Fedora 17 has been officially released


At last!!! The wait is over, we already have the official announcement of the launch of this new version of Fedora, which has come with many improvements and news. In this regard, I highly recommend reading the article: The BEST New in Fedora 17 since it has no waste whatsoever (thanks to Jamin-Samuel by the link;)).

Download Fedora 17

Try to use the links via torrent to avoid saturating the download servers;).

If someone is interesting and knows some English: P, you can see the following video, uploaded by the guys from Fedora where they talk about this great release:

Now if brothers, to download has been said;).

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  1.   Algave said

    I'm already on Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle). : p

    1.    Perseus said

      Congratulations: D. Greetings bro;).

      1.    Algave said

        Thanks, it is my favorite GNU / Linux enjoyment and all the previous versions and their desktop environments such as: Fedora KDE, Fedora Gnome and now Fedora XFCE have worked for me 100% and that is why I remain faithful to Fedora 🙂

  2.   Algave said

    PHEW!! Install all the essentials, now you are going to enjoy Fedora 17 with XFCE: p

  3.   Eduardo said

    Great 🙂 to lower it. On my Fedora 16 netbook with XFCE going fancy, I was expecting the release of Fedora 17.

    1.    Perseus said

      It is a pleasure to see you again here friend, greetings and thanks for commenting :).

      1.    alberto said

        Good night Mr. Blogger
        Tonight I have a couple of questions that I hope do not bother you, the first is the following, in windows when typing FN + arrow the screen decreased the brightness or increased ipso facto but in fedora it does not happen unless I restart, however this configuration is loses when shutting down can this be fixed? how?
        The second question is this
        In Gnome-boxes the url option comes out, what is it for? or is it possible that if we have windows in another partition we can start it from gnome-boxes as if it were virtual?

        greetings and thanks

        1.    alberto said

          My hardware is an acer aspire 4750 core 5. 6 ram and Intel 3000 graphics

          1.    Perseus said

            How about Alberto, the problem with the fn + (x key) keys on your laptop could be solved by editing the Xorg.conf file (perhaps there is another alternative), when modifying said file it would allow to respect this change permanently, that is, , the changes would not be lost when restarting or shutting down the computer. Now, my question is this, is it the only problem you have on your computer? For example, in some cases the touchpad does not work correctly in different distributions (it has happened to me), etc.

            As for gnome-boxes, it is an application that allows you to virtualize operating systems locally (that you have installed through gnome-boxes) or remotely (that is, access a virtual machine which is located on another computer, through internet or a local network), it could be said that it is an alternative to Virtual Box. So I'm sorry to tell you that you can't run Windows (which is on your other partition) from here :)

          2.    Perseus said

            PS: I forgot to add that precisely for that there is the url option in gnome-boxes, so you can enter the url or IP address of the remote computer where the virtual machine is located.

        2.    Juan Carlos said

          @Alberto: For the brightness control keys you have to edit the / etc / default / grub file in root mode. In it you will find these lines:

          GRUB_TIMEOUT = 5
          GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR = ”Fedora”
          GRUB_DEFAULT = saved
          GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX = ”rd.md = 0 rd.lvm = 0 rd.dm = 0 quiet SYSFONT = latarcyrheb-sun16 rhgb rd.luks = 0 KEYTABLE = en LANG = en_ES.UTF-8

          You have to add a parameter in the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX ="

          So it looks like this:

          GRUB_TIMEOUT = 5
          GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR = ”Fedora”
          GRUB_DEFAULT = saved
          GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX = ”rd.md = 0 rd.lvm = 0 rd.dm = 0 quiet acpi_backlight = vendor SYSFONT = latarcyrheb-sun16 rhgb rd.luks = 0 KEYTABLE = en LANG = en_ES.UTF-8 ″

          Save and then in Terminal, always as root, update Grub with this command:

          grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

          Restart and voila.


          1.    albert345 said

            Juan Carlos the solution is perfect, however I have a question that you or Perseus can answer if you want
            Why or why is it that the system does not activate this function automatically?
            Thanks for the help that is the good thing about the community of free software users that everyone is ready to help

            Thank you

          2.    Juan Carlos said

            @ albert345: Not all notebooks and netbooks have the same control key combinations. As far as I know, the solution I gave you does not work on all laptops, it does work on Acer, Samsung and I think Lenovo also. I have a friend who uses an HP, and on that one it doesn't work.


