Fedora 18 is out

Finally, 2 months late, but finally, Fedora 18 Spherical Cow came out. Among other novelties it has:

  • GNOME 3.6
  • KDE 4.9.2
  • Xfce 4.10
  • RPM 4.10
  • Samba 4
  • Secure Boot support
They also included the MATE desktop in their repositories, although they haven't done a spin yet

Download Fedora 18


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  1.   w4r3d said

    I am already downloading it and you will see new things with it on my blog, thank you friends for your management because you have served as a point of support for me, I thank you.

  2.   VaryHeavy said

    KDE 4.9.2? What Fedora was not the one that included the latest of the latest? How come you included KDE version 4.9.2 when it is already stable until 4.9.5?

    1.    Paul said

      It is that they realized the crap that fedora is and they are trying to make it better 🙂

      1.    pilu said

        Is that the joke of the day? Fedora crap, and you say it from Win? hahahahaha, what a pringao you are.

    2.    Juan Carlos said

      It will surely be updated shortly. What's more, in the "unstable" of Spin KDE they are already working on 4.9.7. The "latest of the latest" always goes the Gnome side.


  3.   Rayonant said

    It took a long time, at this moment I am about to test the Xfce spin, but I am truly surprised by the amount of bugs reported in Anaconda https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F18_bugs

  4.   Pavloco said

    Many people are fine with distros coming out late, "but well polished." Personally, it seems good that they come out "well polished" but the unpunctuality of many distros gives them an unprofessional profile and little committed to their users. It is not correct that the distros are delayed so much, but hey, everyone knows.

  5.   Ivan Barra said

    A good friend asked me: "Fedora 18 x64 or Fedora i686 with kernel-PAE?" I did not know what to answer, since I have always worked with x64 linux on servers and the distros that I have used (almost always Fedora or OpenSUSE) have been x64. Who helps me to give a good answer? the laptop is an Asus with a core i7, 8GB of ram and intel HD graphics.


      1.    Ivan Barra said

        Thank you 64bit is the correct answer, very grateful.


  6.   jamin samuel said

    Excellent 😀

  7.   dhunter said

    Well, nothing, these days I test the round cow to see if it is the divine KDE that they talk so much about. A colleague wears it and says pearl but leave my wheezy… mmm I don't see it.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      Well, your useragent says that you use Kubuntu.

      1.    dhunter said

        If at work kubuntu (corporate policy) but at home…. Debian Wheezy !!

  8.   Jesors said

    At the moment I have already put Jdownloader to download the Xfce, KDE and GNOME spins.

  9.   Byte said

    Again Fedora does not work well for me, after updating more than 200mg it does not start.
    I definitely stick with opensuse and chakra.

    1.    cristian said

      with which you created the live pendrive, I found it with unibootin, other applications threw me errors

  10.   Federico said


  11.   ariki said

    Yesterday I tried the version in live mode quite decent but as always after installing there will be a good amount of updates, I say it because to start it brings firefox 17 among other things that already suffered updates, I leave you some screenshots of XFCE, I clarify that it is not the appearance that it brings by default, the weekend I will try it harder while I continue to emergency with xubuntu since arch broke it the weekend for playing with the hahahaha greetings Ariki


    1.    Juan Carlos said

      It is giving me heating problems on the Laptop testing in Live. It will surely end up on my desktop PC, but now I'm on vacation and I don't feel like installing, or fiddling, or anything.


      1.    pandev92 said

        That is surely because of the video drivers you have 🙂

        1.    Juan Carlos said

          It has an Intel HD3000. Now, when I feel like it, I am going to download the Spin KDE, to see how it goes, although it seems to me that there are several Lenovo models that do not do any Linux well, as for example in Ubuntu 12.04 it is a birth to make it work the internal microphone.

          In this case, with the F-18 Gnome, the system already starts with the fan running, and little by little the speed increases to the maximum.


          1.    ariki said


  12.   cristian said

    horrible the installer, to make it more beautiful it is much more complicated ...
    other than that it's like f17, but I still can't figure out how to enable the sequence to kill the x

  13.   ferchmetal said


    1.    Juan Carlos said

      I'm going to make a copy-paste of what I put in MuyLinux:

      Totally disappointed. For this so much delay? I have been a Fedora user since F-14, and this is the worst thing I had to install. The manual partition is a disaster, and with the automatic one the system does not boot. With an intel hd3000, and I mention it just to give one information, the cooler blows that is scary from the start in usblive.

      From my experience, the new Anaconda is, for me, a shitty reverend, so I feel sorry for users who have just arrived at Fedora, because the installer has nothing intuitive. Fedora 17 is a piece of iron, but this version makes you want to spray alcohol on your computer and set it on fire. "

      PS: I'm back Old Anaconda !.

      1.    ariki said

        You know it seems strange to me that you say that lenovos have a problem with linux, let me tell you that my work team is a lenovo g475 and I have made it run from Debian, Archlinux, Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora 17, etc and not a mistery problem compatibility, now because of your drama in anaconda it seems strange to me, now I'm with F18 and it took me 30 min to have it installed and working, then add the necessary repos and I already have it at 100% in 90min of work I think it's very good for me , The installer is ugly, we must admit it but it really is easy to occupy, I think you should give it a try or simply do not install fedora. I leave you some captures of fedora running without live mode on my machine, greetings Ariki


        1.    Juan Carlos said

          My G470 does not get along with Linux, and from what I read several with that same model have the same drawbacks. Of course I am not going to try to put F-18 in it again, it will stick with Win8 which for a couple of updates works very well. Fedora 17 will still be on the PC.


