Firefox / Chrome: how to enable spell checker in Spanish

In my noble role as moderator of this blog (and even before, in Let's Use Linux) I have seen faults spelling horrors, both in the writing of the articles and in the comments, which have perplexed me. In this sense, I think this trick can be very useful to improve our command of the language. The harsh reality is that not knowing how to express ourselves correctly in our own language puts us at a disadvantage.

In Firefox

By default, Firefox is configured to check spelling automatically. You can enable or disable this feature by going to Preferences> Advanced> General. Once there, select the option Check spelling as you type.

How to enable spell checker in Firefox

How to enable spell checker in Firefox

Then, you have to right click on the text box in which you are writing and enable the Check spelling option (in case it is not enabled). Finally, once again right click on the text box and select the corresponding language.

Spell Checker Language Settings in Firefox

Spell Checker Language Settings in Firefox

More info in the help manuals of Mozilla.

In Chromium / Chrome

1. Click on the Chrome menu, which appears on the browser toolbar.

2. Choose Settings> Show advanced options.

3. In the section Languages, click Language and text input settings.

4. In the dialog box Languages, select the check box Enable orthographic revision to turn the spell checker on or off.

5. If you want to use the spell checker, select the relevant language from the list and click Use this language for the spell checker on the right. If the language is not included, add it as one of your "preferred languages". There is a possibility that the language you add does not have a spell-checking dictionary. In that case, you will not be able to use the spell checker in that language.

Spell Checker Options in Chromium

Spell Checker Options in Chromium

Bonus tip: if you use the web in multiple languages, you can easily change the dictionary language as you type. Just make sure these languages ​​are included in the preferred languages ​​list in the settings dialog of the Language. Then right click on the text box where you are typing and select Spell checker options and the language you prefer.

For more information, I recommend reading the help manuals of Google.

Yapa: the most common mistakes

1. It is said that Excellent (with "xc"), no excellent.

2. Haya, there y find.

Haya (from the verb have): so that beech probabilities, you have to study.
There (place): that's more there of any doubt
Halla (find): You find here!

3. It is said that going (with "and"), not going.

4. Go y Municipality.

Go (from the verb go): so that I go to school it needs to rain
Valla (the one you jump): yesterday I ran 100 m. with fences.

5. Tubo y had.

Had (from the verb have): had chickenpox
Tube (container): tube from the light it burned

6. Second person imperfect

Your voice said, you danced, did you go out. You didn't say, you danced, you went out

7. Why - because

Why (interrogative):Why are we linuxers like this? I don't know, nobody knows well why.
Because (explanation): We are like this because we could not be otherwise.

8. Done - threw out

Done (from the verb to do): is done.
Echo (from the verb to throw, means to throw): where threw out The trash?

9. Vast y enough

Vast (means "large"): a region very wide.
Enough (means "no more"): ¡enough from making spelling mistakes!

10.  Last syllable of the verbs conjugated with us.

It is wrong to use "let's respect ourselves" or "let's respect each other", the correct thing to say is "let's respect ourselves".

Anyway, guys, ladies: I'm not asking you to be Cervantes, or even to be fundamentalists of accents or commas, but, as a friend would say, "a piece of culture!"

Anyway, you can leave your comments, puteadas and points of view.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   x11tete11x said

    ́Ǵǵǵ́ŕá́áázzííaasśś x́ t́ú v́ué́n̨a bolúńtá

    xD hahahaha

    1.    elav said

      Jódéŕ tíó qúé ćáńtídád dé tíldéś .. hahaha

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Cr30 qu3 n0 func10n4 very b13n p4r4 4qu3ll0s qu3 l3s gus74n 3scr1b1r 3n h4x0r.