  4.   Anibal said

    Does anyone know if it can be updated from 16?

      1.    Anibal said

        thank you dear !

  5.   jamin samuel said

    Perseo and bootie Fedora 17 ... the way it works by terminal is Great ... in fact I did things that I had never done xD axis and I learned ^ _ ^

    The only thing I didn't understand is the strange package manager that has by default: Yes I don't know how to install programs ... I don't know if it's via terminal or if it's through that package manager ... anyway ... Fedora ahahaha (I would like to learn)

    Note that the kernel version is 3.3.7 (incredible) .. I think it is the highest so far .. even higher than Debian has .. if not someone corrects me

    Could you make a post on how to install applications in Fedora?

    oh and as a gift ... explain how to install Elementary icons theme and also "msttcore-fonts" which are the Microsoft Ejeje fonts

    1.    Anibal said

      sudo yum search name search

      sudo yum install nameoftainstall

      1.    jamin samuel said

        I will try anibal ... thank you!

    2.    Perseus said

      You can do it directly from the terminal or with the PackageKit application manager (Gnome, LXDE, XFCE) or Apper (KDE).

      A mini express guide to install on Fedora:


      sudo yum search nombre del programa

      Find everything related to:

      sudo yum search all nombre del programa


      sudo yum install nombre del programa


      sudo yum remove nombre del programa

      1.    jamin samuel said

        sudo is used at the time it is installed ... as I'm still in Live mode I just put yum ..

        but right now I'm going to test if the applications I need are found.

        It seems easier to me this way by terminal than by PackageKit .. that thing is unintelligible

        1.    Perseus said

          mmm ... you probably won't find many until you install the RPM Fusion repo, Fedora has 100% free software from the factory;).

          1.    jamin samuel said

            ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. well that's something else…. well, I really didn't know ...

            to download the dvd then xD

        2.    Diego Campos said

          jamin-samuel since sudo is disabled by default to activate it follow this post:
          I really liked that guide because you activate it with a single, fairly simple command.


          1.    Perseus said

            In my case it was activated by default;). Best of all, Red Hat already patched the vulnerability that existed with sudo, so, although it is not very advisable, at least it is safer to use it :).

          2.    Diego Campos said

            @Perseo hehehe that if I didn't know, is that fedora 16 was disabled anyway I just downloaded fedora 17 with kde and I'll see how good the distro is.


    3.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Fedora is always more up to date than Debian 😉

      1.    faustod said

        Huuuuu I'm going to try it but I don't like it ... Greetings ...

    4.    Diego Campos said

      Well yep, for me it is better to use the terminal since the package kit is useless for me (it is the only thing I have quoted from fedora 😛) to check the options in depth of yum simply type «yum» and it will display all the options possible, as for the elementary icons you just have to type:
      yum install elementary-icon-theme
      since it is in the repositories and the msttcorefonts you have to look for the .rpm package on the internet, just typing in google is enough 😉


    5.    Keopety said

      the kernel in arch is for 3.3.7-1 for more than 3 weeks or so, just for information, heeee?

  6.   rogertux said

    Is this version where you can use Gnome 3 without graphics acceleration?

    1.    Perseus said

      That's right, I used it for a while with the free drivers and it didn't go bad at all, just a little lag from time to time.

  7.   Juan Carlos said

    Aaaaahhhhhh !!!!!… .how I missed this process speed on my machine… to hell with Ubuntu no matter how much LTS it is. It's useless, when you grow up with a distro you always go back to the sources.

    I said that the best was F-16, but the 17 is a fierce. And, Perseus, this is all your fault….

  8.   Juan Carlos said

    Aaaaahhhhhh !!!! how I missed this speed on my machine. To hell with Ubuntu no matter how LTS it is. And I said that Fedora 16 was the best, but F-17 is a fierce.

    I fell into temptation, vice again, and friend Perseus, part of the fault is yours ... hehe

    1.    jamin samuel said


      I install it at night ... I'm still downloading the DVD

      soon I'm going to fly too xD

    2.    Perseus said

      XD the good is shared bro XD.

      1.    Juan Carlos said

        I have only one problem that I cannot solve. I don't know why Evince only shoots me and seeks to operate with .xps files. I take the processor to 100% and the temperature to 80º.

