs without success 🙁))

    1.    Adolfo Rojas G said

      Fuck it, I join your experiment until Friday (5 days), I do not complete the week for academic subjects 🙁
      Let's see how much we can learn.

  3.   mmm said

    Ha, very good week!
    By the way, this brings up a topic that I would like to develop! either in several posts or in just one :-) ..

    It is the subject of scripts and programming in bash ……. I truly believe that it can be very useful for many (me in the first place hehe) !! It can be to start with bash, or go directly to see some scripts ………… ..

    Greetings, and I hope you can make a place for this request.
    Thanks in advance!!!!!!

    1.    rawBasic said

      You can find a lot of information and ready-made posts .. ..see the search:

      On the other hand ... also in the forum we have fun with similar things to learn, for example:

      1.    mmm said

        Thanks a lot!!! I'm watching!

      2.    mmm said

        esaaaaaaaaa are a lot! barbarian thanks!

  4.   Francisco Rangel said

    jajajajajjaja Nice oath, the problem is that I "still" have no co ons to spend a week in terminal coming from windows that I come.

  5.   Juanra20 said

    I'm tempted to be using a pure terminal this week, I don't know how to use it much but I can learn

  6.   Ernesto Moreno said

    During the day I will not be able to use the terminal for work reasons, however from home I will make the effort and thus be able to learn the use of the terminal. Excellent initiative!

  7.   Crow said

    The idea is not to start the graphical environment directly or to start normally but only to use the console?

  8.   abaddon said

    I agree that the almighty terminal is part of the Linux heart (apart from the fact that Linux users feel superior for using it, as if that gives them some kind of superpower or something ...) but if Linux wants to grow to windows or the glorious Mac must forget the terminal and focus on the graphical environment and touchscreens and motion recognition technology. Otherwise it will remain a geek curiosity as it is today or an excellent server ... although freebsd is much better.

  9.   Sephiroth said

    I think the idea is excellent… the only problem it represents for me is that you cannot use the internet browser for that week… or is it possible to navigate from the console? : S

    1.    Xykyz said

      You can use lynx or w3m, for example. Of course, forget about the images 😛

  10.   Wada said

    Really ... Black week? So for me it will be black years because for a long time I have moved only by terminal hahahaha well not exactly black I think it's more like

    *background: #151515
    *foreground: #E5E5E5

    Well it reads funny I hope it is interesting 😀

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Do you use RatPoison or are you still using Awesome?

  11.   elav said

    Damn, the Black Week will be because of the color of the terminal or because of the difficult situation that some are going to experience? XDDD

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      I can survive without a graphical interface in GNU / Linux, but not in OpenBSD (there I use pure X, and from there, nobody moves me).

  12.   Diego said

    Excellent idea. We were already talking to some hahaha

  13.   eliotime3000 said

    Just with OpenBSD I have to put up with it to navigate Lynx and stuff (and on top of that, it's insufferable when commenting from there).

    Well, don't wait for me that week (Australis already dazzled me on Iceweasel).

  14.   Fernando said

    Not to mention a girlfriend, right? haha