Clinic: Software to organize our doctor's agenda

My cousin studies Biology here at the University, and obviously… uses Linux 🙂. The fact is that in recent weeks I have had to look for software related to medicine that exists in our repos, hence I am finding a lot of software that I had never seen before, simply because I was not looking for anything similar.

This time I want to talk about an application that is really simple, but it draws my attention because of how useful it can be to those who are dedicated to consultations, patients, medicines, or those who simply want to be entertained with games of doctors, dentist games, veterinarians or similar, the application in question is: Clinica



As you can see, you have the options right there in the center, easy to find:

  • Add a new patient
  • Patient list
  • List of doctors
  • Search for medicines
  • Open calendar

For example, if we press the button to add a new patient, we can enter the following information:

clinic-add-patients In the same way, if what we want is add a new doctor, the option is found in Archive - »New Doctor.

On the other hand, if we wish add a medicine we find the option in Tools - »Add Medicine. Of course, as clarified in the window that opens, the medicines that we add are only available in our local application, they will not be shared on the network.


…. Share medicines on the network? … what are you talking about? Well, according to the application it automatically loads a list of medications from the internet, if we are going to Tools - »Settings -» Plugins we can appreciate it better:


Also and since we are in the application options, in the tab General we have the following options:


In the Pharmaceutical products We find a list of databases (local and others from the network), we select the ones we want to use as drug lists.

En Network well, it shows us options to share our application over the network and then connect to it from another computer, that is, a client-server application:


As you can see, you have many more options than you first appear, right? 😉… and even so, the basic options, the important ones, are just a click away, at a glance.

Clinic Installation:

Installing it on ArchLinux is simple:

sudo pacman -S clinica

In Debian, Ubuntu or derivatives it would be:

sudo apt-get install clinica clinica-plugins


Personally, I am not a doctor, much less I think I am, however I already helped someone when I showed this application on my laptop, I hope to help some more by sharing it here on the site, I imagine someone on the internet is looking for something like this Linux 😀

Well up to here the post, we read!

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  1.   Javier said

    Is there a web or desktop version for Windows of this application or something similar?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Sorry, I have no idea. Search Google to see what you find.

      1.    Kido sawer said

        Hahahaha, I'm funny because the guy uses windows, and automatically and unconsciously we are hostile because they use windows. HAhahaaaajaj, I love your posts, I kept it up !!!
        5 stars

        1.    sanhuesoft said


        2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          I didn't really try to be hostile at all, just… I just have no idea if there is a similar one for Windows.

          Thanks for what you say about my posts, that's what I'm trying 🙂
          Thanks for reading, greetings

  2.   Citux said

    Well, I like it perfectly, Thanks KZKG ^ Gaara. Although I do not have patients yet, I will have them very soon and it will surely be useful to me.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3.   Jon burrows said

    Pass GNU Health:

    1.    gonzalezmd said

      Interesting …

    2.    vidagnu said

      Excellent GNU Health, I already put it in my favorites, thanks for sharing.


      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


  4.   Bruno cascio said

    I was developing a module in the company where I work, on the OpenERP platform.
    On the way I picked up some very interesting ideas.
    You should see openERP, and its modules 😉

    Use Python and XML for the views, greetings!

  5.   Notes said

    The command to install it in ArchLinux is incorrect since "clinic" is in the AUR repository.
    yaourt -S clinic

  6.   Daniel Olivares said

    Review this Program

    OSIRIS HIS + ERP Hospital System

    Gtk # + Mono + Postgresql + Glade

  7.   gabux said

    Dear, and about the modules or packages that debian med contains, what do you think about them, thank you for your contributions and your time ... slds ...

  8.   you said

    Hello, I am a linuxmint user where I can download it. it doesn't work for me as the tutorial says.

    Thank you.