        For the moment, I opted to uninstall Evince and installed Xpdf instead, I'll see what happens.

        1.    Perseus said

          Wow, how weird !!! Did you install from Live or from DVD? Open to investigate why, I installed Live from RC1 and I have not presented any problem at the moment. I'm using Gnome, I don't know if you are too.

          1.    Juan Carlos said

            From Live, the DVD torrent was very slow to download this morning, and I also use Gnome. I'm going to find the way around it, because Xpdf is quite limited.

          2.    jamin samuel said

            Quite strange ...

            Well I am downloading the DVD to avoid strange things.

            I'm barely halfway through "at the victor's pace xD" but I'm confident and calm 😛 I eject.

            I'm crazy to start using it ..

          3.    Juan Carlos said

            Well, this is crazy, but it is Fedora and they are things that usually happen. It turns out that I started to review what I did before Evince caused me that problem, and I realized that it started after I installed the printer… ?. Turns out I installed it but hadn't made any printing yet. To all this I had already uninstalled Evince.

            I printed a couple of things that I had pending, and then reinstalled it to see if it found the error, and oh surprise! it doesn't happen anymore ... It is seen that something was pending after the installation of the printer, causing Evince to create an XPS file and not stop "processing" it. Was he waiting for me to do the test print? I really have no idea, it's the first time something like this has happened to me.

            Well, if it happens to anyone, you know what it is.


          4.    Perseus said

            Wow thank you @Juan Carlos by the tip;).

        2.    Matias said

          Install epdfview. =)

    3.    José Luis said

      Welcome again…! Fedora 17…! Excellent…!

  9.   sieg84 said

    I tell my brother, look, fedora 17 is out! He tells me, you change more distro than pants.

  10.   Anibal said

    Has anyone upgraded from version 16? did you install from scratch or how did you do it?

    1.    Anibal said

      They did it with this tutorial or is there an easier and faster way?

      1.    Algave said

        There is a script called 'Fedora Utils' that allows you to install a lot of software with a few clicks you select what you want to install, codecs for audio and video, sources, and a lot of software> http://fedorautils.sourceforge.net/ ***** Here an image> http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-05302012-104657pm.php ***** I hope it helps you a lot! 🙂

    2.    Algave said

      Personally, I installed Fedora 17 from scratch. 🙂

  11.   Chinese said


    install Fedora 17, it goes super good and fast. (Gnome)

    Also install Java 7, but it doesn't come with javac. Does anyone know how to install the java jdk, I don't mean java-1.7.0-openjdk, but the one that comes with the javac command 😀


  12.   seadx6 said

    Fedora 17 rox

    1.    seadx6 said

      and even more with the Fedora or Echo icons plus Cinnamon and some tweaks 🙂

  13.   faustod said

    Good friends…

    My greetings

    I am one of those who think that when you start with something you should finish it or at least be well advanced before trying to do other things, I am a faithful user of Debian and anything that is of that line seems good and acceptable to me. the respect I have for that distribution and for the results I have seen.

    But you are moving me to try something that although in principle I have refused to repeat the stability and functionality of Debian, but I believe that the era is approaching where far from what I have started, I will add one more component, because the RH / Fedora folks also have a place in the habitat of stability and functionality and I can't get that out of my head.

    After this little presentation, I will add one more task to the list of pending in the Gnu / Linux universe.

    All of the above = I will install it

    See you ...

    1.    seadx6 said

      Believe me, Fedora is very, very stable but at the same time it is very innovative and updated, in fact its update cycle is like Debian's and even more they have a similar philosophy, here is the Debian update cycle compared to that of Fedora:

      Stable = Final Fedora
      testing = Fedora testing (alpha / beta)
      unstable = Randhide

      As you can see it is not very different, only here Fedora has very updated and well tested packages, I hope you like it and if you want something more like Gnome 2 but in Gnome 3 I recommend Cinnamon; our friend Perseus has written how to install it right here: https://blog.desdelinux.net/how-to-fedora-instalar-cinnamon-como-alternativa-a-gnome-shell/ Or you can use KDE or XFCE 🙂 I hope you like it and see that Fedora and Debian are not very different except for their packages 🙂


      1.    Anibal said

        I think like you! I use fedora because it seems like a very stable distro, and above all updated.
        I was looking for a complete rom (in drivers) like ubuntu, but stable like debian (ubuntu doesn't seem stable at all, with several examples and tests).
        And in Fedora 16 I found that, 100% stability and also gnome shell that I love and all the new and tested packages.

