CDCat: Have your CD / DVD / HDD information handy by making a catalog of them

For quite some time I have opted to burn to DVDs what I consider important, for example animes that I liked enough, to make sure that I will continue to burn them to DVDs.
The problem is when you get a large volume of information burned, then finding something on so many DVDs is a problem hahaha.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is simple: Make a database or catalog with the content of each DVD.

In Windows I always used WhereIsIt, mostly because it was the only option I knew, and to be honest it's great ... it has everything you might need and a little more.
Now using GNU / Linux, I have looked for alternatives to achieve this ... and fortunately I have found CDCat (CD Catalog), does what I want ... and also more 😀

I leave you part of what you can do:

  • It indexes (saves) all the content of the DVDs that we indicate, and creates its own small database with this information.
  • Obviously, it allows us to search in a very simple way, with just clicks and putting what we want to search for, it will search for that on all DVDs and give us the result we want.
  • Highly customizable.
  • It lets us enter comments or notes on files and folders, in this way we ourselves classify the information better.
  • We can search for duplicate files.
  • It has a list in which we can specify (save) the CDs / DVDs that we loan, and to whom we loan them.
  • If we do not want to make the catalog from scratch, that is, if we do not want to introduce the DVDs one by one and make CDCat read them, we can import a database previously made by some other software that does this, you can even import WhereIsIt files O_O.
  • Also (and this is great) we can export the catalog, the information of one or more DVDs in text or HTML format. In other words, we can let our friends know what we have on our DVDs, without the need for them to install CDCat, because in a text file we give them the list of everything 😀

Anyway, really very good software ... I leave you some screenshots where several of the qualities that I just mentioned are shown 🙂

This application as many must assume is Qt, but do not be alarmed, if you do not use KDE no problem, you can install CDCat and you will not create chaos on your computer, because only VERY few packages will be installed 😉

To install it search for «cdcat»(Without the quotes) in your repos, this software will be available there.
For example, users of Ubuntu o Debian install it by:

sudo apt-get install cdcat

Those of ArchLinux:

sudo pacman -S cdcat

And nothing more to say hehe, just try it and see how useful it can be 🙂
Any questions or if you need something, tell me ^ _ ^


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  1.   Windóusico said

    I use MyLib with Wine by inertia (I have a legacy database from the old days). I have to check if I can export that information to CDCat and do the migration once and for all, which is about time.

    1.    Windóusico said

      By the way, it seems that I'm not the only one with SACD (Compulsive Accumulation Syndrome Digital) 😉.

  2.   Joseph said

    The CDcat that is usually in the repositories is version 1.2, very old. They have recently resumed their development. I like Basenji more than anything else because it thumbnails the multimedia content, relying on the qualities of Nautilus, although it lacks many options that promise in future versions. Now, with Gnome 3 it no longer works as it should and development progresses very slowly…. I hope they continue to develop it.

    But none like Whereisit, despite its problems with multimedia files and for being paid.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Yeah, I have 1.8 here and 1.9 is already available 🙂
      WhereIsIt has a lot of options, it's really good… but, I only use the basics haha.

  3.   sieg84 said

    I will try this program.

    Out of curiosity you use akonadi | nepomuk | strigi?

  4.   Courage said

    See conjugation burn.

    (From the lat. Cremāre).

    1. tr. Scorch or consume with fire.

    2. tr. Heat up a lot.

    3. tr. Destroy by the action of an electric current or excessive heat voltage.

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    Burn is not just burning, fellow Sandy.

  5.   rtyu said

    Thanks for the info, I'm installing it on Windows, good luck, bye.