Believe in your Linux skills, but never stop improving

The Linux community is huge and is composed of an incomparable human value, full of experience and with a very advanced intellectual degree, specialists from various areas, with knowledge often based on trial and error but which are complemented with a constant study related to the free operating system by excellence.

Users should believe in their Linux skills, but they should never stop improving, since this is what makes the free software and Linux community great, its degree of innovation, technicality, evolution, self-criticism and adaptation to technological advances.

linux skills

Linux revolves around the philosophy of free software so that access to knowledge is totally open and it is expressed in thousands of places on the internet, in books and even on tv, the possibilities to improve your Linux skills are endless and they will always be associated with the magnitude of your knowledge.

It does not matter if you are a beginner who has just entered the fabulous world of Linux or you are an expert administrator of this operating system, there is always something new that we must discover, observe, learn and improve.

We probably want learn everything about Linux in a matter of days or weeksWe are far from such a great feat, Linux is a very complete world that we can look at from different paradigms, knowing the operating system is one thing and delving into all the tools, technologies, functionalities that converge with it is another.

Let's create a map of our acquired knowledge and the one we want to achieve, let's find a way to specialize in areas of the operating system or tools that converge with it, and then complement each one and become very complete users who have advanced knowledge in various sections.

Let's not put aside the free knowledge that lies in thousands of blogs, books, magazines, tutorials, video tutorials, wikie among others, but neither do we skimp on resources when it comes to paying for a course, attending a conference, studying a university degree, applying the services of a consultant or simply donate so that others can document your knowledge.

The ideal way to improve our Linux skills is by documentingLet's be practical, but we create routines that allow us to capture the processes that we have learned, from correcting small errors to learning advanced tools, these are events that deserve to be immortalized for our own consultation or for other interested parties.

Believe in your Linux skills, but never stop improving, be it for your own good or that of others, become a knowledge multiplier and also in a sponge that absorbs all the good stuff, plus a herald of the learning that you generate.

In the blog there are more than 6000 articles published that we hope have been and are a fundamental knowledge base to help you improve your Linux skills. But in the same way, on the internet there are thousands of blogs with excellent documentation that will allow them to become experts in areas that they did not imagine they could master.

If you don't know where to start, I think Beginner's Guide to Linux It is a very well accomplished article that will help you make the leap to excellence, as it describes a detailed path to document ourselves with Linux-related topics.

From then on, the path you follow should be guided by your desire to improve, your conviction for learning and your affection for the operating system.

PS: Linux = GNU / Linux, between tastes and colors ... Let's learn, share and above all, let's never stop improving.

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  1.   José Miguel said

    Sometimes we get "stuck" in comfort, just my experience with Debian. Until one day, I decided to "go ahead" and install ArchLinux. And I say advance in several ways, both in knowledge and performance of the "distro." Now it is my favorite, although Debian is still there, as it has been my distro for about 14 years. Wanting to be able ...


  2.   Menhir1985 said

    What a good speech, I like reading this blog.

    A hug and keep learning, greetings 😀

  3.   Angel said

    For my part I discovered Linux with Ubuntu 8.04 but I have never been able to dedicate myself to learning more than the daily use of it. Now I have decided to study Systems Engineering at university and get the Comptia Linux + certification, so I am meditating on this and several blogs as well as the infallible YouTube learning everything possible to make Linux a career.

  4.   fergonzur88 said

    Good reading, we move on, thank you.

  5.   José Pérez said

    It shows that you wrote it with a lot of passion and feeling I loved it

  6.   Antonio said

    I'm sorry to say that Linux is a good OS but I use it out of obligation, since I would never use it voluntarily because the OS with less existing usability. I know there will be a lot of freaks out with this system that you don't see past their noses. But it must be recognized that for the average person it does not work.

    1.    Angel said

      Well, seriously I would like to know what distribution you are using, what do you think or if in front of YOUR nose you don't really see another one other than the one they are forcing you to use. I have been using it for years as a simple user of the system and the truth is I don't remember something that I couldn't do with a GNU / Linux system.

    2.    George said

      I think you should expand a little more to what you mean, because today there are many situations that support you as well as refute you.
      Far has been the old Linux that you had to break your head to use it, I suspect that you are a Mac user, I have not had the possibility of using it (in Latin America they are exaggeratedly expensive) because in terms of Windows what keeps it the most are the applications from third parties, in my everyday use I can't find anything that really makes it stand out as a system.
      As an anecdotal case to my niece, I installed both Windows (why it is what you know) and Linux (to have an alternative in. C

      1.    George said

        In case the other fails and I am not available to review the problem.
        For about 2 years there was no drama, and an update arrived that threw an error when starting, until he went to visit me it will have been about two weeks and in that time it was handled with Linux mint, I had no problem but I needed certain programs that ran in Windows because in terms of usability I think I would tell you that it refers to the selected environment.
        There are also cases and cases, it would be good to know what happened to you to reach that conclusion.

    3.    fer said

      In the first place, linux is not an operating system, it is only the kernel, each of the GNU linux distributions are operating systems, and there are very simple distributions to use, if your computer is not a digital prison there are easier distributions than Windows, examples :
      Manjaro: install packages you can use graphic managers such as octopi that with a few clicks enter the password and little else install the program.
      Ubuntu, debian and derivatives: With synaptic very easy to install programs.
      Opensuse: With yast software also easy and fast in minutes you can install a lot of things.
      Of course, if in your work they force you to be an advanced user of gentoo or they give you a badly configured, old or inappropriate distribution for your work, it will be difficult.

  7.   Osvaldo said

    I am a simple Linux user, I started with red hat in 1998 at university, it was easy to be able to download, update, install, configure, etc etc. I greatly appreciate the friend who introduced me to this world. Now it is very simple.

  8.   Palancon said

    Linux on the desktop is a puzzle for hobbyists. As a server it is unmatched, but on the desktop it is a tower of babel. I've ended up thinking that Linux is a great operating system with toy desktops and windows is a toy operating system with a mediocre but stable desktop. If Linux had a decent desktop and a unified installation system, it would abandon that 2% market on the desktop that it has maintained for decades.

  9.   HO2Gi said

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