Display / open a terminal in your file browser (Nautilus or Dolphin)

If you use KDE the safest thing is that you use Dolphin, and I think this post will be interesting for you 😉

And yes ... this is another post related to the terminal (console, bash, shell, whatever you want to call it hehe).

It happens that many times we are browsing our folders, with our KDE file browser:  Dolphin, and for some reason we need to open a terminal exactly in the place (folder) where we are located.

Well, we can do this in a very simple way ... because it brings the option to open a terminal in that same folder where we are, for example in my case it looks like this:

By default it does NOT have the terminal visible, but, if I press [F4] bingo, it shows me 😀

Gnome users can do this too, they just need to install the package first: nautilus-open-terminal

It is worth noting, that when I refer to Gnome I am still talking about Unity, since both Gnome and Unity (like Cinnamon) use Nautilus as file browser 😉

In other words, whether you are a user of Gnome2, Unity o Gnome3, you install the package nautilus-open-terminal, you close the session and go back in and that's it, you will have the terminal available (with [F4] almost certainly) in your file browser.

That or, if you want to, you can kill the Nautilus process (sudo killall nautilus) and then open a folder, it should still work for you 😉

In short, a little tip that we often overlook and can be useful.


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  1.   Sea_chello said

    Interesting! I write it down, although it usually happens the other way around, I'm in terminal and suddenly I want to use the browser to see some photos or others ... lol The solution is easier.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHA the same thing happens to me, I spend more time in the terminal ... I end up using cd as if it were air HAHA

    2.    msx said

      To quickly view photos from the command line you can use for example: $ ristretto {arch} (Xfce), $ eog {arch} (GNOME), $ gwenview {arch} (KDE), etc .; the only problem with using Gwenview to view a simple file is that in general it is a heavy application that will not instantly open like Ristretto, EOG, etc.

      The program I use to view graphic files quickly is Feh [0], which in addition to being hyper light and having a multitude of functions, is generally compiled in all distros with Framebuffer enabled so that even though we are working on the console without having raised the X anyway we can see graphic files - in the same way that we can play movies with mplayer if it is also compiled with FB.

      [0] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Feh

    3.    Luis said

      you can use feh, but only if you have activated the X, also this Caca-Utils but it shows you the images in ascii mode, another one that you can use is the zgv.

  2.   Blazek said

    Great tip, hehe, years using kde and now I realize the F4 in dolphin. XD.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      LOL!! KDE has a lot of things that we hardly know, do you know everything you can do with KRunner (the [Alt] + [F2])? 😀

      1.    ravens said

        Impossible to know all of them, because I can make a new plugin for the KRunner myself and you don't know it anymore. The ones I use are kill application (clearer or watery), = mathematical operation (works as an advanced calculator), num unit in unit (eg: 2 cm in km converts units)

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          HAHA man obviously. I'm afraid you failed to grasp what I meant by this comment you reply ...

  3.   pEP said

    I installed nautilus-open-terminal in Ubuntu 12.04 and Nautilis 3.4.2 and the F4 does not work but if I added the option Open in a terminal in the File menu, as well as if I press the right button of the mouse on a folder the same option appears. Without a doubt, it would be more practical to operate with F4. Any suggestions?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Is that Nautilus You don't have this option that I remember. This option was introduced in the fork Nautilus Elementary.

  4.   rolando said

    very useful, thanks

  5.   gfretes said

    And with Shift + F4 a Konsole session is opened in the current directory (much more useful if we are going to perform several tasks with the console).
    And regarding what Sea_chello asks for, from the console run "dolphin." (that is, dolphin SPACE POINT), and voila 😉

  6.   Miguel said

    Thanks, it seems like a very useful "Key". 😉

  7.   Algabe said

    Very good tip even though I just drag the folder to the terminal and then I use XFCE: p

    1.    proper said

      I didn't know that one!

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        KDE is just great ... is it? ... hehe

    2.    Oberost said

      Thanks, I didn't know

    3.    AurosZx said

      Wow, that trick is good 😛

  8.   Blazek said

    Well, what a surprise, googling a bit I have also discovered the useful kde4 dashboard, using [ctrl] + [F12]. You will not go to bed without knowing something new, 😉

  9.   Diego Campos said

    Whoops! with that tip dolphin and nautilus they look amazing 😀


    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Actually it is as elav said, in Nautilus Elementary is where it can be done, the one that comes by default in Ubuntu and other distros nop ... you have to add the Elementary PPA

  10.   sieg84 said

    So you haven't read the list of shortcuts in kde system settings?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      There are so many that I have not read them HAHAHAHA 😀

  11.   DoLpHiN said

    On Arch Linux (and the Ubuntu one above might work as well) the package is called "nautilus-terminal".
    Thank you very much for the tip

  12.   Michael k3b said


    In Debian Squeeze (with gnome) it doesn't work when pressing F4. Right clicking "Open in terminal", yes.

    Thank you.