        1.    diazepan said

          Bü € n ınŧ € nŦØ

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            817c5 pl2

        2.    tailless mouse said

          If they put youtube, click anywhere and put «1337» all c0m3n74r10z s3 3zcr183n like this

      2.    the pixie said

        lightning I qke kqeria write aszi

    2.    let's use linux said

      wtf ?? haha

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        This is because we're testing Firefox's spell checker to see how effective it is. What it lacks is self-correction. 🙂

  2.   Outdated said

    Good spelling is fine, so we understand each other better.
    It is also important to consult the dictionary, since in our house we have learned to give a meaning to words, but in another family, or in another town the same word can be understood in another way. That is where the dictionary helps us: it is the standard to follow so that we all understand each other without problems, we have grown up wherever, because understanding and dialogue begin with the meaning we give to words.


    1.    let's use linux said

      It's true ... the dictionary is a great ally.
      Likewise, it seems valid to me to express myself according to the uses and customs of each country. I know that it bothers some that "I write like an Argentine." Unfortunately, I will not change the way I am. I resist "neutral Spanish" (if that really exists).
      Hug! Paul.

      1.    Outdated said

        Of course man, to express each one who expresses himself as he pleases as long as he understands himself 🙂 I am Andalusian and I do not change for anything, that is how I like to express myself 😛

  3.   Saints said

    Very good grammar lesson 😉 although why - because, etc. has more meanings:

    1.    let's use linux said

      It is true. As I explain in another comment, it was not the idea to give a "grammar lesson" but to give brief tips to keep in mind.
      Good contribution!

  4.   Mr. Linux said

    The first misspelling you make in any article you publish, I'll be the first to let you know.

    1.    elav said

      What is this comment about? I don't see what the problem is with the article.

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Errare Humanum Est.

      There are people who have excellent spelling and don't rely heavily on spell checkers (to tell the truth, it bothers them a lot to use it).

      On the other hand, there are people who are so impatient that they don't bother to see if their spelling is right or wrong.

  5.   eliotime3000 said

    Both in Firefox and Iceweasel I have the spell checkers configured in Spanish. Thus, it can serve to be able to write better and not get into an online course on how to decipher the "Hoygan" code mixed with "h4x0r" that is on Facebook.

  6.   Mr. Linux said

    If you want to treat us as ignorant, the explanation of why was incomplete, as you can see the "why" can be used not only in question. What I am trying to say is that there are ways to say things more diplomatically. Just having Having said that it is important to take more care in spelling, it was enough.

    1.    elav said

      And I still don't understand why you feel so alluded to. 😉

      1.    Mr. Linux said

        Hi Elav, just because we all make spelling mistakes (even you recently made a mistake typing failure with z) does not mean that a mini spelling course is thrown in our faces. It's just a bit more careful when writing.

        1.    let's use linux said

          It's not really about giving lessons to anyone. It seemed to me that it could be a good contribution to avoid making so many mistakes in the future. This is something that I myself have used to improve my command of the language.
          On the other hand, I think you will agree with me that these are not "small" spelling errors made by "inattention." Sure, no one is exempt from making a mistake from time to time, but when these HORRORS (many of which are elementary school) are repeated consistently, they speak of something MUCH more serious.
          To be completely honest with you, it seems to me that making a "cultural" or "educational" contribution is more important than the spread of Linux and free software (even as important as this is).
          That's how I feel. I hope I haven't offended you or offended anyone.
          A hug! Paul.

          1.    Mr. Linux said

            The intention of the article is very good, but I insist you have to have more elegance and tact to say things, what's more, you were very sure that your article was going to generate controversy since in your last sentence you mentioned the word whore.

          2.    dwarf said

            Generate what ?! Mr. Linux, please, Pablo is not me, I'm sure of that.

            By God, enough of sand gentlemen, it is a simple tip to use the corrector, and with a personal comment ...

            Want to touch them ...

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Flame in sight. I'm out…

      1.    let's use linux said

        You do not know how demotivating it is to kill yourself writing an article and to be called "excellent, great contribution!"
        Hence my outrage.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          That's true.

      2.    dwarf said

        Or contraire, im in! xD

    3.    Cocolio said

      It is NOT about giving lessons, but about learning, about making good use of the computers that we have either at home or at home.

      In any case, have you noticed the horrors of scoring that you have? I suppose that this little tutorial can also work for you.

      1.    Mr. Linux said

        Every semicolon is in place.

