Canaima's first Alpha 4 available

Good morning to all my brothers in the Free Software and Gnu / Linux community.

Maybe few know but, I am Venezuelan and today I found out through the social networks of the availability of the first alpha of Canaima 4 under the code name «kerepakupai». We must remember that, Canaima uses Debian as a base distro in its stable branchTherefore, it was to be expected that the first alpha would see light quickly.

It is called «kerepakupai», in honor of the Kerepakupai Vená, the original name (Pemón) of the highest waterfall in the world, located in the Canaima National Park, in Venezuela.


For those who do not know, I will say in summary that, Canaima is a Venezuelan meta-distribution As I said before, it takes Debian as a base and adds different applications made in our country. This distribution arises from the need of the Venezuelan state to carry out a full migration from their institutions to Free Software.

Some of the novelties that Canaima 4 has in this Alpha version, as we are told in the distribution mailing lists are:

  • - Gnome Desktop 3.4.
  • –Kernel Linux 3.2.0
  • – Windows Server 7.7.
  • –Office Suite LibreOffice 4.0.1.
  • –Cunaguaro 22.0 Web Browser (based on Iceweasel).
  • –Client for Correo Guácharo 17.0.5 (based on Icedove).
  • –GIMP 2.8 image manipulation program.
  • –Inkscape 0.48 vector graphics editor.
  • –Python 2.7 / 3.2 language.
  • –Perl 5.14 language.


It is an alpha version. Installation on production machines is not recommended. Just to test it and submit bugs so the developer team can fix them

Here is the link where you can find the full release note as well as some more information here!

Now the links are missing, right? There they go ...

Download 32 bit

Download 64 bit

This is all, I say goodbye making a call to all who can and have some free time to try this version and "discover" bugs that may report here!.

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  1.   diazepan said

    Comments involving politics in 3… .2… .1….

    1.    satanAG said

      Hopefully there are no D:

      1.    dwarf said

        Canaima evokes that theme, because it is born under the political veil

        1.    Miguel said

          All things that involve collective decisions are political.

    2.    dwarf said

      Fourth program, I think we put it on from national distros ... will you sign up?

  2.   Giskard said

    Not crazy install that !!!

    1.    satanAG said

      It's alpha… I hope that's why.

      1.    Giskard said

        No, it's not that.
        It is not worth commenting why, however here in this blog they commented on a Chinese office suite and my opinion is the same in this regard.
        I prefer to leave it that size to avoid mixing things up.

        1.    dwarf said

          The comments are totally free and open and Canaima is a topic that can become Flame for different reasons, I don't use it directly because I don't think it offers anything interesting at all, I don't think it makes me more or less Venezuelan to use it, much less me I feel identified with it, I feel that it needs a lot to really become what it pretends to be but they want to put more in their mouth than they can chew and swallow, truth be told, but it is not bad that this type of project is done, teaches something one way or another

          1.    eliotime3000 said


        2.    Miguel said

          Giskard, don't wear clothes or appliances either because it's all made in China.

  3.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    Personally, I prefer not to install distros that are directly supported by a government, I am more from communities that have no affinity or are involved with any type of government.

    This is why I am so comfortable with Debian 😀

    1.    satanAG said

      It is promoted by the government but its development is largely the task of the Venezuelan community. In fact, community activities are always carried out to promote its use beyond public administration. Be careful, I do not support the Venezuelan government at all, but I feel Canaima as my own, therefore, even using Debian I am aware of its development.

    2.    Giskard said

      I agree with you!
      I am currently testing SolydX and it is doing quite well. Except for a "too many open files" error which is very annoying (but I already saw how to solve it) My intention is to completely switch to Debian and leave derivatives behind.

    3.    kikee said

      Debian rulezz !!

    4.    eliotime3000 said

      Me too, besides that the Launchpad repos dedicated to Ubuntu LTS are more focused on stable versions of Debian (although their days are unfortunately numbered by Cannonical).