      2.    Windousian said

        You cannot compare Debian to Fedora and write that they have a similar philosophy. Debian Testing is as stable as final Fedora (maybe more so). Fedora sacrifices stability to offer innovation.

        1.    Lex.RC1 said

          testing, more stable and more current as well ...

          without wanting to get into racist polemics, but I am a retailer above all ... I have not even by chance seen a single black boy in the photos of the Fedora portal, not one, they are all white, pink and chubby but not a single black ... ¬¬

          1.    Lex.RC1 said

            Juan Carlos Which photo ... is it?

            Those are Arabs, and there are Latinos too, but there aren't any black Afro-descendants ... If you mean the strange being in the middle, it could be Shang Shung at the end:)

          2.    Juan Carlos said

            Cover photo, third row, second from right left; seventh row, second from left to right; If those are white and pink, I am Marie Antoinette …… And looking at my belly, I can assure you that I don't even look alike.

  14.   Eduardo said

    Perseus is making a great effort to convince people to use that great and prestigious distro that is Fedora, but for Linux users who are not convinced by Fedora, which surely there are, I recommend Archlinux: stable (I have been a year using it and I have not had any problems), updated and configurable like no other.

  15.   auroszx said

    I already have the Spin LXDE in my hands 😀 When I have time I will install it and test better. Keep up the Fedora post, Perseus!

    1.    Perseus said

      Thanks comrade;).

  16.   kik1n said

    You do convince.
    I use Kubuntu 12.04 and find it very stable.
    But it is FEDORA.

    I just see more .deb packages than .rpm
    But it is FEDORA.

    1.    Windousian said

      The Fedorian bombardment is taking a toll on your braincase ;-). I advise you a vaccine: Install Fedora as soon as possible.

      1.    kik1n said

        It is done.
        Just that I notice it a little slow ????
        But let's see how it behaves in a few hours, if not openSUSE 😀

        1.    kik1n said

          Nooo I like it 🙁
          Returning to kubuntu along with arch 😀

          1.    Perseus said

            Just out of curiosity, what version or spin of Fedora did you try?

          2.    Windousian said

            @ kik1n, you are already vaccinated.

            @Perseo, you must have used the KDE edition.

          3.    kik1n said

            Download both DVD 32 (PAE) and 64.

            Installation lasts 30 min.
            It is not very fluent with KDE.

            Kubuntu or Arch installed 32 (pae):
            (K) 10 to 15 min installed.
            Arch (base) 6 min (maximum), Arch + K of 10 min 😀
            (K, A) Fast and fluid.

            Fedora 16 was faster on my laptop and on the desktop with F17 pfff a turtle.
            Kubuntu + Arch 😀

  17.   Andrew said

    Perseus, I congratulate you for your contributions, thanks to people like you. this blog is important.

    1.    Perseus said

      We do it with pleasure friend :).

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment;).

      1.    jamin samuel said

        @Perseo ..

        How can I make the Arial font activate in google chrome while in fedora?

        install a package called "msttcore-fonts" .. I can open libreoffice and select the arial letter without problems

        but in the browser I select arial in customize fonts and nothing happens: /

        1.    jamin samuel said

          someone told me to install infinality fonts to fix font rendering problems in google chrome.

          and they gave me this link


          tell me .. could this solve my problem?

          1.    Perseus said

            How about bro, I install the Microsoft fonts like this:

            wget "http://blog.andreas-haerter.com/_export/code/2011/07/01/install-msttcorefonts-fedora.sh?codeblock=1" -O "/tmp/install-msttcorefonts-fedora.sh"

            chmod a+rx "/tmp/install-msttcorefonts-fedora.sh"

            su -c "/tmp/install-msttcorefonts-fedora.sh"

            After the script finishes installing those fonts, it asks you to reboot the system, reboot. In my case, the fonts were activated by default in chromium, I had absolutely nothing to do ¬.¬

            I hope this helps ;).

          2.    Lex.RC1 said

            jamin-samuel, I do not recommend installing Microsoft fonts because they are prepared for the Windows rendering engine, the quality of the fonts is handled by the desktop, not the distro, in your case Gnome and it comes with Cantarell predefined, which is a better option than Windows fonts, if you need to install Arial, use Liberation, Dejavu or Droid which give you much better results.

