Today's Desktops: Xfce and KDE Mac Style

Although a certain user of this blog that I am not going to mention does not support anything that has to do with Mac OS X (OS X from now on), we want to share with you our desks today and I am sure that more than one will have a visual heart attack 😀

You know, panel up, Dock down, a bit of icons and similar appearance and we already have our own OS X. Best of all: Completely free and open 😀

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  1.   sebas_vv9127 said

    The First is great !!! XD

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      hehehe thanks, that's mine hehehe 😀
      I changed it already, that is, I inverted the panels… I don't like the panel above (like Gnome), I like it below and the dock above 🙂

  2.   Courage said

    Although a certain user of this blog that I am not going to mention does not support anything that has to do with Mac OS X

    Come on, it's worth it ... Provoking from the front line.

    It doesn't bother me that something has to do with O $ X, what bothers me are the copies.

    1.    pandev92 said

      Ahahaha xD, the effects of the dock would be missing and having a drop-down menu from the dock.

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        I get that with Cairo-Dock ... but as you understand, I was not going to install it for a quick screenshot hehe

    2.    elav <° Linux said


  3.   hypersayan_x said
      1.    Stevendead said

        Where do I get that global menu?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      hahahaha come on, for the record ... I don't like Mac-Style haha.

    2.    hypersayan_x said

      It is one of the very few clear desktops that I use and I liked it, but I had to uninstall it because between bespin and the global menu they ate all the ram and crashed often 🙁

    3.    anubis said

      Supernovato ... If you want I will show you a screenshot of KDE 3 with an appearance similar to that 😛

  4.   Tina Toledo said

    Very nice all three, just a small detail ... the desktop icons in MacOSX they are loaded to the right. 🙂 🙂

    I also like them because they look clean, without so many things ... as I think a desk should look like.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHAHAHA it's weird that I like such a clean desktop (even more weird that mine is like this), if you've seen other screenshots of mine you'll realize how loaded I had them hahahaha.

      1.    Courage said

        Do not remember it because between the vicious reggaetonero backgrounds and all the bullshit you put on them they are a synonym of visual heart attack.

  5.   dwarf said

    Personally, I am not a lover of "Like a Mac", it does not seem so beautiful, I have seen original and precious Linux desktops xD

  6.   Yoyo said

    Very nice, says a user on a par with Mac and Linux 😉

    1.    Daniel said

      that is if it is minimalist. is it on ubuntu?

      1.    Cristhian said

        No, Daniel, it's Tuquito 5 «Pampa»

      2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        Nope, the first screenshot is KDE + ArchLinux, and the other two are XFCE + Debian 🙂
        Welcome 😀

        1.    Cristhian said

          JAJAJAJAJAJAJA There is a confusion here. Please gaara read again 🙂

          1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

            HAHAHAHA indeed, as I read the comments in a different way (through the administration panel) I did not see who I was talking to specifically hahahahaha.

    2.    hypersayan_x said

      Is that AWN? icon theme? it's good 😀

      1.    Cristhian said

        Yes, it is AWN. I don't remember the icon theme 🙁 I owe you. If I had any way to send them to you, I'll send them to you 😀

  7.   anubis_linux said

    very cool .. but it would look better as I have it, hehe, with the Faenza Mac icon theme, and the gtk iMetalLeopard theme, the Dock I have the DockBar X with AWN… ahh I have XFCE

    1.    anubis said

      Hey! An impostor!

  8.   pea said

    How about my LinuxMint 12 with XFCE, Docky and Conky, nothing to envy to O $ X

  9.   Algave said

    Is the wallpaper nice, is it for Fedora? 🙂

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Do you mean the wallpaper of the post, or that of the pea user who commented above?

  10.   David said

    Yes, but you always forget something fundamental in OSx, where are the menus? Right ABOVE, the same thing happens with PearOS the menus, the happy menus have to be at the top if it is to resemble OSX if it is not something halfway, that is missing , and Unity takes it by default, without the menu above it does not seem OSX or a joke, it is also super convenient to have the menus above and not each application its own. Cheers