Since Linux says goodbye forever

Dear Readers:

With great regret we have to announce that unexpectedly we must remove FromLinux from circulation. There are many causes that lead us to take this measure:

  • We do not have the budget to continue maintaining the hosting and the domain.
  • Our ISP won't drop the connection forever (unless we change jobs).
  • We have received many complaints from users saying that what we publish does not work.
  • To top it off, I just got notified of GoDaddy that they will give us a soup of SOPA for violating copyright.

If we do not eliminate all traces of this blog, or at least the articles that violate some laws, they put a lawsuit on us that, at least for me, will remove the little hair that I have left.

So goodbye. If in a few hours they cannot access FromLinux they will already know the causes.

»It is curious how such a tragic day, where so many children under 2 years of age were killed, is taken in the West of the world as something to joke about» Anyway .. Happy April Fool's Day.

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  1.   ranmaruhibikiya said

    xD, just reading the goDaddy thing took away the credibility of the post. Or what does "Our site is on A2Hosting" means
    Greetings and happy day.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well, it is not so. Hosting is a2hosting, but the domain was bought at GoDaddy 🙁

      1.    ranmaruhibikiya said

        They are not going to "bicotear"?

  2.   Philipless said

    hahaha happy april fools day 😀

  3.   invisible15 said

    What a pity, I have been subscribing for months reading your articles, you will be missing a lot ...

  4.   Courage said

    Our ISP will not remove

    And the missing S?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      There is no missing S. Will we have to explain everything to you? ¬¬

      1.    Courage said

        The phrase well done would look like this

        Our ISP in our will remove the connection forever

        Just being a joke does not mean that you have to use the HOYGAN

        1.    elav <° Linux said


          «Our ISP DO NOT will remove the connection forever .. »

          Is it very difficult to understand that piece of prayer? That's where the joke is. The idea is that it seems that it will disconnect us when in reality it is not like that ... (or so I hope: D)

          1.    taregon said

            is that it had to be a longer piece ... 😮

          2.    Courage said

            I do not understand the phrase because old people have more experience in reading comprehension of the phrases

          3.    Manual of the Source said

            @Courage: You don't understand him because he didn't write it right. That explanation he gave is a mere excuse for not admitting it. xD

    2.    Oscar said

      Co .. Courage even on the day of the innocent saints you keep throwing stones, hahahahaha.

      1.    Courage said

        I am not a joker that we say, among other things many times if I receive I get pissed off, and more with the stride and the fatigue that I have today

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Basically, you like to fuck but don't screw you right? LOL…

          1.    Courage said

            Nor is it like that, I know that nothing happens if I do these things here but I am not doing these things out there to everyone because prevention is better than cure

  5.   Tina Toledo said

    Ah! Just today I decided to stop using Linux forever ... Don't you see my Windows icon? That means I will forever leave Linux (after using it for five years) and MacOSX after being my darling since 1990.

    No way ...

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well, too bad with you too .. I think I'll also take a tour of the old Windows, already between Debian and Arch I'm bored

      1.    pandev92 said

        I say goodbye to all friends, I will be the new CEO of Microsoft, bye linux

  6.   José Miguel said

    Very happy I see the penguin ... Ha Ha Ha

    1.    José Miguel said

      @ pandev92… A message for our very dear friend Bill Gates.
      The last thing left on my "Windows Low Vista" laptop was the OEM license label. It was a pleasure to tear it apart.
      It's true, it's not a joke. LOL

      1.    pandev92 said

        Don't worry, we have decided to create the new .abxdoc, a format so exclusive that no other office suite can read it, except for the new microsoft office 😀

        trolled forever

      2.    Perseus said

        […] The last thing left on my “Windows Low Vista” laptop was the OEM license label. It was a pleasure to tear it apart. […]

        XD XD XD I start laughing XD

  7.   nerjamartin said

    For a moment I have come to doubt if it really was an innocent ... but seeing the last comment of elav I have no doubt ...

    this is an innocent !!! hehehehe

    Phew!!! what a scare you gave me suckers !! xDDD

  8.   nerjamartin said

    Nice try!! but it does not strain !!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha

  9.   ppsalama said

    Well, I was bitten… and my heart skipped a beat «and where am I going now with my newly installed arch + kde?
    Congratulations on the blog.

  10.   antolieztsu said

    ufff ... it had also fallen XD

  11.   Giskard said

    Happy April Fools Day 😀

  12.   auroszx said

    From the beginning I did not bite because I knew what day it was today xD

  13.   pandev92 said

    Today I already fell twice in other jokes, in this one I do not fall xd ..

  14.   Darzee said

    Oh my god!
    I was going to write to them to tell them that they will not try harder for me, that I am going back to sour but since they leave I want to encourage them to return to the dark side that there are thousands of BSODs waiting for them.

    Happy April Fools Day!!!

  15.   Saito said

    And I wanted to ask you to let me be part of your Staff to publish Linux content on this excellent page 🙁
    Perooo good since (T. T)


  16.   ErunamoJAZZ said

    bahh, if it's because of GoDaddy, we are all freaky enough to enter the ip directly (?).

    Happy April Fools Day D: (has fallen like 3 news today <_ <)

  17.   ren said

    For a moment I believed it but I did not realize it until I remembered that today was the day hahahaha

    I'll never read them again, now I'm macboy hahahahaha


  18.   Philipless said

    Hahaha and I who thought that trolling would be little xD

  19.   Eduardo said


    Too bad it's just an April Fools joke.


  20.   Ozzar said

    Oh, I saw it coming ... well, a shame, I go back to MuyWindows, that this Linux thing is not my thing ...

    Goodbye to all the people, and good luck to you in what follows ... 😀

  21.   hairosv said

    Is it true or lies ... don't scare me ...

  22.   Tina Toledo said

    LOL! You just have to see how happy the rock is with the hesitation ...

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHAHA yes, not everything can be serious news right? ... you have to give joy and life to this 😀

  23.   Perseus said

    Be late: S was very busy on the TT forum

    Happy April Fools Day XD

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Yes hahaha I see, check your timeline 😀

  24.   diazepam said

    For a little while when accessing this page, a 500 error occurred. I believed it.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Hahaha pure chance .. We were down for more than 30 minutes ..

      1.    Perseus said

        Inadvertently the joke came out perfectly. XD

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Luckily I was not here when that happened ... but I was in a rage HAHA

  25.   kikilovem said

    What a disgust! From this moment I also abandon free software and go immediately to the «next, next and next». . . . heh heh

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