            Chorme comes with pre-set fonts with font and fixed size, to change them you go to «Setting / Under the hood» in the «Web Content» options you have «Font size» there you change everything.

            Note: To improve the fonts in Gnome you install the gnome-tweak-tool and in the option fonts you change according to your monitor;

            If you have monitor CTR (the squares)
            Hinting: Slight
            Antialiasing: Grayscale

            If you have LCD, Flat or Led monitor
            Hinting: Medium
            Antialiasing: Rgba

            Hinting's Full option is activated if you have a good video card. This greatly improves the renderings of the sources. :)

          3.    Lex.RC1 said

            jasmin-samuel is not recommended to install Microsoft fonts, since they are prepared to work with the Windows rendering engine, in this case Gnome, which comes with Cantarell. If you need to install Arial use Liberation, Dejavu or Droid which will give you better results.

            Change the Chrome font in "Setting / Under the Hood: in the" Web Content "section select customize and configure them as you want.

            Note: The quality of the fonts is handled by the desktop, not the distro, in Gnome you configure it by installing "gnome-tweak-tool" in the Fonts option.

            For a CTR monitor (of the squares)
            Hinting: Slight
            Antialiasing: Grayscale

            For an LCD, Flat or Led
            Hinting: Medium
            Antialiasing: Rgba

            The Full Antialiasing option is used with powerful video cards. 🙂

  18.   Gabriel said

    offtopic also came out bridge linux for those who want an easier arch.

  19.   jamin samuel said

    I'm already from Fedora (@ _ @)… ahahahajajajaj

    incredible .. 😀

    install from DVD is glorious .. everything is a pain in the ass xD

    it takes you longer to configure the system once it is installed and updated.

    everything here is excellent 😀

    What I need is to install some other things ... the only strange thing is that I install skype .rpm that I download it from the page and it installs correctly but when I execute it it tells me that it cannot find the directory

  20.   seadx6 said

    Perseus, thanks for this good post and I hope soon to collaborate on a how to Fedora

    1.    Perseus said

      Sure bro, whenever you like: D.

  21.   jamin samuel said

    Well I loved muuuuuuuuuuchisimooooooooo have installed fedora 17 ... phew I felt like fresh off a class xD I feel I've learned too ..

    but I'm honest with myself .. I can't change the distro just for a newer version of the kernel (which can very well be installed apart from Ubuntu 12.04) ..

    I abmiro so much what the guys from fedora are doing (@ _ @)

    but the truth is this "I'm being comfortable working on ubuntu xD" ejehehehe

    I do and undo whatever I want "because I already know the system very well" but in fedora I'm learning from scratch ...

    I think what I plan to do is have ubuntu 12.04 installed with fedora 17 so as not to turn off the learning of fedora 🙂

    @Perseo Thank you for the extreme motivation of fedora 😀 😀

    1.    Perseus said

      Thanks friend, this is not going to end here, I will continue talking about Fedora, I have some very interesting articles in the pipeline;).

      1.    jamin samuel said

        ready! You can take them out whenever you want 😉

    2.    Diego Campos said

      Jamin Samuel apparently you were fascinated with fedora 17 and having dual-boot sounds incredible, but, since you say that you are learning from scratch I would like to help you by passing you a post-installation guide that I assembled myself (I say assemble because it really is information found from other sites through xD links) when I started using fedora 16, the guide is for 16 but I don't think there is much difference with 17 except for the guide to use linux: P, here is the guide


  22.   jamin samuel said

    By the way, here is some good material on how to install kernel 3.4 in ubuntu 12.04

    sure you can make a post about this that comes out here


  23.   Marco said

    Well, I have been testing it since last night. I must confess that I was very reticent about Gnome 3, but the truth is not bad at all. I have managed to configure it and modify basic elements of the appearance, and I like the matter. I realize that the extensions give the system agility and make everything very easy. aside, I notice Fedora, at the moment, very stable and fast.

    1.    Perseus said

      Good, you always decided to try it XD. I also switched to Gnome and I'm starting to like it, I don't like plugins very much but I guess I'll have to try them 😛

      Cheers ;).

  24.   Marco said

    ready, I think I already modified the user agent !!!!

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Congratulations 😀 😀

      1.    Marco said

        🙂 thank you very much partner !!!

