Firefox 31.0 Final: Official Download from Mozilla FTPs


Without having anything to do, snooping around the web and downloading some add-ons to Firefox I came across the news that the final version of Firefox, 31.0, I definitely checked in the Panel> Help to update it but I don't find any update available.

Later I noticed that they are only available in the FTP de Mozilla and the download is manual. For now we will see the resulting features of the new version.

  • A search field is added when opening a new window in a new tab
  • Firefox will use the .ogg audio / video format by default if the web app doesn't specify any codec
  • MPEG-4 is partially implemented
  • Generational garbage collection is integrated
  • WebVTT and various CSS3 variables are implemented and enabled by default
  • Added a debugger for extensions and for Canvas
  • Navigator.sendBeacon is enabled by default
  • Several errors that caused the slow closing of the browser and notifying the user with the warning "Firefox is already running" have been solved
  • An eyedropper type tool is added to select colors on web pages
  • The use of the tag is enabled
In my case I was able to download it but I could not install it

To learn more about what is new in the version, we will follow these links:

By clicking the corresponding button you will see several folders corresponding to the different languages ​​available. Choose your language and go to that folder and you will find the installation file. For example, for Spanish of Mexico the folder to choose would be es-MX.

Please note the following:

  • en-MX: Español de México
  • en-ES: Spanish from Spain
  • en-AR: Español de Argentina
  • en-CL: Español de Chile
  • in U.S: American English

Click on the following links according to their structure:

Firefox 31 (32-bit)
Firefox 31 (64-bit)

That's all for now ... Greetings.

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  1.   Bill said

    What's good about it [I kill the notice of "In my case I could download it but I couldn't install it"]
    LOL, regards

    1.    cuervo291286 said

      anyway it doesn't matter xD

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Could it have been downloaded badly due to the poor quality of the internet in Cuba?

      1.    cuervo291286 said

        I'm not from Cuba xD haha

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Well, try to download it with UGet or simply WGet if your modem / ISP does not allow you to download files smoothly.

          1.    cuervo291286 said

            Grace elio

    3.    Togo said

      The good thing is that it sends the data of what you download to google, recommended to leave the value browser.safebrowsing.appRepURL blank

  2.   error said

    the new cache they were working on is coming in beta 32 I think 😀

    1.    elav said

      I don't like the new cache. It does not work well when we are offline 🙁

  3.   Bill said

    Well, I have mint and it has only been updated to firefox 31, in fact it is the version from which I am writing this comment.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Congratulations, since in my case, I have to wait either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday for the weasel to update.

  4.   eliotime3000 said

    This is funny, since in the Mozilla Security repo that is hosted on Launchpad, Firefox 31 was already in its final version 6 days ago (thanks, libuntu).

    1.    cuervo291286 said

      I have mint 13 and I still haven't received the update

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Well, it is a problem having to deal with the lag of Firefox versions in the repos of many distros. The same I say about the Iceweasel repo, which is in the same situation as Firefox for Mint.

  5.   Rodolfo said

    I tried it since MInt 17, it looks interesting until you enter some websites like Facebook, and it seems that they went overboard with the bold font, they look ugly lol I hope it improves soon.

  6.   Ever said

    A few hours ago it was updated on Ubuntu 14.04 (and official derivatives).

  7.   Rla said

    If it opens slow, try the libreoffice turbo script. Both Firefox, thunderbird and Libreoffice will take 1-2 seconds to open.

    1.    elav said

      And what is that script?

      1.    vr_rv said

        They have already implemented the new design of DesdeLinux ?, it looks different from the video you showed.

        1.    elav said

          See. It is that the video is not ready yet .. This was more complete .. but it is not yet decided if it will be the final one.

          1.    vr_rv said

            Respecting this post, I will wait for you to publish a new entry on this to give you my opinion. By the way, take a look at the Donations widget, I think the numbers don't add up 😉

          2.    elav said

            We haven't updated it yet. We have received donations that we have not added yet. 😉
            On the subject, you can leave your opinion on my Google+ profile or via email, because it is not yet decided if this issue remains.

            Or maybe you can leave it here

      2.    Rla said

        Here I found him:

        I recommend trying it, I think the latest versions of buntu put it in and that's why Firefox, Libreoffice and Thunderbird open so quickly.

  8.   darkar said

    When will the update come to manjaro?

  9.   diazepam said

    just today came to gentoo

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Yesterday, in the Debian Mozilla backport, Iceweasel 31 arrived. Now, let's wait for Debian Jessie to arrive.

      1.    dhunter said

        Elio, don't use pure Testing, sometimes there are packages that are left out for days, I invite you to try apt-pinning (it's not as geek as it sounds).

        I use the 31 from sid with this command: aptitude -t unstable install iceweasel

  10.   Very Matrera said

    I download the file, unzip it and then what do I do. I'm a novice and I write from Chile.
    Thank you teachers.

    1.    cuervo291286 said

      Hello Matrera, you should get the firefox update, this post was written when the latest version was not yet available, I don't know what distro you have ... if you could comment, greetings

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