Exposé with Skippy-XD and Brightside on Crunchbang (Debian) and Lubuntu

In Myself previous post I explained how to install Skippy-XD y Brightside on Arch Linux with lightweight desktop environments (XFCE, LXDE, Openbox) to have the "Exposé" or Compiz Scale effect (align all open windows on the same screen) simply by moving the mouse pointer to an active corner of the monitor.

This time we will install them in Crunchbang (which uses Openbox as a window manager) and in Lubuntu (which uses LXDE as a desktop environment), although these methods are valid for similar GNU / Linux distributions.
On Crunchbang:
We install Brightside as superuser:
$ sudo apt-get install brightside
We install the necessary dependencies for Skippy-XD as root:
$ sudo apt-get install libimlib2-dev, libfontconfig1-dev, libfreetype6-dev, libx11-dev, libxext-dev, libxft-dev, libxrender-dev, zlib1g-dev, libxinerama-dev, libxcomposite-dev, libxdamage-dev, libxfixes-dev, libxmu-dev
We have to download Skippy-XD, compile it and configure it from its source code because it does not have an official .deb package for Debian and for this we will use Mercurial, in a terminal we type:
$ hg clone https://code.google.com/p/skippy-xd/
We move to the folder where it was downloaded:
$ cd ~/skippy-xd
We compile:
$ make
We install as superuser:
$ sudo make install
To make Brightside start from boot we will modify the file autostart:
$ sudo geany ~/.config/openbox/autostart
at the end of the script we add: brightside & and we keep it.
In Lubuntu:
We install Brightside as superuser:

$ sudo apt-get install brightside

We download the Skippy-XD .deb package for Ubuntu that corresponds to our architecture:

32 bit
64 bit

Double click on the file when it is downloaded and let Gdebi install it.
To make Brightside start from boot we will modify the file autostart:

$ sudo leafpad ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart
at the end of the script we add: @brightside and we keep it.
Setting up Brightside:
We open a terminal and type this:
$ brightside-properties &
And the configuration window will appear Screen Actions, we mark the circle of "Configurable Actions" and we mark the box in the corner of the screen that we want to activate, in this example it will be the bottom left corner (Bottom left corner) and in its drop-down menu we will choose "Custom action ..." and another window will appear as in the following picture:

We wrote: skippy-xd we close both windows and voila. Now you have to run Brightside:

$ brightside

We open several windows, move the mouse pointer to the corner that we have chosen and we will have something like this:


I hope these instructions are useful to you, and greetings to all.

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  1.   edebianite said

    I had to remove the comma between each library.

    sudo apt-get install libimlib2-dev libfontconfig1-dev libfreetype6-dev libx11-dev libxext-dev libxft-dev libxrender-dev zlib1g-dev libxinerama-dev libxcomposite-dev libxdamage-dev libxfixes-dev libxmu-dev

    Thank you very much for the contribution, I had seen it in elementary OS. but no idea what his name was.

    1.    Wisp said

      Thanks for the clarification, the commas did not bother me but it was good that you solved it and share it.

  2.   eliotime3000 said

    Excellent. Also, it makes me want to try crunchbang for the included Openbox.

    1.    Wisp said

      It's the best out-of-the-box Debian-based distro out there. It is what Debian should have been in fact.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        More agree, I can not be.

        Plus, with Arch, it's literally like LFS and / or Gentoo but hassle-free.

        I might be using it as a header distro, but I'd better use Slackware because I've gotten used to a slower rate of updates and so far my experience of having KDE 4.11 and kernel 3.11 was literally overwhelming.

      2.    @dadava said

        On what do you base to say that it is the best debian-based distro?

        In fact debian is what you want, if you install the base system and then install openbox (903 ridiculous Kb) that's it!

        Furthermore, without asking for permission, crunchbang installs a trip with proprietary packages ... #nofun

        1.    Wisp said

          If you're a Stallman Taliban, use Triskelion or Parable then. Being Debian with Openbox, with their respective essential blobs to get things done, that is more than enough to be the best distro based on Debian Testing with Openbox.

          1.    @dadava said

            «... indispensable to do things ...» have you heard yourself? that is completely lacking in rigor, apart from false ...

