Alternative Operating Systems for Digital Mining

Operating Systems used for Digital Mining.

Operating Systems used for Digital Mining.

Currently at the level of home and office computers (desktop, mobile or laptop) for common use, The most used Operating Systems (OS) are MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux, in the same order by importance and market share achieved. Therefore, MS Windows and Mac OS, by default occupy the selection of the common and current user when it comes to using home or office computers for Digital Mining tasks using CPUs and GPUs.

And although MS Windows and Mac OS may be sufficient for this, Linux offers a better performance of the equipment arranged for it if it is very well configured. And in this post we will focus on the alternative Operating Systems mainly based on Linux available for Digital Mining.

Digital Mining with Computers (CPU / GPU)

What is Digital Mining

The term or phrase «Digital Cryptocurrency Mining »is generally used to refer to the act of solving a block, validating all the transactions it contains, that is, Digital Mining is the process by which new cryptocurrencies (bitcoins or altcoins) are launched (created) to the market at the rate set by the algorithms and technical specifications specified in their creation.

But in a broad sense it refers to each of the methods or actions by which cryptocurrencies can be created and / or obtained. In our case, we will study the Operating Systems used for Digital Mining on specialized and / or dedicated Computer Equipment (RIG, ASIC and Computers).

What are the best known and most used alternative Operating Systems for Digital Mining?

Among the best known and used are:

EasyMine logo

EasyMine OS:

EasyMine is a complete and independent Software platform for cryptocurrency mining. It is designed to make the entire process of setting up and managing your own mine as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Whether you are a complete cryptocurrency newbie or a seasoned veteran of blockchain technology, you will appreciate the ease of use, control, and convenience that such an Operating System offers.

Among its benefits offered are:

  • Easy to use: It is a simple and convenient OS to easily build and run your own mining machine. No specialized knowledge is required.
  • Ready to use: It is a complete and immediately usable solution that does not require manual configuration. Both hardware and software are automatically configured and optimized.
  • Autonomous: It is an intelligent self-learning system that continuously monitors the equipment and dynamically adjusts its operating parameters.
  • Profitable: Managing the complete operating history, along with energy usage metrics, helps to assess and increase the profitability of the mine.

EOS Blockchain Logo


EOS is the first Operating System that presents a blockchain architecture in its design, allowing vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications., and the construction of applications within it. It provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and application programming on multiple CPU cores and / or clusters.

Among its benefits offered are:

  1. Scalability
  2. Flexibility
  3. Government
  4. Usability

EthOS logo


EthOS is a 64-bit Linux based OS which mines (mine) Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and other GPU mineable coins. The Altcoins generated with it can be automatically traded (exchanged) for Bitcoin.

Among its benefits offered are:

  • Offers free ethOS updates for the life of the product.
  • Supports up to 16 NVIDIA GPUs, 13 AMD RX GPUs, and 8 AMD R7 / R9 GPUs.
  • Supports multiple currencies, such as Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, and many others.
  • Allow configuration via IP Addresses through web browser.
  • Supports all hardforks and softforks.
  • It runs on thousands of platforms with thousands of different components.
  • Allows remote management of the Equipment and certain elements.
  • It is extremely lightweight and runs on the most modest CPU and 2GB RAM.
  • Offers GPU overheating protection.
  • It offers automatic and intelligent configuration of the best layer to mine.
  • It has a Web Panel with detailed statistics of the platform.
  • It comes with Easy KVM and BIOS flashing function, to work without Mouse and flash BIOS.
  • Has a quick start of the Operating System and Mining Software
  • It offers a low disk and CPU usage environment.

HiveOS logo

Hive os:

Hive OS is an Operating System that offers a definitive management platform to use your equipment and thus configure, monitor and manage your mining operation. This platform supports AMD and Nvidia GPUs and Bitmain ASICs (S9, A3, D3, L3 +), all in one place.

Among its benefits offered are:

  • Super fast installation.
  • Centralized management in a single Control Center.
  • Control of hashrates, online statuses, GPU errors, power consumption, among other things.
  • He accesses the Equipment remotely easily and quickly.
  • Centralized notifications on a single page, customizable by groups, and with intelligent monitoring of hashrates.

MinerOS logo


GNU / Linux miners it is GNU / Linux Distro designed (created) by making a Ubuntu 18.04 respin Through the application System back. in such a way that it can be used very well with or without the Internet and for all types of public, especially Video-players (Gamers), although with the main orientation of learning and using Digital Mining. Currently it is no longer in development, but its developer has created another call Miracles, also totally free and freely downloadable, optimized for the Digital mining, but designed (created) by making a MX Linux 19.04 respin Through the application MX Snapshot.

