Does Debian return to Gnome as the default Desktop Environment?

Gnome3 + Debian

Apparently a commit made by Christian perrier confirms that Debian will use again Gnome Be Desktop Environment By default, although as much as I have searched I have not seen any official note that ratifies this decision.

On the one hand I would understand if Debian was a distribution of those that are dedicated to giving users an experience similar to the one provided Linux Mint o Ubuntu, But is not the case.

Let us remember that the developers of Gnome recommend using Xfce as an alternative for version 3.8, mostly when deleting the fallback session. Taking into account the number of architectures that Debian supports and that could conflict with LLVMpipe, I don't understand this new change.

Although in very real life, if we consider the development cycle of Debian, I think the next stable will come at most (which I doubt) with gnome 3.6, so there will be time to worry about those things later. If you ask me, I would say Debian could use Cinnamon before Gnome Shell Be Desktop Environment and the reasons are more than obvious.

There is another detail that I do not understand.What will they do to Gnome will fit on the Installation CD debian wheezy?

But putting that aside, the news does not displease me at all, since I think that having Xfce 4.8 default in Wheezy it would not be entirely beneficial, even less knowing that to improve the user experience, it would be more convenient to use Xfce 4.10.

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  1.   Mark said

    No, debian wheezy is already released, so they will not accept version changes except in very rare cases. Debian wheezy will have gnome 3.4.x when it becomes stable ...
    However, I agree that a distro that supports so many architectures has as its main desktop one that requires hardware video acceleration is a mistake ...
    You haven't been able to install debian gnome stable from cd without network for some time, I don't think it will change for now. With respect to xfce 4.10, it is nonsense that they have stopped it from entering wheezy.

    1.    Anonymous said

      Note that when using 3.4 there are a couple of benefits: That Nautilus still does not lose several functions and Gnome Fallback is preserved for a long time for those who do not have graphic acceleration.

      1.    Mark said

        I agree that the correct version to keep is the ultra-tested 3.4.

  2.   Rolo said

    it doesn't pick up gnome because it never quit….

    you were based on rumors and published a news as true without checking it.

    since the false news came out, debian released 3 wheezy betas where both the netinstall installer and the cd brought gnome as the default desktop.

    In addition, Stefano Zacchiroli himself (current leader of the debian project) from his identical account denied the rumor.

    It's crazy because these people are accessible, knowing a little basic English they could send you a Tweet or an email and these guys have no problem answering. but not because it is easier to repeat as parrots the rumors that others already repeat as parrots

    1.    elav said

      Nobody here relied on Rolo rumors. In all the articles that you can find in this blog related to the subject, it was said where "the rumor" as you call it came from. If you want, you can read it yourself rumor1 | rumour2

      1.    Rolo said

        The mistake that you and many other bloggers have made is to take a comment or thought as a reality and not check it

        You give me as a reference two sources from Joey Hess who is a Debian Developer

        One made on July 8, 2012
        And the other from Jul 28, 2012;a=commit;h=2a962cc65cdba010177f27e8824ba10d9a799a08

        but if they had investigated (check the news) a little they would have discovered that:
        debian took out:
        03-Aug-2012 the beta 1 of wheezy with cd1 gnome as in the netinstall
        09-Sep-2012 the beta 2 of wheezy with cd1 gnome as in the netinstall
        19-Oct-2012 the beta 3 of wheezy with cd1 gnome as in the netinstall

        these betas are after Joey Hess comments and clearly deny that xfce is the debian cd1, that is, at no time was xfce the debian desktop default cd1

        but as if that were not enough, Stefano Zacchiroli himself denied the issue from his identica account on August 30, 2012, referring to a critical gnome article in which it is mentioned that xfce would be the default desktop in debian
        «Http:// can people stop saying we changed default desktop environment? Grab a #Wheezy image and see by yourself #kthxbye »

        that's what I mean by checking a news item

        1.    elav said

          Let's see, Joey Hess is in charge of the Debian Installation CD (I don't know what you call the actual position you have)Therefore, I do not consider any comment that he can make to be a rumor, also after seeing the Debian GIT Commit itself, why would I think it is a fake and have to go out and investigate it? This is a blog created by a couple of computer nuts, not journalists 🙂

          1.    Pavloco said

            I agree with Elav. It is certainly not a rumor, it is news from a reliable source. The news does not need irrefutable evidence, as if this were a trial. They offer us the note and its source, therefore it is not reprehensible. In any case, the culprit of the confusion is Joy Hess, because he, being who he is, must measure his words.

