Debian Testing plus KDE 4.10.5

A few moments ago I noticed the update of KDE 4.10.5 en Debian Testing, leaving version 4.8 behind with excellent improvements such as personal information management Contact, the file manager Dolphin, and others.

If you want to download the source code or the packages to install go to information page 4.10.5. Or if you want to learn more about KDE workspaces, applications and development platform versions 4.10, see the 4.10 release notes.


KDE software, including all libraries and applications, are freely available under open source licenses.

The KDE software can be obtained in source code and various binary formats from or from any of the main GNU / Linux distributions and current UNIX systems.

To install KDE on Debian Testing:

Command Package name Description.
sudo apt-get install kde-full kde-full Version Assessment of workspace, the applications and the framework.
sudo apt-get install kde-standard kde-standard Debian selected material common of workspace, the applications and the framework.
sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop kde-plasma-desktop This is the desk Minimalist plasma.
(Has to be installed All applications end user later). Packages above depend on this.
sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-netbook kde-plasma-netbook It is a desk NETBOOK plasma Minimalist
(Has to be installed All applications end user later). Packages above depend on this.

Otherwise, if they already had KDE, just update.

# apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade # apt-get dist-upgrade ## This command is not recommended.


Taskel is a tool for Debian that helps us who install from the network, we can install standard applications, in this case KDE.

1) We install Taskel

# apt-get install aptitude tasksel # aptitude --without-recommends install ~ t ^ standard $ ~ t ^ desktop $ ~ t ^ kde-desktop $


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  1.   elav said

    I'm happy for Debian users, thank goodness they didn't have to wait that long to enjoy KDE 4.10.5 .. OhMyGosh !!! But if I am a Debian user .. well, it was! 🙂

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      And I am still a Debian user, although at the moment I am reformatting for the umpteenth time the PC's that are in the Institute in which I study (the custom, the custom everywhere).

    2.    Fen said

      Another day you will come back hehe

  2.   diazepan said

    I have already updated (bah, had it from sid).

  3.   cat said

    A small thing: if you are already logged in as superuser the sudo is over.

    1.    elav said

      It is true. Now I edit the post.

  4.   ubuntu sukea said

    this kde is good I don't use debian but lately this environment works very well at least in speed

    I recommend the update to debian users

  5.   dhunter said

    A Jessie repo, my kingdom for a Jessie repo !!

    1.    elav said

      Hahaha .. I imagine .. Boy come over to Arch !!

      1.    dhunter said

        Downloading the Arch repo from the Jovenclub site is a wheelbarrow, also at work I have Fedora updated daily… so lazy… XD

        1.    elav said

          No partner. The best thing is to go to the Palace for a moment and copy it 😉

          1.    dhunter said

            If I pass through Havana early I go to that palace and I am not going to leave repo alive. 😉

          2.    Ozkar said

            Nothing Ernesto, if you can get dhunter and me to stay, we'll take a little tour of Havana… 😀

          3.    eliotime3000 said

            It is not to be indiscreet, but what is the speed of the average bandwidth in Cuba? Since in Peru, the average bandwidth speed is 4 mpbs.

          4.    eliotime3000 said

            PS: I can no longer access GUTL from Lima. [; _;]

          5.    Ozkar said

            @ eliotime3000: Here the speeds oscillate, so I am not the best one to answer you.
            Ah, about GUTL, it is in maintenance because several vhosts suffered attacks.

          6.    eliotime3000 said

            @Ozkar I see. I hope they fix that problem soon so that I can access GUTL and see the latest they publish (especially the reviews of the console tools they have).

          7.    dhunter said

            @ elio3000 depends on the place, there are companies with better connections than others, but the problem is having the national repo, a national cnx is not that difficult, even the young clubs have it, but downloading 40GB from the internet are big words, only the admins of networks play at that level, so here we almost always use the repo distro that we get and not the fashionable distro. Although Fedora is very good, I think I will stick with Debian for a bit.

          8.    eliotime3000 said


            In Peru, the speed of bandwidth at the country level is heterogeneous, since the highest speed of bandwidth that exists is in the capital (Lima), and in the rest of the departments there is a speed of bandwidth insufferable thanks to the mistreatment we received from Telefónica del Perú (Movistar) and América Móvil Perú (Claro), entities in charge of the distribution of this service and the quality of service is at the same level as the service they have in Cuba.

            What surprises me about you is that you make an effort to make Linux available to all those who do not have as much accessibility for those who have a fairly limited bandwidth, which I don't see around here in Peru.