  14.   mfcollf77 said

    I have had problems with updating FEDORA 18 GNOME desktop and 64 bits.
    From the terminal yum update gives me an error at the end. and the message is that there is an error with the key.

    Like I could not install easy life that in fedora 17 used it to later install the multimedia, flash, java, flash ... etc.

    I was also unable to install pulse audio-equalizer. and neither could I install the OPERA browser, as easy life could just by clicking and selecting the software installer.

    It seems that that little problem with the recently released version.

    For now I am using linunx mint 14 with MATE desktop

  15.   Hetare said

    The new installer is somewhat complicated. The manual partitioning options (not sure if it's called that) are well hidden. I liked the old installer 100 times more, clear and simple.

    1.    mfcollf77 said

      Well something like that gave me something to think about when I installed it but then I looked at something and marked it and let me customize the partition. I don't remember exactly right now.

      I will tell you tomorrow how the process is.

      the installer I think they call it anaconda

  16.   alkmaark said

    I come with Fedora 😀, since version 16 and every time I feel heavier, on F18, I will only say that I tested the beta, the rc1, rc4 and currently I have the final version installed, and actually on several occasions I have had to restart the laptop because gnome freezes 🙁, I know my laptop is not a monster (acer intel b815, 1.6 ghz x 2 and 4 ram) but I will keep testing it

    1.    Ivan Barra said

      Gnome-shell is still a long way off, it's "for my personal taste", the heaviest desktop that exists at the moment, even much more than Unity or KDE (the latter has greatly improved its resource consumption). In addition, that notebook you have should be able to with any linux distro without problems, believe me, I have installed Fedora on a Pentium III of 900Mhz and 1GB of ram (with LXDE that if) and it works first.


    2.    ariki said

      Well I agree with you that the versions of fedora have become heavy and little worked. I started using from the 13th a luxury until the 15th after many problems frozen screen etc the latter was no different I think the fedora ones took it out in a hurry they could think of getting an annual version jaaaj anyway I already took it out of my laptop and now I'm still with arch that is still very good greetings ariki

  17.   Juan Cruz said

    Install Fedora 18 and it is quite heavy, I notice my computer much slower especially at startup, I clarify that the computer is an I5 2410M with 4gb of ram and an Intel 3000HD, on the part of the new installer, it is horrible, the buttons « Done »they are hidden and they are too boys to recognize them quickly, reinstall several times until I hit it haha, another thing that bothers a lot is that you cannot test the keyboard layout you choose, and that when you put the keys you always do it with the keyboard in English and not as you chose it, this is annoying if you use special characters that are different between the different keyboards.

    1.    Juan Carlos said

      If you installed from Live, you have to set the keyboard language on the desktop before starting the installation.


      1.    Blaire pascal said

        Well Juan Carlos ... I told you in MuyLinux «Different hardware, different experiences» ... True, but after my clean installation I had many problems, you were right, Fedora 18 ... sucks ...

        1.    Juan Carlos said

          What I said, since Fedora 14 is the worst version of the blue hat that I installed. I insist that the change of leadership of the team is doing very badly to this excellent (at least until the 17th) distribution.

          1.    Blaire pascal said

            You will see that everything will be fixed at Schrodinger Cat ...

  18.   David said

    I'm just testing linux, I have installed fedora 14 to my laptop, I have problems with the office as I receive documents in word and excel.

    Is it possible to install the windows office in some version of the fedora ?.

    I am thinking of switching to fedora 18, my laptop is Presario C700 compaq.

    I thank you in advance for an answer, thank you

  19.   alkmaark said

    David, first of all, I recommend that you update Fedora, to version 17 or 18 failing that, it is the best. And about the Office, I personally have tried openoficce and libreoficce, and in both there are problems with the files, for example that they look bad, or that photographs are missing and things like that, it would be best if you installed virtualbox and inside it You will install Windows, it is the only option according to my experience, anyway I leave you the steps to install virtualbox on your fedora.

    like sudo (su + password)
    1. you install wget (in case you don't have it)
    su -c 'yum -y install wget'

    2. then you do this
    cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

    wget http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/rpm/fedora/virtualbox.repo

    yum install binutils gcc make patch libgomp glibc-headers glibc-devel kernel-headers kernel-devel dkms

    yum install VirtualBox-4.2

    sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

    usermod -a -G vboxusers + your user

    and with that you have virtualbox installed, then it would be necessary to install windows, the office and work inside it, as if it were windows, I do not see another way that there is 100% compatibility,


  20.   altai_r7 said

    The new installer is not for novice users, if you do not have experience with partitions it is almost certain that they will water it, I think the old anaconda was better, I installed the Gnome 3 but I feel a bit heavy, I will give the XFCE a chance.

  21.   Benpaz said

    Fedora friends, I really want to install Fedora 18, but my concern is with which desktop: Gnome 3.6 or KDE 4? I await your detailed answers. Thank you.

  22.   whiter said

    Hi, a few days ago I installed fedora 18 on a hp envy m6. The problem is the overheating of the laptop. maybe someone can give me some scope on the subject. it's a fedora with genome… thanks.

    1.    Ivan Barra said

      Hello, see Does your Notebook have dedicated graphics by any chance? If so, you must install Bumblebee (Optimus Technology in Windows), so that the dedicated VGA is not always active (be careful, only if it is Nvidia dedicated, if AMD, I don't know how to proceed), anyway, I leave you a putorial:


      I hope it helps you, tell us how you are doing, another thing, you should specify more the hardware that your laptop has to have a better idea of ​​how to help you.