          2.    Rolo said

            Since Joey Hess' comment (to date it is a few months old) There was never an official announcement from Debian about it. Isn't that enough to be suspicious? I mean ... size change and no official announcement sounds weird, right?

            per month Stefano Zacchiroli denies the rumor (I suppose it has a little more importance, institutionally speaking, since Stefano is the face of debian while he lasts in office and Joey Hess is an important Developer), added to the fact that all the betas of wheezy (published after Joey's sayings) they put gnome3 as cd1 (GNOME3 goes on a CD) is this not enough to confirm that it was all a rumor?

            I wonder at what point there was a real confirmation that xfce was the default cd1 already
            the title of the note says "Debian retakes Gnome as the default Desktop Environment?" but actually gnome never stopped being the default desktop in debian

          3.    Rolo said

            Pavloco, I clarify that this already escapes the informality of the blog, but in reality a news story must be checked with at least two different sources, they all resorted to Joey's saying, but nobody looked for another source (other blogs that repeat the news is not other source). And what Joey says is not something 100% clear, it is more like a comment or the expression of a wish, than anything else

            when journalists do not check, that is, they do not have security, they speak in potential xej: xfce would be the default desktop in debian

            also, after a few months had passed there were already many indications to understand that the news was only a rumor or that it was not as reliable as it seemed (obviously that every rumor (according to RAE Voice that runs among the public) has to have something to turn on verisimilitude)


          4.    Diego Campos said

            The past is history, so it really doesn't matter if it was a mistake or not: B


  3.   MANUEL PEREZ said

    I am very happy with XFCE and I think that Debian should make an effort and implement xfce 4.10 which in other distributions is already very stable

    1.    commentator said

      There is only one (1) xfce desktop maintainer on debian, I read on a blog the reasons for not using xfce 4.10
      There is another person who collaborates but I think he is more involved in ubuntu.

  4.   diazepam said

    The Gnome that will come out is 3.4

  5.   Leo said

    I have nothing against Gnome, but I would prefer it to use Xfce.
    The flaw they had is not updating 4.10 in testing on time.
    Too bad 🙁

    Although whenever I can I will use Net Install 😉

  6.   Nonamed said

    at this point I doubt very much that they will change, xfce was already announced and it makes no sense to change

    I doubt the veracity of the news

    Let's not forget that in Debian they take everything very calmly, it is unthinkable

  7.   Mark said

    xfce does not correctly support updates from 4.6 to 4.10, for this and other reasons xfce 4.10 did not pass to wheezy. It was not a matter of timing.

    1.    elav said

      That's why .. Now what I always ask myself is: Is it impossible to create a migration mechanism? I remember the same thing happened with KDE, an Environment that has many more packages than Xfce and therefore it is more complex and they solved it.

      You tell me Gnome, KDE, they have more than 50 packages and I don't say anything. But Xfce? If you take away the Goodies it does not reach 20 packages .. It is not by judging the effort and work of the developers of Debian, but for me they have no excuses.

      1.    Mark said

        Debian always stood out as a distro that keeps packages without patches that are not intended to fix bugs.
        Even if you haven't tried to judge them, you have. I think they don't consider that in the least bit their responsibility. And I agree with them. Also, if what you want is a package of the latest version of something, without a doubt you are mistaking the distro.

        1.    elav said

          Marcos, I know exactly how it works DebianWell, I've been using this distro for many years. When I mean that I do not want to judge it is for the simple fact that I am not the one to manage the time of the developers, but of course I judge the excuse that they do not include Xfce 4.10 for a migration / update problem, well I repeat, when that happened with KDE which is much bigger, they did.

          When i wanted to use Xfce 4.10 en Debian, I used it. I installed it by hand and it is precisely for this reason that I judge even more, because I used Xfce 4.10 on the settings of version 4.8 and I had no problem.

