CoyIM: A chat client focused on security and privacy

CoyIM: A chat client focused on security and privacy

CoyIM: A chat client focused on security and privacy

Recently surfing the Internet, looking for information on the latest version of Tor Browser available, we have come across an interesting and useful application that makes use of the Tor Browser technology or platform in order to allow a more secure, private and anonymous communication. And this app is called «CoyIM».

«CoyIM» can be described as a standalone chat client focused on security and privacy. What is also multi platform, and very easy and simple to install and use.

Tor Browser 11.0.4: Current stable version

And as usual, before diving into today's topic about this chat client called «CoyIM», we will leave for those interested in exploring previous publications related to it, the following links to these, especially our last one related to Tor Browser, since CoyIM uses it to operate more securely, privately and anonymously. In such a way that they can easily explore them, if necessary, after finishing reading this publication:

"A new version of the current 11 series of the Tor Browser has recently been released, that is, "Tor Browser 11.0.4", for this reason, in this publication we will delve into its novelties and how to install it on the current Operating Systems MX- 21 and Debian-11”. Tor Browser 11.0.4: How to install it on MX-21 and Debian-11 successfully?

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CoyIM: Independent, secure and private chat client

CoyIM: Independent, secure and private chat client

What is CoyIM?

According to its developers in its Official website, «CoyIM» It is simply and briefly described as:

"A standalone chat client focused on security and privacy".

However, they add the following to it:

"It is a cross-platform chat client for XMPP, which works as a stand-alone program running on Windows, Linux, and macOS. In addition, it offers excellent security from the moment it starts. And it is carefully designed to only include the necessary and essential features to create a good chat experience, thus mitigating to a minimum, the possibility of system failures and attacks.".


Among its most relevant characteristics we can mention the following:

  1. Includes built-in support for Tor, OTR, and TLS: Tor allows you to make anonymous Internet connections, OTR allows you to encrypt all communications end-to-end, while TLS adds another layer of encryption to increase the security of communication with chat servers.
  2. It is built using the Go programming language.: This implementation language is very secure, and therefore minimizes the risk of bug attacks in your code.
  3. It is distributed under the GPL v3 license.: Which makes it a free software application that anyone can download and use. Also, modify and redistribute. Also, it handles many different libraries to work, and is part of the wide open source ecosystem.

To explore more details of its features, explore the following link.

Download, installation and use

Before downloading, it is recommended download, install and configure Tor Browser to achieve a much more secure, private and anonymous communication.

And for its download, we must go to its official download section at their Official website. Then press the button download for linux, and thus get your executable. to whom we should give execution permissions previously, before being executed as any self-contained executable. Thus, to continue with your exploration, configuration and use, as shown below in the following images:

  • Boot without the Tor Browser web browser running.

CoyIM: Start without Tor Browser

  • Boot with Tor Browser Web Browser running.

CoyIM: Start with Tor Browser

  • Master password configuration

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 1

  • User account creation

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 2

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 3

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 4

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 5

  • Add an existing user account

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 6

  • Import an existing user account

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 7

CoyIM: Configuration - Step 8

At this point, we can configure «CoyIM» through any of our accounts created or available to be able to communicate with total security, privacy and anonymity with our contacts.

  • Exploring your user interface

User Interface - 1

User Interface - 2 User Interface - 3

"The fact that CoyIM is open source means that anyone can verify that the source code does what it is supposed to do, and it also means that you can create your own copy of the program if you need to make sure that no modifications have been made. All this significantly improves the safety of the project.”. CoyIM

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In short, this interesting chat client called «CoyIM» it can be very useful to many, even though it implements many features that exist in other chat clients. Since it offers new functions or features in terms of security, privacy and anonymity. Such as, a end-to-end encryption of all the one-on-one chats with version 3 of OTR, one automatic anonymization of server connections through Tor, and the use of additional layers of encryption and anonymization of the server by using Tor's Onion Services.

We hope that this publication is very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre, Código Abierto y GNU/Linux». And don't forget to comment on it below, and share it with others on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux.

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