Cryptogames: Useful games from the DeFi world to know, play and win

Cryptogames: Useful games from the DeFi world to know, play and win

Cryptogames: Useful games from the DeFi world to know, play and win

Today, we will announce an interesting list of "Cryptogames" or games of the field Challenge (Decentralized Finance), that as we already know, is a technological trend open source that is happening around the recent blockchain technology on the financial world.

Each "Cryptogames" are currently a fad or IT trend in the field of online videogames, which is giving a lot to talk about, since they grant monetary rewards. At virtual currencies and legal cryptocurrencies, which can then be changed by legal tender fiat money Of each country. And every day, new useful and interesting games appear to invest, play and keep making money.

Axie Infinity: An interesting online game from the DeFi World based on NFT

Axie Infinity: An interesting online game from the DeFi World based on NFT

In addition, this publication seeks to complement our previous related post with the "Cryptogames", which was about one called "Axie Infinity", which we briefly describe as follows:

"Axie Infinity is an Online Game of the DeFi Open Ecosystem, where there are Axies, who are ferocious creatures who love to fight, build, and search for treasure. Additionally, in Axie Infinity players can create a collection of Axies and use them in an ever-expanding universe of games. Finally, it is noteworthy that Axie Infinity uses a cutting-edge technology called Blockchain to reward players for their participation." Axie Infinity: An interesting online game from the DeFi World based on NFT

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Axie Infinity: An interesting online game from the DeFi World based on NFT

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Cryptogames: From Free to Win to Free to Earn

Cryptogames: From Play to Win to Play to Earn

What are Cryptogames?

Each "Cryptogames" are a new global trend in the field of video games, which is closely linked to the use of the already known cryptocurrencies. Trend, the beginning of which can be traced to the emergence of the platform called CryptoKitties around the year 2017 . Which basically consisted of a collectible card game with uniquely designed kittens. And which had to be bought and exchanged using the Ethereum digital currency.

In addition, as in any platform based on Blockchain, the players or users of the "Cryptogames" must make use of Wallets or accounts to buy and sell the necessary cryptocurrencies, to then be able to acquire / transfer the players / characters of the game needed to participate.

And in most cases, these players / characters of the game are nothing more than a NFT, in other words, a unique and valid digital file within the platform on which it was created. Also, depending on the "Cryptogame" the values ​​of each of them can go from a few dollars up to Thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it can be said with total clarity that, "Cryptogames" have completely changed the philosophy of Play to win battles (Play to Win) a Play to Earn money.

"Crypto games and NFT games are two different segments, the former is more focused on spending cryptocurrencies to win and transact with other players, while NFT games are focused on using native currencies to generate and collect unique NFTs that can be used in the game. suit for special actions or also to be kept and sold later." What are NFTs in games? The crypto game market on Blockchain

Top Cryptogames for 2021

There are many "Cryptogames" Currently and as we said before, new ones are emerging with great speed. However, among the most interesting, known, profitable or used, the following can be mentioned, in alphabetical order:

For Computers

  1. Alien Worlds - «»
  2. Axie Infinity - «»
  3. Battle pets - «»
  4. CryptoBlades - «»
  5. CryptoKitties - «»
  6. Dark forest - «»
  7. dragonary - «»
  8. faraland - «»
  9. Gods Unchained - «»
  10. Illuvium - «»
  11. Lightnite - «»
  12. LiteBringer - «»
  13. mir4 - «»
  14. Mist - «»
  15. Mobox - «»
  16. My Crypto Heroes - «»
  17. My DeFi Pet - «»
  18. My neighbor alice - «»
  19. Neon District - «»
  20. Plants vs Undead - «»
  21. RollerCoin - «»
  22. SkyWeaver - «»
  23. Snook - «»
  24. The Sandbox - «»
  25. Zoo - Crypto World - «»

For mobile

  1. Alien run - «»
  2. Bitcoin Bounce - «»
  3. Cryptopop - «»
  4. Upland - «»


  1. Big Time - «»
  2. Ember sword - «»
  3. Guild of guardians - «»
  4. Hashrush - «»
  5. Infinite Fleet - «»

More information

To get more information About these mentioned games and others more, you can click on the following link. And if anyone knows any other fun and profitable "Cryptogame", Leave us just your name in the comments so that others know and can investigate. Above all, those that work on GNU / Linux and have support for him Spanish Language.

Summary: Various publications

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In short, "Cryptogames" are an excellent opportunity for many, to monetize time spent for free playing video games. And especially for those people, in low-income countries or countries with quite convulsive or deteriorated economies.

We hope that this publication will be very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the improvement, growth and diffusion of the ecosystem of applications available for «GNU/Linux». And do not stop sharing it with others, on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux.

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