            And I'm not a friend of anyone's Taliban, I just want to be informed which packages are going to be installed. If you use Arch you should know that by now.

            In that case I will use, obviously the one that gives me the holy and real wins, of course. And it won't be crunchbang ...

        2.    Wisp said

          And so much tantrum so that you end up using the distro that you want? You are in your right, crooked, but it is your right. And you also use Chrome, well for your defense of "free software" ... Also I remind you my friend, that hashtags (#) are used on Twitter, this is a blog. You're welcome.

          1.    @dadava said

            Friend, the tantrum is yours, look at it: the comment came from the other side, it has nothing to do with the fact that no one is going to convince me to use one distro or another. And less a baby as you look like you are. 😉

            So far my friend, I'm going elsewhere with my music. I suggest that you do not bother to answer this time, since it is very unlikely that he will read you more, so not to feed your kind, you know ...

            Also for the distros, I will continue to use the browser I want, dear ... 😉

            What else? Oh yeah! By the way I hope that your pissed off day is not affected or altered by my misplaced hashtags, (in this case in the blogs hehehe!) And you keep pissed off happily ... You can get over it, you'll see ... usually it happens with maturity!

            Bye friend-troll, take care-me-me! 😉

        3.    Wisp said

          And here is one of many examples that a rather slow and out of place comment ends up taking your inner subnormality to very sad levels. Good God, but there are already loads of these people, even if they use Linux.

          1.    cybermerche said

            To Brizno:
            Well, that you use down syndrome contemptuously to disqualify, gives the other person every reason, even if they do not entirely agree with what they say ...
            Sad, yes ... but for you ...

          2.    Wisp said

            The exact definition of "subnormal" is not suffering from Down syndrome, in fact many so-called "disabled" are much brighter and more capable than "normal" people who are completely subnormal because they are below standards even though they are perfectly healthy: no they reason, they alienate themselves with any stupid distraction or vice, they think stupid, they do not learn from their mistakes and they believe that they are better than they will ever be. You're welcome.

          3.    kasko said

            Ok, it will not be directly related to down syndrome, but it does refer to people with pathological mental deficiency. Therefore, IF you were contemptuous with a specific group, do not manipulate trollin ...

            Meaning according to wordreference.com:
            SUBNORMAL: adj. and COM. [Person] affected by a mental deficiency of a pathological nature: http://www.wordreference.com/definicion/subnormal

          4.    Wisp said

            How ugly that they judge you and qualify for something without being it, right? the least the disabled need (obviously above-average people) is to be "defended" by a perfectly normal "moron" who bothers to be reminded of it. It's useless, it helped you at least to consult a dictionary.

        4.    pandev92 said

          I don't know what packages, but the ones for the wifi surely not, because none of the usb wifi that I have, xD worked for me, the two atheros.

          1.    Wisp said

            Buy yourself or get a more decent gear instead of whining here like always because no one in the Universe has drivers for your Martian machines.

          2.    cookie said

            Hey, nothing ever works for you!

  3.   Mola said

    The skippy-xd is cool. I have installed it in Debian / Testing by downloading the packages directly from the PPA: https://launchpad.net/~landronimirc/+archive/skippy-xd-daily/+packages. They work without problems (you don't need to compile them from source, as stated here). Thanks for informing. Regards.

    1.    Wisp said

      I don't like filling myself with PPA's (or that it was Ubuntu ... hahaha) but even if you don't want to compile it, it can work.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        If I don't get dependency busting then OK.

      2.    TheGuillox said

        after installing you remove the ppa, it is still faster than compiling

  4.   jamin-samuel said


  5.   omarxz7 said

    Excellent contribution, as a Crunchbang user, I installed brightside without problems, it is fully functional, I also accompanied it from the adeskmenu in the systray and everything gave the openbox !! .. I also agree with Brizno that Crunchbang is the example of how Debian should be.

  6.   casconet said

    Thanks, these instructions are very good and I have finally been able to install skippyxd and brightside on my crunchbang. Curiously, I notice it a little slower than in xubuntu (you can see an icon with the wheel), is it because I have not installed the exclusive drivers for the graphics?

    Another question: how could I install systemback in crunchbang with mercurial, make and make install?

    Thank you!