Dedicated server: the advantages for your business

dedicated servers

Surely you have seen a multitude of news of cases in which companies have been selling their user data to third parties, or where European data protection laws have not been taken into account as they are foreign providers. For this reason, projects such as GAIA-X have emerged, as well as cool cloud services with dedicated servers and security to protect your customers.

These companies will offers everything you need, whether you want simple web hosting services with a Linux dedicated server as if you are much more demanding and need high computing capacities for Big Data, Deep Learning, etc., but without the need to have the costs of a data center in property.

What is a dedicated server?

Un dedicated server, It is a type of physical server that you can exploit fully and exclusively. In other words, it is not a shared or fractional solution using VPS (Virtual Private Server) to distribute physical hardware resources among several clients.

Why choose a dedicated server?

This type of dedication has some and advantages very clear regarding the VPS:

  • If you need high capacities, this type of technology is cheaper compared to a VPS.
  • Lacking virtualization layers, you can exploit hardware resources directly and exclusively, which improves performance.
  • Higher bandwidth for those who need more data traffic, and with a fast TTFB.
  • Robustness and stability by being dedicated.
  • Flexibility and ability to scale resources.

That is, how to have your own data center, but without the costs of acquiring this type of facilities or the management and maintenance problems. Only by hiring a service and starting its exploitation immediately.

What can I do with him?

There are many services and providers of dedicated servers, such as the French company OVHcloud. All these cloud service providers have several offers for their clients, and with very different objectives, thus satisfying all needs. For example:

  • Hasting: it is the simplest service, for freelancers or small companies looking for web hosting, whether for a website for their work, blog, file server, webapps (such as ERP business apps, CRM, etc.), e-commerce stores, etc.

  • storage: These are specific cloud storage services with very high capacities in some cases, and with the possibility of choosing ultra-fast NVMe SSD hard drives. You can use these dedicated storage servers to store databases, backups, distributed hosting, etc.

  • Gaming: If you want to create your own server for videogames or streaming, you can count on this type of dedicated server, with everything you need for these types of utilities that are so common today. For example, to be able to implement a Minecraft server.

  • Infrastructure: very powerful dedicated servers for large companies, universities, and other entities that need large computing capacity, bandwidth, hardware support for virtualization, and high memory capacities.

  • CalculationSome dedicated servers are specially powered to offer high computing capacities. This is important when trying to run software with a high mathematical load, such as scientific simulations and calculations, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.

How to choose a dedicated server?

dedicated server

Choosing a suitable dedicated server It is not too complicated a task, especially with the very specific and simple solutions that providers currently offer. However, if you want more details, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • CPU- You should always think about the computing power you need for your goal. For example, for web hosting, it is not necessary to have extreme capacity, but it is necessary for certain scientific apps.

  • RAM: like the CPU, its speed, latency and capacity, the performance of your dedicated server system will depend.

  • Storage- You will find various solutions, such as HDD or SSD for your dedicated server. It is important to choose the most suitable technology according to your needs, being the NMVe SSD the fastest. Nor should you forget the capacity so that it is sufficient for what you are looking for.

  • Operating SystemGNU / Linux systems are generally used for their robustness, security, and stability, in addition to their free license. However, many VPS or dedicated server services also offer the possibility of having Windows Server if you need to use some specific apps.

  • Bandwidth: you should be concerned about the data transfer limit imposed by this type of services, since if you have high traffic, you may have to hire a solution with unlimited width or higher.

  • GDPR Compliance: It is very important to note that a European provider, such as OVHcloud, could be a good alternative if you want to enforce the European data protection law, which is a guarantee against other non-European cloud services.

In addition to these points, some services offer certain security technologies, automatic backups, etc. All this kind of extras they are always welcome.

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