    4.    let's use linux said

      I don't know where you get that I treated you as ignorant. If you take for granted, that is your problem, not mine.
      On the other hand, I am making a CONSTRUCTIVE contribution so that we (all) pay more attention when writing (I include myself). That's what the part of the article that talks about how to enable spell checker in Firefox / Chromium is all about.
      I did not intend to write an exhaustive article on spelling rules, but to give general advice on the words that I have seen that generally cause problems.

    5.    Call said

      Hello, Mr. Linux. Ci so much kisaz ezkrivaz komo laz yamaz. A yama komo llo

  7.   Cocolio said

    «You can enable or disable»

    It's a pity that you don't use this function right?

    1.    let's use linux said

      I do not understand. Could you be more specific? Thank you.

  8.   Cocolio said

    Can you sorry, what language is that in? gaucho? LOL.

    Look at this being a long-range blog, so at least learn to confuse the verbs, right? since not all of us delight in the Argentine way of speaking, even though they hide behind the idea that it is archaic, a greeting.

    1.    the pixie said

      It is due to the Voseo phenomenon, which is not incorrect since it is a substitution of pronouns and verbs in Spanish
      In conclusion he is writing in a correct way

    2.    let's use linux said

      Hello Cocolio!
      I'm glad to know that this post served a purpose.
      The "voseo" is accepted by the RAE as absolutely valid and correct.
      Did you see how good it is to learn something new?
      The world does not end in Spain.
      A hug! Paul.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Although the term vos is a derivative of the term vocé which is of Portuguese origin.

        1.    diazepan said

          voçe, without accent and with cedilla

    3.    the pixie said

      It is conjugated like this:

      I walk
      You / you walk -s
      He / she walks
      We walk
      You walk -you / You walk -s
      They walk

      For a verb of the second conjugation ending in -er the conjugation changes:

      Ex: power

      you can

      And it is correct

      1.    diazepan said

        Here in Uruguay we don't use yours. We use "you" and the third plural conjugation is used.

        You walk.

    4.    dwarf said

      I am leaving the class with you, but the idiot of your comment ...

      Is it bad for someone to write as they speak? And I mean the dialect of the Argentine accents, officially recognized within the Spanish language, that you don't like it little matter, your only objective, whenever you comment, is to oppose it.

      1.    Cocolio said

        Ahh, as you like, personally that of the voseo and the lunfardo seem to me well, well I am not going to go into details to generate controversy, in short, each one with his story, and it is not to be contrary, ok? a greeting.

        1.    the pixie said

          they can seem to you what you want
          but they are correct forms of Spanish

    5.    Sergio said

      You are bad cocolito by the way what a rarity of name accept that it is wrong and with this you get nowhere. Always looking for the hair of the egg that mania male.

  9.   the pixie said

    It seems to me a good post it is something quite useful
    However, I already generate controversy (not intentionally) and this seems to me that is not the objective of the article, in my opinion it is only an article that will help us with our spelling, which is good for all of us

  10.   Joseca said

    "Select" and as @Cocolio says with "you can" is not the way to configure verbs, at least here in Spain they are not used that way. In Argentina (or other areas of South America?) Are they used like this? The intention is appreciated, unless there are no sentences like: Hoygan hamygos k tal stan? (Mys hojos ahhhh)

    1.    Joseca said

      xD, to configure the verbs no, to conjugate them, mea culpa
      Greetings 😉

    2.    the pixie said

      This particular way of speaking is due to the Voseus phenomenon. It is used in several countries and it is different in each one of them saying "you can" is NOT incorrect

      Check this link

    3.    let's use linux said

      Hello Joseca!
      It is not the first time that I have received this type of comments and I cannot believe the enormous ignorance that exists on the subject, especially in Spain.
      The "voseo" is used in many countries in South America (Argentina, Uruguay, etc.) and is accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy.
      I leave you a very educational link:
      Do not confuse "voseo" with "lunfardo."
      Anyway, that is not the way you express yourself, it does not mean that it is wrong, right? It is like saying that Brazilian Portuguese is incorrect because it is not like what they speak in Portugal.
      A hug! Paul.

