Family Farm: Farm, crops, animals, farmers game for Linux

Since Facebook incorporated games, specifically the farm game (whose name I do not remember, since I never played it) these became popular, today there are several available for Windows such as Hay Day or Family Farm. In fact, download Hay Day for Windows (o Hay Day for Android) or Family farm for Windows it is possible, but, What do we who use Linux do to ourselves?.

In recent years, games have been creeping into Linux, Dont starve, Minecraft , 0Ad o Frets on Fire are just some examples, for some years we have another option (Family Farm) for those who like games a little more different from the previous ones.

Precisely from the latter, Family farm is who I want to talk to you about.



This is a game that, as the name implies, takes place on a farm. In it we must take care of the crops, plant, take care of the livestock, keep the birds in the corral, etc., are a large number of tasks.

I leave the description that appears on your website:

Work on this 19th century farm and build a home for your family. Clicking on the cows will not earn you money. This is the simulation of a farm with experience in stories that span an entire generation. Keep them fed, develop their skills and grow their land to create a true family farm! Enjoy this RPG and board game. Improve the soil and watch the time to grow your crops. Keep poultry and livestock in the pen. Take care of everything so that the new generations take care of the farm.

Table of Contents


As you can see, we have to worry about generating income, making our farm profitable. For this we can sell harvested products, because then we will need that money to try to buy better seeds, as well as other products that we will need. For example, we can cut wool from sheep:



By the way, that peasant in the lower left corner is the one who teaches us to play, through tips, tips ... come on, what is the tutorial:



Have I already told you about the income you need? … 😀… I mention it several times because, as in real life, in this game many of the things that we must acquire cost money, animals, seeds, tools, hiring more workers, etc. We can acquire them through a catalog (book icon in the lower right corner):



This is what refers to the farm, what is related to animals and agricultural work.


We also have the 'human' aspect, which has been taking care of the family, the farmers. For example, we must feed the members of our family, for this we must cook and after the food is there they will be able to eat. We must keep them rested, because if they are very exhausted they will not be able to work, by the way, each one has independent abilities. We start the game with a man and a woman, the man for example has better qualities for field work, while the woman is much better in the kitchen:



Hey girls! … Don't call me macho, it's the game who put it like that!

Then at the end of each year (yes, because there are seasons like summer and etc, with their peculiarities) we have a report of how good or bad things went for us:



As you could see in the images, the game graphic is not bad at all. This clearly cannot be compared with the last games of the year for Windows, however for the type of game that is the graph I think it is not bad at all.

Although it is available in several languages ​​(English, French, etc.), curiously it does not bring Spanish, so those who do not master (or at least can easily read) this language will have some difficulties.

The game has several levels, called stories. In the Demo we can only play the first story, which is not bad if we want to have a fun time, if we want even more good ... we have to buy the game.

The Demo version can be downloaded from the following link, then if you want to buy it ($ 12) you have the other link:

Family Farm Demo for Linux
Buy Family Farm

If you want to try the Demo and you downloaded it, then you must unzip the file (FamilyFarm.Demo.tgz) and run the file called

tar xf FamilyFarm.Demo.tgz cd familyfarm ./

And ready will open the game.

By the way, Ubuntu users have it available to buy from the Software Center.

Well there is not much more to add at the moment.

I think this is an interesting game, if you are one of those who are looking for blood, action and suspense… this game is definitely not for you, but if you are one of those who like calm games, RPG, you might like this.

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  1.   Bones said

    I only knew about harvest moon farms, and having played the little farm in the face (which was far from addictive was boring) and Rune Factory 1 and 3 (none of them managed to finish it). What I loved about the last one was having to woo some of the girls within the character's age range (he had single mothers) to get a wife jijij

  2.   eliotime3000 said

    Better than Farmville.

  3.   Gara_PM said

    If I play it, I can see my father's phrase Why doesn't it help to cultivate the land better! . Step XD

  4.   Algabe said

    These games are usually very addictive ...

  5.   nocturnal said

    Too aseptic to try to be real. It does not smell like manure. XD

  6.   kuk said

    proprietary software, we cannot see its source code 🙁

  7.   jkbj said

    this is empty

  8.   Laura said

    I had only seen harvest moon, but the other day a friend told me about the game and the truth is that it looks very good