          The point is that I think there may be some script or application that can perform the migration of Xfce 4.6 a Xfce 4.10, somehow making the configurations of the old libraries compatible with the new ones. But I am not an expert, nor a developer. If I am wrong, then I rectify and period.

          1.    Mark said

            Don't be angry elav, it was never my intention to criticize you.
            The case of KDE is different. Why? Because when squeeze came out as stable, kde 3.5.x had no official support. How will you know (I do not doubt you know how debian works, but I am marking what I rely on for the comment) debian does not tend to package software that is not maintained. In other words, they fixed the shit that KDE had made, or they broke the users' installation of KDE 3.5 or they stopped packaging KDE. They didn't have many options ...

            1.    elav said

              Oops. Do I look angry? Sorry, it was not my intention .. I am not going to get angry with any user who defends their criteria and their opinion is wrong or not. 😉

          2.    commentator said

            There is only one (1) maintainer.

    2.    doc said

      I agree with the idea mentioned: since I discovered the Cinnamon environment (and its Nemo, vs the old Nautilus), and how easy it was to install it on my Wheezy, stop Xfce and gnome-shell: that should be the way .

  8.   ferchmetal said

    I ask myself, when is the official date or at least something less than the original date of the wheezy launch, I like it a lot but I can't stand living with outdated software. thanks.

    1.    doc said

      if what you ask is when will Wheezy be transferred to 'stable branch', the answer given by Debian is always the same: 'when it's time to do it'.
      But if, as you say, you can't stand living with outdated software, your thing is not to use Debian Stable, but rather the Debian testing branch (which is where Wheezy is now) or, if you are heavily attacked by 'versionitis', the Sid branch ( unstable). And you can do this from 'right now'. Naturally, the risks that you can take is up to you (man, Testing, normally, is quite 'stable', it is reasonably up to date and does not usually hang. And less at this time, which is already 'frozen', to move on to stable in a few months)

      1.    Mark said

        ferchometal, debian wheezy will be stable when ready. This refers to the fact that only when they have the important bugs resolved (which I understand they still have many to resolve) will they be able to consider it stable enough to put it in the stable branch. Regarding outdated software, I recommend that you try eveline solusos (at any moment version 1.3 comes out with new installer and artwork) ... based on debian squeeze, the developer (Ikey Doherty, ex Linux Mint) updated many important packages (ex. rhythmbox, firefox, thunderbird, nvidia drivers, flash, the kernel, vlc, devede, etc). Besides, he's killing himself to give gnome 2 new life ...

  9.   Karlos said

    I personally did not believe in Gnome 3, but one that I tried it I liked that if when I saw that it was no longer going to bring it in stable version 7 I installed openbox and I really liked that the truth is that I did not change it for another

  10.   ridri said
      1.    Windousian said

        The original source (in case you want to know more about this Erich):

  11.   Pavloco said

    Bad there for debian, they have always given me the feeling that they live it giving pleasure to Gnome and FSF. The reality is that Gnome 3 has become the worst option among desktops, but it seems that nobody wants to realize it.

    1.    Mark said

      I don't think anyone notices. Quite the opposite. You have many projects that grow as an alternative to gnome. For example you have my favorite DE solusos (it still has no official name, basically it is the adaptation of several tools and gnome panel of gnome 3.0-3.6 so that it looks and behaves like the gnome panel of 2.32, it will see the light when it comes out solusos 2.0, it is believed that before the middle of the year), unity, cinnamon, mate, to mention the most important ones. The issue, I think, is that the community can't find THE ultimate replacement, so most users keep jumping from one desktop to another or using one that they are not too comfortable with.

    2.    husband said

      It is known that debian (even its leader) has a lot of relationship with the FSF and its projects (like Gnome, Hurd). Even before it came out, debian 6 (non-free parts of the kernel were removed) and now in debian 7 there are "tips" to remove or make access to the non-free repository more difficult to enter the FSF list ( and non-free firmwares ( I don't know where that would have been.

  12.   oscar said

    I would like the Debian guys to switch to XFCE, since this would give a great boost to this desktop environment, I use Xubuntu and I'm happy I have everything (speed, classic gnome style environment, stability, and beauty), what else do I know? you may ask, remember that Debian is a mother Distro, so the other distros based on it could take more into account XFCE for their future versions.

