Brackets 1.1 what's new after spending time?

Do you remember brackets? In FromLinux we dedicate several articles to this text editor open source promoted by Adobe and its Community, and that since then has been evolving little by little until reaching version 1.1 with many improvements and features. In this article we will review some of them, but first, let's remember some of the options that make brackets something different.

Online editing with Brackets

Braces CSS Editor

One of the most interesting features of Brackets is what I call "Online Editing", which consists of editing the CSS properties of an existing HTML tag, or creating a new one, from the file itself. .html without having to open the stylesheet file. We just have to put the cursor on the corresponding label and press Ctrl + E.

View elements, colors, and images in Brackets


Brackets allows us to visualize the images that we link in our html code or the color of a property in the .css file as seen in the previous image. In addition, you have the option to see the changes that we are saving in our html file in Google Chrome automatically, without reloading the page.

These were some of the coolest features of Brackets back then, but new ones are coming now.

Split view in Brackets


Now we can work more comfortably with two files at the same time dividing the editor view both vertically and horizontally. It includes support for Themes by default and allows us to select the font we use and its size.

Extensions, many extensions in Brackets

If there is something in which Brackets has improved a lot (thanks to the Community) it is in the list of available extensions, many of them with excellent quality.


I use some very interesting ones such as:

  • Beautify: To beautify the JS, CSS and HTML code
  • Bootstrap 3 Skeleton: To create a Boostrap-ready html.
  • Braces Compare: A DIFF tool.
  • Task list: To have a list of tasks at hand
  • Git brackets: One of my favorites, it allows me to manage my project and its GIT repository. I leave a screenshot in the following image.
  • Others, many others ..


Brackets and Extract

With version 1.1 of Brackets we have the option to download a variant that includes Extract, which basically incluye una nueva experiencia de instalación inicial y una característica que le permite colaborar con un diseñador (que use .PSD) y que utilice la nube de Adobe. I can't really tell you how it works for obvious reasons, but it seems like a pretty cool option.

Brackets conclusions

In summary, I can say that in the short time it takes for development, Brackets is taking an important place for me among the alternatives that we have at hand. It is not perfect, it still has a long way to go (and I wish it would run as fast as Sublime Text), but thanks to the new features and extensions that are being added, it turns out to be an excellent option for users. front ends.

I may have more things to mention, but the best thing is that you try it and judge yourself. Brackets is available from their website with packages compiled for Debian / Ubuntu, or their sources. If you are an ArchLinux user you can install it directly from AUR.

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  1.   sergio said

    I have been using braces since version 0.27 and I've grown a lot all this time 🙂
    It is a rock !! Titan!

  2.   kik1n said

    I'm just waiting for Debian Testing 😀

  3.   tanrax said

    Wonderful article.
    Is it possible to move with vi / vim shortcuts?

  4.   Raphael Mardechai said

    Currently the editor with which I develop, since I found it is my default alternative xD

  5.   cooper15 said

    It really is an impressive editor, I have been captivated since I tried it for the first time. I recommend it. I hope that in a short time I will remove the hegemony from SublimeText.

    1.    tanrax said

      I hope Sublime Text learns a thing or two. He has very interesting ideas.

      1.    elav said

        They both have to learn ..

  6.   cuervo291286 said

    I've been using it and where you press the «Ctrl + E» keys, nothing appears, it only tells me that the file does not exist that if I want to make one.

  7.   Ariel said

    I have tried to install it in Antergos (yaourt -S brackets), but sadly I can never finish the installation properly. I always get the following error:

    "Running" curl-dir: node-linux64 "(curl-dir) task
    Files «downloads / node-v0.10.24-linux-x64.tar.gz» created.

    Running "node-clean" task

    Running "node-mac" task

    Running "create-project" task
    Building project files

    Donate, without errors.
    CXX (target) out / Release / / libcef_dll_wrapper / libcef_dll / transfer_util.o
    make: g ++: The program was not found instructions failed for target 'out / Release / / libcef_dll_wrapper / libcef_dll / transfer_util.o'
    make: *** [out / Release / / libcef_dll_wrapper / libcef_dll / transfer_util.o] Error 127
    ==> ERROR: There was a crash in build ().
    Canceling ...
    ==> ERROR: Makepkg could not compile brackets.
    ==> Restart bracket compilation? [y / n]
    ==> ——————————————–
    ==> »

    Does anyone know what it can be or how can I fix it to use Brackets?

    1.    tanrax said

      If you see that you can't, install from a deb.

    2.    elav said

      I from AUR always install brackets-bin

      1.    Ariel said

        Brackets-bin worked. Thank you!

    3.    Alejandro said

      make: g ++: The program was not found

  8.   Gonzalo said

    I have tried various editors but in the end I always end up coming back to Kate. Editing the CSS online, previewing images or colors are very practical and definitely save time, but do you think these are enough reasons to go over Kate, which ends up incorporating almost all the useful functions that appear in other editors, to Brackets? I know that I will get the best answer by trying it myself, but the truth is that I am a bit bored of trying this or that program and in the end end up returning to those that have been giving me good results for years.


    1.    elav said

      The only problem that I see with KATE is that it does not have code autocompletion, labels and other 🙁

      1.    firefox-user-88 said

        It seems that autocomplete has:

        1.    elav said

          Well, for HTML and CSS I've never seen it.

      2.    clow_eriol said

        The autocomplete that does not do what elav asks for. It only autocompletes you if there is a word that starts the same throughout the document.

  9.   Martin said

    The first option I click on 'Dynamic Preview' is only available with Google Chrome…. -> Uninstalling….

    Is there a mania with Google Chrome? they forget that this is Linux? Netflix, WhatsApp and now Brackets ...

    1.    elav said

      Yes it is. What happens is that this option is only useful if you work with .html, which is fine for layout, but when you create a WordPress theme, when working with .php files it is no longer useful 😀

    2.    blondfu said

      In this latest version there is multi-browser support for the live view, but by default it is disabled. In the preferences file you put this "livedev.multibrowser": true, I use it with firefox and it works.

      1.    pepper said

        Hello, and how do you add it, because I add that code and every time I open the program I get an error that: the preferences file does not have a valid JSON format.

  10.   heckctor said

    Hello, what is the theme you are using? it's great 🙂