      1.    Joseca said

        Many thanks to you both for your answers!
        In Spain there is totally ignorance on this subject.
        I did not know that it was accepted by the RAE, you will never go to bed without knowing something new.
        What is lunfardo? Excuse my ignorance.
        I thought it was wrong even if it was used, sorry, it was not my intention as you can see from my comment to criticize or be a "troll"
        Here in Spain it is about "you" and to speak to older or respectable people it is said about you. Our way of speaking using the pronoun "you" is like the third person (he / she).
        Another hug for both of us 🙂

        1.    let's use linux said

          Lunfardo is an "uneducated" way of speaking, so to speak.
          The "voseo", on the other hand, has nothing to do with lunfardo and is used in a generalized way (in those countries). Among other things, it implies the use of «vos» instead of «tú», with the consequent modification in the conjugation of the verb: we say «vos caminás», instead of «tú caminas».
          Likewise, in Argentina (and in Latin America in general) "you" is not used either, but "you": instead of "you walk," we say "you walk."
          Hug! Paul.

          1.    Giskard said

            In Maracaibo, Venezuela also "vocea" or "vosea" (they already confused me 🙂) And in Cali, Colombia too, although it is something different. I think they call one "verbal" and the other "pronominal" but I honestly don't know the formal and academic difference between the two; I only know that they are slightly different. So, as you can see, it is something quite widespread. The best thing is not to see it as something negative but as variations that enrich our fantastic language. The second most widely spoken in the World (after Mandarin) and above English (according to Wikipedia).

      2.    René López said

        And we also use it Paraguay.
        They also always take me for Argentine when I write that way.
        And what I must stop myself from writing in my native language, Guaraní.
        Che aguyje ndeve che anguirû ko post re ..
        What in Spanish is: Thanks partner / friend, for the post.

      3.    Sergio said

        well said Pablo is the best answer in the world. If not, it is the universe haha ​​greetings

    4.    Sergio said

      Know that the world does not end in Spain. Understood? inform yourself male! I can only say that!

  11.   Giskard said

    ˙ǝʇuǝɯɐʇɔǝɹɹoɔ ɹıqıɹɔsǝ ɐ ɐzuǝıɯoɔ ǝʇuǝƃ ɐl zǝʌ ɐuǝnq ɐun ǝp ıs ɹǝʌ ∀ ˙ʇsod lǝ lɐıuǝ פ

    1.    Giskard said

      But seriously, a post like that was needed. Too many spelling mistakes, not only in the posts but in the comments. You get tired.

      Missing, I think, the "if not" and the "but" that people exchange indiscriminately (it's not you but me / if you don't tell me I don't know) and the "had" that is only valid when it replaces had they had to -> they had to) but people use it as a plural (which does not exist) of the verb "have" (there were many deaths -> there were many deaths)

      Very good post!

      1.    let's use linux said

        You are right! Very good contribution… those are also very common.
        Hug! Paul.

    2.    Outdated said

      ostia, award for the most paranoid post of the year hahaha

    3.    let's use linux said

      Haha! Great. I loved. 🙂
      Hug! Paul.

    4.    facundokd said

      How long were you to write that?

      1.    Giskard said

        What it took me to google which page did it 😉

    5.    eliotime3000 said

      Spectacular. I hope that the language checker can also be useful when writing in your head.

  12.   jidi said

    First of all, greetings to the entire community. I want to make it clear that it is not my intention to create controversy, in fact I find this type of post great, but I find it paradoxical that the spell checker is useless for the examples you put.

    1.    let's use linux said

      It is true. I had not thought of it.
      Anyway, that only revalues ​​the last section of the post (so criticized by some).
      Hug! Paul.

  13.   Chaparral said

    I totally agree with the author of this article. If someone says they want to be helped in any forum and does not write correctly, it will be difficult to help them. There are people who, unfortunately, or for whatever reasons, did not have the opportunity to attend class and write frankly badly. But the really funny thing is that they don't want to try to make a fairly understandable script. Of course, the important thing is to make yourself understood, but sometimes I can read posts in which not a single comma or period is placed in an endless writing. When two people trying to communicate do not speak the same language, mimicry or gestures are very important, but in a medium like the Internet, this is forbidden. That is why it is important to write, I do not say correctly, but at least moderately well, since we will all benefit from this. Sorry if someone was upset, but that was not my intention.