    1.    Gibran said

      I do not think XFCE has the required maturity, the reality is that it is an environment with many deficiencies, even today it has not managed to reach Gnome 2.3 and that is a lot to say, we are already in version 3.6.2 and counting.

      KDE can be an option if your default style doesn't look like it's fresh out of a cereal box. added to that KDE is too crowded. The maxim of minimal is less is more and KDE has yet to learn its lesson. I am not saying that it is a bad environment but that in its desire to be a great desktop, it leaves the usability aside. Simple aspects such as color markings, direct links, and better visualization are more than necessary to organize documents. No dolphin that has so much button was put in front of it.

      KDE is exaggerated and XFCE is poor.

      If the problem is the graphic acceleration, then simply update it, it seems absurd that a computer of the year of the soup is a limitation, although it is true that GNU / Linux is powerful, I do not see the need to run it with a Celeron at 700 mhz, which I have already turned 20 years old. Upgrade to a minimum core 2 duo. Even PUPPY and SLAX are beginning to ask for higher requirements. 30 YEAR LIFETIME COMPUTERS CANNOT BE SUPPORTED UPDATE.

      Finally, Gnome-shell is deficient, you should work on them immediately, but it's good that Debian supports those projects that have been the cornerstone for a long time. Today they talk about Cinamong, Unity, etc ... they run under Gnome so Gnome is still the option.

      I have a Thinkpad T410 and Ubuntu Gnome Remix is ​​doing great for me. I am no longer that youngster who could play it all night every time I installed ARCH or FREEBSD. not today I prefer something that is stable and current and to be able to teach Linux to my students I am a professor at UNAM

      1.    elav said

        That depends on the user looking at it. Sincerely Xfce 4.10 has nothing to envy Gnome2, and the only thing it lacks compared to Gnome 3 It is Gtk3 .. Sure, there are also many tools and options that are in Gnome that Xfce does not have, but I repeat, that depends on the user who looks at it.

        About KDE, I can only say that it is a chameleon, it adapts to work as if it were Gnome, Unity, Cinnamon, Xfce... and I think none of them can be adapted to work as KDE.

  13.   José Miguel said

    What you have to take up is seriousness. Debian should not allow itself such lapses.

    It is a shame…

    And a Debian user says it. 🙁


  14.   Diego Campos said

    I wish Debian had KDE as the default desktop…: l


    1.    Mark said

      Hopefully. Tried KDE on Wheezy this week and suffered a couple of crashes.

  15.   willians said

    Go flame!

    Check this;a=summary and see the last commitdiff so that the anti-gnome or xfce-fans do not suffer anymore, since xfce is the environment by default (again).

    Btw, this detail I tweeted since yesterday (What a way of mine to get followers)

    1.    elav said

      There you have given them !! 😛

  16.   husband said

    I have been following the weekly builds and betas, and I have never seen xfce being prioritized, it continues as always, at the end of the image list along with lxde and another kde cd. It's not going to change back to gnome as it has never changed these months. Anyway, debian always tried to follow consensus, not one-man decision like in other distro, and it seems that the image maintainers never found out what Joey Hess "thought". What is true is that Gnome 3 does not fit into a cd, the first cd if you don't have internet doesn't install any graphic environment, I don't know how they will fix this

    1.    Rolo said

      Marito sure you had a problem or you encountered a bug and that is why you did not have a graphical environment, notice that in the list of packages of cd1estam the xorg, gdm3 and gnome

      1.    husband said

        rolo, I had tried the weekly ones, that when I do the installation without internet (so as not to install full gnome) when taskel appears it does not appear "debian desktop environment" it may have already been fixed with the 3 beta I will try it greetings

  17.   Rolo said

    seeing that the subject arouses quite a lot of interest, someone from linux or another blog, who knows English, could send an email to Joey Hess and why not Stefano Zacchiroli asking them about the issue of xfce as the default desktop.

    I think these people would have no problem answering or at least clarifying things


    1.    elav said

      Good idea .. 😉

      1.    willians said

        Be careful with that Ernesto ... Think that you are not the only ones who are questioning these issues, so I recommend before starting to write that you look to see if the Debian high command has not already ruled on the matter.

  18.   commentator said

    Something new that there is, is that it has separated in environment xfce of lxde of installation cd.