Fedora wants to reform the directory structure in GNU / Linux

Fedora announced its intention to drastically change the file systems of Linux distributions. This is not something so new the idea It existed not long ago, however it is the first time I read about it, so for me it is something new.

It is based on moving everything to / Usr, that is, all the binaries of the system would be in / usr / bin, the bookstores in / Usr / lib (for 32 bits) and in / usr / lib64 (64-bit)

The structure for the "view" might as well not change much, that is ... yes, the binaries would NO longer be in / bin Without in / usr / bin, but there would be a symbolic link from / usr / bin a / bin, so it would appear that nothing changed in our system.

Obviously, the change, idea, suggestion or whatever they want to call it, they take it into account primarily for RPM distros, well, I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but ... Fedora not that I have a lot of voice and vote in distros such as Debian or not? 😀

The explanation for this change is simpler than I thought: «disorder«

Too many directories currently exist in /Therefore Harald y Kay sievers (both developers of Red Hat) made this proposal more than anything, to achieve greater cleanliness and order in our system, for example ... it would cease to exist / bin y / sbin, and other changes that might make this Linux directory structure simpler for newbies.

Also, according to Lennart Poettering (also developer of Red Hat), making these changes to the location of the system libraries could increase the loading speed of the applications, these will work in a simpler way, as well as starting two or more applications that use the same library would be a simpler task.

For now there seems to be no problems with this, the detail is that if these changes were made, they would oppose or break the FHS (File Structure Standard) on our distros, standard which is based on the file system hierarchy of Unix v7 and Solaris.

Personally I am not totally against or totally in favor, I think yes, it would be extremely useful (for example) to put all the binaries in one place, since there are binaries in / bin, / usr / bin, / sbin, / usr / sbin, and in several other places it is not something totally clear, at least it confuses me a bit ^ _ ^

We'll see what this holds.


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  1.   elav <° Linux said

    Personally, I would like to see many more changes of this type. It would not hurt to give an easier structure to the file system in GNU / Linux. There are directories like / mnt / sbin and so on, which are hardly used.

    I would propose something else. Do not change the file system but hide it, camouflage it, something that only / home and / usr / are visible to the user

    Fedora does not have a lot of voice and vote in distros such as Debian, does it?

    There you are wrong, most of the major changes in GNU / Linux come from Fedora / RedHat

    1.    Courage said

      A big bang for the sandy as comrade Eduar2 would say

      There you are wrong, most of the major changes in GNU / Linux come from Fedora / RedHat

      By the way, I once made a similar comment and you told me that I am the typical user who says this and now you say it haha

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara <° Linux said

      What I mean is that Fedora / RedHat can propose X changes, but communities like Debian (and derivatives), Gentoo, Slackware, Arch, etc do not have to use / accept that changes.

  2.   fredy said

    Personally, it would be:

    home - for users

    sis - all of the entire system, configurations, etc ...

    so that more, the one who knows, knows and if it is not a normal user and it is easier a single folder.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well yes, something like that ...

  3.   Thirteen said

    Hopefully the developers of the main "distros" (especially those that are bases, commercial or not) can establish a dialogue on this type of topic.

    In other things such as packages, versions, desktops, interfaces, licenses, etc., each distro that makes its decisions, but on issues like the one you indicate in the post, a dialogue between the different communities of Linux developers.


  4.   Ignatius Stoppani said

    Do you know this distro? as I was seeing a different file structure already present: System - App files - Temporary - Users - Volumes

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      What distro do you mean? 😕

  5.   Nacho said

    hehe, sorry, the distro is called Moon os… you can see that he was already very asleep when I wrote yesterday. Cheers!

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Hahahaha thank you very much Nacho, I'll see if I can find documentation and references in this regard .. ^^

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