Among its benefits offered are:

  • Installable only on Computers (old or modern) with a 64 Bit processor (CPU).
  • Usable as an Operating System (Distro) for the Home or Office.
  • Downloadable totally free in its Release Candidate Version 2.
  • Downloadable by prior donation in its Stable Version 1.0.
  • 1 Mining Software with graphical interface and 3 without graphical interface
  • 5 Cryptocurrency Wallets.
  • Thousands of links in a Bookmarks Menu (Webapps)
  • 5 Web browsers
  • 2 Office Suites
  • It is currently available in Candidate Version 2 (RC-2)
  • Modernity and high compatibility with diverse Hardware and Software.
  • Stability, Portability and a high level of Personalization
  • Dual Environment XFCE (Light and Functional) + Plasma (Beautiful and Robust)
  • Easy use and installation on any low, medium or high performance computer.
  • And many pre-installed applications such as VirtualBox, Genymotion, Telegram, Messenger Facebook, Whatsie, Signal, Franz, among others.

PiMPOS logo


The PiMP Operating System is a portable platform for instant mining, which today is at the forefront of Software for Digital Mining. Therefore, it has been the standard for the design of mining platforms under Linux since its inception in 2012. After installed, it is ready to function as a professional mining platform, since it comes with all the software and tools necessary to work. at once or find out if you are new to digital mining.

Among its benefits offered are:

  • It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies including the latest ones, and it also supports many mining algorithms, miners, and mining hardware.
  • Provides easy monitoring and control of your mining operations locally or remotely.
  • It offers a very good ease of use for both new users and professionals at the level of its powerful tools.

ROKOS logo


This Operating System is always at the forefront of new digital mining technologies and the uses of cryptocurrencies under the Raspberry Pi, Banana Pro, Pine64 + and IoT device environments, offering a free solution for every Internet of Things enthusiast ( IoT), Developers, and Users.

Among its benefits offered are:

  • Constant updates of the product in the areas of Security, Blockchain, Supported Technology and System Design.
  • High degree of ease of access and use for end users.
  • Good level of support and handling of cryptocurrencies.
  • Integration and continuous Support of Wallets, Mining Software, and features and facilities based on the comments and suggestions of its large community of users of all levels and types.
  • It comes with a fully functional Bitcoin full node client.
  • Provides users with the best and easiest "Out of the Box" experience.

SimpleMiningOS logo

Simple Mining OS:

SimpleMining OS is a dedicated Operating System for Digital Mining that is very easy to use. You just have to download, update, configure an email for access and start it to start mining the supported Cryptocurrencies. It can be used for free at the beginning of the installation but then requires a payment for its use, which is currently at a minimum of $ 2 per Mining Equipment per month.

Among its benefits offered are:

  • Installable on any drive (HDD, SSD or Pendrive).
  • Support for NVIDIA and Radeon AMD R9 200/300 / RX400 / RX500 GPUs.
  • Support for DHCP in LAN network, although the system does not support WIFI.
  • An easy and intuitive management panel (Dashboard) accessible by email.
  • It includes more than 20 mining programs which cover almost all the algorithms of the most important and well-known Altcoins.
  • A good rate of inclusions and updates of programs and functionalities.
  • A good and large Community of Users who share their knowledge and problems.

How to earn cryptocurrencies with digital mining

What other forms of Digital Mining are there?

Among the most common ways or methods to create and obtain cryptocurrencies, that do not directly imply the Installation and Use of Operating Systems dedicated or not to Digital Mining, the following stand out:

  1. The use of Mining Web Applications in Browsers.
  2. The hiring of Virtual Machines in the Cloud.
  3. The use of Web Link Shorteners.
  4. Participation in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).
  5. Participation in Free Coin Offers (Airdrop).
  6. The purchase / sale of Cryptocurrencies in Exchange Houses and / or Stock Exchanges.
  7. The purchase / sale of Goods and Products in Cryptocurrencies.
  8. The execution of Tasks: Such as carrying out Transcription, Translation, Surveys, Post work.
  9. Performing Professional Services: It covers Publications, Consulting and Online Jobs for commissions of any professional activity or not.
  10. Obtaining payments or rewards for activities: It includes recreational activities and Advertising Faucets, Captchas and Recaptchas.
  11. The rewards for referrals: Payments for obtaining and / or accumulating referrals in Taps or other web services.

I hope that from this article, you will delve into each of the Operating Systems discussed and contribute your opinions and comments on this publication to enrich it further and share with all our valuable knowledge on the matter.

While we recommend this previous blog article: Convert your GNU / Linux into an Operating System suitable for Digital Mining as a complementary reading.

Later in future publications we will delve a little more about some of them and delve into their PROs and CONS, Advantages and Disadvantages. For now, you can visit the official page of each of these projects of Operating Systems for Digital Mining by clicking on the name of each one described here to get to know them first-hand.

Until the next article!

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