    2.    seadx6 said

      Great, by the way a little tutorial on what to do after installing F17 written by friend Manuel Escudero from Mexico City on the official blog of Xenode systems Mexico: http://xenodesystems.blogspot.mx/2012/05/que-hacer-despues-de-instalar-fedora-17.html I hope you like it

  25.   Lex.RC1 said

    Perseus, how are you?
    I have a problem, I cannot respond to a comment from jamin, I do everything normal, I click send and it does not appear.

  26.   Mario said

    Hi guys, my problem is mainly the flash player, since when opening a page with flash content the "firefox" closes suddenly and the "opera" leaves the space in gray where the flash content was, it is very annoying and I really don't know because this malfunction occurs, I would like you to help me my video card is a "high-end" intel (we all know, that those cards are more bad than the fuck) my ram memory is 4Gb and my processor is a miserable intel core 2 duo. From my Linux experience I want to understand that the conflict is generated between the flash and my video card. Thank you very much in advance 🙂

    1.    Perseus said

      Yes, everything seems to indicate that you have a problem with the hardware acceleration feature of flash. Have you tried an older version of flash? What distribution and what type of architecture do you have (i386, i686, x86_64)?

      Another option would be to uninstall flash and use Chrome since it has the plugin installed by default.

      Cheers ;).

      1.    Mario said

        If I already tried a past version and it gives the same error. The architecture I use is x86_64 ... and it should be noted that I HATE Chrome and its derivatives with all my heart, mostly because they are very fragile, maybe very fast but too fragile

  27.   jenrry soto dextre said

    hello friends, greetings to the whole community, you know I have installed the fedora 17 with kde and almost everything is fine, but I cannot control the screen brightness with the fn + f5 and f6 key it is a sony vaio model VPCEK amd vision e2 with ati radeon hd and I have already tried everything I find on other pages but without success and I also put the screen to darken, let's say in 10 minutes but nothing happens, follow the screen at maximum brightness, please if someone can help me, thanks greetings from Lima Peru.

  28.   Osbin martinez said

    Friends, I had problems with the brightness of the screen, it was awful to work with the maximum brightness all the time, I appreciate the solution of Juan Carlos that I remind you below:
    «@Alberto: For the brightness control keys you have to edit the / etc / default / grub file in root mode. In it you will find these lines:

    GRUB_DEFAULT = saved
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX = ”rd.md = 0 rd.lvm = 0 rd.dm = 0 quiet SYSFONT = latarcyrheb-sun16 rhgb rd.luks = 0 KEYTABLE = en LANG = en_ES.UTF-8

    You have to add a parameter in the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX ="

    So it looks like this:

    GRUB_DEFAULT = saved
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX = ”rd.md = 0 rd.lvm = 0 rd.dm = 0 quiet acpi_backlight = vendor SYSFONT = latarcyrheb-sun16 rhgb rd.luks = 0 KEYTABLE = en LANG = en_ES.UTF-8 ″

    Save and then in Terminal, always as root, update Grub with this command:

    grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

    Restart and voila.

    Cheers "

  29.   jenrry soto said

    Hello Fedora 17 friends you know, I installed feedora on my sony vaio VPCEK laptop and I could never fix the screen brightness, I followed many forums also the one that comments here but it did not work for me and so I was disappointed I looked for another distribution and installed KUBUNTU 12.04

    1.    jenrry soto said

      Well, as I was telling you, install Kubuntu 12.04 and after updating a few hours I restarted it and everything works for me. I hope that fedora includes private drivers because with that if you can control the brightness of the screen, wifi errors, I hope that one day fedora will be more automatic well I hope some of you please let me know when a fedora that supports screen brightness comes out since my laptop is a sony vaio VPCEK with ati radeon hd

  30.   ZAGA said

    I came here to try to find a solution that I assume is related to hardware acceleration. The main problem I have with Fedora 17 and virtualbox is that I try to install windows 8 but it asks me to activate Hardware acceleration as well as try to install the game in a virtual machine and the same problem. How to activate this, in my BIOS it is activated, previously in previous installations I did not have this problem (Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04).

    My PC is a VAIO with pentium inside 4 of 64-bit RAM

  31.   ZAGA said

    In virtualbox when I enter configuration and then system the "Acceleration" tab is disabled. I do not know what to do.