  14.   dwarf said

    And here is the jewel from me.

    Gentlemen, is there a problem that Pablo or someone (ahem, me for example) wants to leave an implicit message in what he writes? I do not think so.

    Did you know how painful it is to correct the spelling horrors of so many people who want to post? Or worse, read the comments of several users who seem to write with their buttocks? Everything is going away for me here, not for defending Pablo, but for the ability to reach levels of idiocy above 9000, damn it.

    First a couple of firecrackers commenting on voseo, which is something perfectly normal, they are in a way like the contractions that gringos do to English, you know, «i'm, i am» ... you can, you can, you can. Can you really be such a beast in life as to want to criticize these kinds of issues? The man says it would be good for everyone, including himself, and four guys come out "offended" because they think they were told ignorant. Well, gentlemen, I very much doubt that the purpose of Pablo's post is to tell you ignorant, but I am quite convinced that you are flaunting your ignorance by feeling alluded to something that was not with you, like who says around here «who should not he is not afraid of it.

    Were they offended? Bad milk! I do not see the desire or purpose of offending here, leave the sensitivity, that everything that is published now, for a good part, is usually "offensive", please, enough of such immoderation.

    1.    Outdated said


    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Over +9000!

  15.   cat said

    This reminds me of a text that I found a long time ago and I was very funny xD

  16.   eliotime3000 said

    Pa'l Feis!

  17.   Blitzkrieg said

    Excellent, I provided it and if it works ee

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Oh yeah? ¬¬

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        On my Chromium, that option already comes to me by default.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Off-Topic: Now they have improved the problem of rendering web pages in Debian Chromium.

          1.    sieg84 said

            which version did you upgrade to Chromium?

          2.    eliotime3000 said

            To version 29.

  18.   Houndix said

    Very good post and very complete. Especially because of the list of most frequent spelling errors (or horrors). That there are many people who trust too much in the proofreader and think that they write "accurately" using it.

  19.   stebsan said

    And since you are in this, how do you write sleeping or sleeping ?????? please if you are so kind to explain me

    1.    let's use linux said

      Sleeping ...
      I sleep
      you sleep
      he sleeps

  20.   Rainbow_fly said

    I was unaware of "why" and "why": O

  21.   jesus said

    How can I activate the correct spelling of my pc —– and what

  22.   Eider J. Chaves C. said

    Fantastic tutorial! I thank you for taking the time to do it and publish it; it serves me a lot.

  23.   Alexander said


    you see, I am having a problem with this of the correctors on the tablet…. unfortunately I have no idea how to enable one. I have tried to download add-ons for firefox but they still don't work correctly.
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me here as much as possible
    Thank you.

  24.   Sergio said

    You already knew all the Yapas but there is always someone ignorant who makes the most unusual mistakes such as saying hello without h and other horrendous I have never been maniac of spelling and accents but no matter how silly you can not make those mistakes OMG D : like yapa number 1

  25.   Joanot said

    Very good comment. Writing well costs nothing ... If your country does not have a good educational system, it is best to learn by yourself ... It is a bit embarrassing for others to see certain texts ... full of mistakes ... In less than a year, if you are interested, you can learn well the language you use and it is only necessary to be passionate about its structure, origins, uses ... And it is no excuse, for example, not to use the c as in Spanish in Spain: the Canaries, the Andalusians, the Extremadurans, not the they pronounce like the Castilians, and yet they write it well ...
    This is told to you by one who writes two languages ​​perfectly; self-taught ...

  26.   Gabriela ramirez said

    WOW great thank you very much (=

  27.   Lady li said

    Thank you!!!!!! Your explanation helped me a lot !!! Cheers!!!!!! 🙂

  28.   Dixon Scola said

    Thanks for your help, successes.