        2.    Ozkar said

          What amazes me about you guys is that you go out of your way to make Linux available to everyone who doesn't have as much accessibility for those who have quite limited bandwidth

          The more miseries are better carried ...

          1.    dhunter said

            Ozkar man, said like this it sounds like we are with a mxbasic running linux 1.0 and I eat peanuts, loosen up, hehehe.

  6.   cost said

    One question, I have an asus arch netbook with kde 4.11, and now a Dell 755 pc with ATI and Debian installed and now updated to kde 4.10.5, and on the two machines that are nothing alike, when the screensaver is activated, it no longer recovers session X, so far on debian with kde 4.8.4 it had no problem.
    Can someone suggest me something?
    Thank you very much,

    1.    dwarf said

      Buddy, those kinds of questions are better for him Forum FromLinuxHere it is not so easy to help you.

  7.   creeping_death said

    Yesterday when doing my traditional upgrade I installed KDE 4.10.5 I noticed it a little faster, although it gave me some small inconveniences when restarting it (the first 2 times) in the button to shut down xd. When I get home I will continue playing xD. I want to try the animated wallpapers.

    1.    kik1n said

      In this case, delete or rename the .kde or .kde4 folder found on your home page.

      1.    pandev92 said

        If you do that you will lose all settings!

        1.    kik1n said

          But this is usually done so that you don't have problems when upgrading drastic versions of kde.

          You can still get them back, so I recommend renaming the file to kde.old or kde4.old.

  8.   Saeron said

    Well, I just switched to kde with my arch, and I use kde 4.11 I understand that debian is always a little behind, but in debian testing too. In any case, kde 4.11 is luxurious and has not yet given me any small problems.

  9.   DanielC said

    hahahaha with the Gnome logo in the menu launcher !! xD

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      KDE can do everything, even gnomize it.

    2.    dhunter said

      I changed Gnome3 to KDE to the people in my office and they have put it in the same way as Gnome, I thought they had reinstalled ... KDE is a chameleon.

      1.    Ozkar said

        Hmm, putting a gnome3 or gnome-fallback look on KDE is like putting a tutu and slippers on Batman ...

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Ask @elav who tuned his KDE to the Elemantary OS desktop:

 … 6jsbfz.png

 … 6jsb80.png

          And this variant is the most similar to GNOME 3 Shell:

 … 6js8vu.png

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            Here is the page on which @elav posted his screenshots >>

          2.    Ozkar said

            @ eliotime3000: Just yesterday I was watching that, and nothing, I did it at home at night. But there is no way, I still like KDE as it is, generally I try to make it plasma-themes as flat as possible and with little play of colors. The eOS appearance there is no way I like it. Although in all fairness, my KDE resembles XFCE ...

    3.    kik1n said

      Hahahaha yes, that's how the desktop theme goes. I already changed it to a more appropriate one. OpenSUSE.

  10.   Lithium said

    go to sid there is all the good stuff and you can play arto an distro like arch there are problems = with retained packages and things so it is = that having a debian sid is stable new and without problems some packages retained for max 3 days and then updates well go debian sid and play with dependencies on every distro that is with the latest software updates passes =

  11.   patodx said

    How about debian testing in stability ???? ... look, I'm tempting myself ...

    thanks for the info.

    1.    jony127 said

      Well, I was in testing and I started to experience some "small" problems when jessie was released when trying to install the downloaded .deb packages with both apper and gdebi which always told me to select an existing package. Also synaptic gave errors when trying to refresh the list of packages, something happened with some update and now easily updated to the latest and everything working ok in my opensuse 🙂

      1.    kik1n said

        Hahahaha same experience.
        Nothing compares to openSUSE Tumbleweed, evergreen coming soon.

  12.   Lithium said

    the stability is very good in testing it is almost like that of wheezy, testing is more for home pc wheezy is for servers I recommend sid there is the good thing new and you will be entertained since in wheezy it goes so well that you don't know what to do They forget that debian has 3 branches, the sid is the most feared, I do not know why it is the newest and does not bring problems, only normal and solvable dependencies like all the distros that are at the latest

  13.   George said

    I was using it in Jessie with apt-pinning a long time ago, it didn't deserve the title of "unstable" if it's perfect 😛, it's good that it's finally uploaded to testing. What catches my attention is the little interest with gnome shell, the new versions have been locked for months and they do not upload

  14.   eliotime3000 said

    Debian does not retain GNOME for its own sake, but rather prefers that GNOME 3.4 continue to be used until the MATE development team stabilizes the MATE desktop environment.