    5.    adolfo said

      It must be that windows or whatever they call it is not supported by an invading government and resist, I reserve the rest ...

  4.   elav said

    Let's see ... I don't want to fall into the political issue, but it is inevitable. Canaima is a distribution that supports the migration process of the Venezuelan Government, it is true, but that does not mean that for that reason it includes "hidden things" to atone for its users or anything like that.

    I had the opportunity to try previous versions and I must say that I really liked it. Not only because it was based on Debian, but because they were quite optimized and had their own Artwork and fork of applications.

    I don't see it bad at all.

    1.    satanAG said

      Sure, that's the way it is. Distribution is still Free, if there were "spies", we would have found out by now. Although politics is social, it must have a limit in terms of technology. It's a good distro and this new version looks very good.

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Neither do I, but truth be told, many prefer to avoid using it due to its overly politically focused philosophy and many distros avoid falling into chauvinism. In the rest of the qualities it has, they are great, but I prefer Debian because it is the GNU / Linux distro that best accommodated my needs and its incredible versatility and stability compared to its derivatives such as Ubuntu (even the LTS) and derivatives.

      I would love for Tencent QQ and Kingston Office to come to Linux (I mean their international version, because the local versions are already being used intensively) and that at least it knows how to fill the void that Microsoft has left with death. Windows Live Messenger and its complete disinterest in completely freeing up the Office Open XML file system (so far I am still dealing with the poor display that LibreOffice gives me with that format of files edited in MS Office 2k7, 2k10 and higher).

  5.   pandev92 said

    Well, I have my doubts about the need for these distros ..., but hey, it was funny when I had gnome 2, because it had a theme and all that, I had used it for a while, and I'm from Spain, but now with gnome 3, I do not see the need, little will change, except the names of the applications ...

    1.    Miguel said

      local development and technological independence

  6.   Rodrigo bravo said

    Yesterday I tested it and I already reported the first bugs. I will support the community in whatever way I can. Many Venezuelans feel quite identified with this distribution for all the grain of sand that we have contributed to it and for various projects that have resulted from it, such as "Canaima Educativo" ( ) that is already implemented in almost all schools and high schools nationwide (This is one of the few things that I have supported this Government).

    I recommend you try it.

    1.    Miguel said

      use gnome 3 shell pure or classic style?

  7.   firefoxo said

    «… Adds different applications made in our country». I am interested in knowing what they are… What are they used for and if they might interest me in my work… I am not Venezuelan, but you always have to be open to new programs and ways of working. Thanks in advance.

    1.    dwarf said

      for your work? in fact it doesn't add anything for any that other distros don't have, excuse me but not xD

      1.    elav said

        Turpial for example is 100% Venezuelan.

        1.    dwarf said

          but it doesn't help much productivity, already turpial I love it, it deserves all the applause because it is carried only by one person

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            So, replace this chauvinistic version of Debian with Turpial. Besides, it is a better tuning than Canaima.

          2.    Miguel said

            Don't you think they have a little bias?

  8.   dnoser said

    It is appreciated that governments are abandoning superfluous expenses such as proprietary software and starting to use free tools. I have tried it before and, as Elav already comments, there is no suspicion about spyware.

    By the way, the governments of China and Venezuela have little to do with it.

  9.   dwarf said

    It is not a secret to anyone that I am not a good friend of Canaima for many reasons. In fact I can speak properly because I know and talk to a member of the CNTI and maintainer of the Canaima servers (repos and that) ...

    Well, first of all, Gnome Shell is still on, we'll see, they are on the question of whether to include it and create a breaking point with users (they are doing open usability tests with VIT machines), Mate or Cinnamon ... Personally when I was meeting with him I had the luxury of recommending KDE for thousands of reasons, including that they want to make a mobile distro for phones and tablets, especially the latter, although personally I see it as not very viable with GTK technology.

    They don't want to use KDE because it doesn't specifically have accessibility options like Orca, but I think that if they really want to make a difference, they should start developing an accessibility qt app to integrate into other projects and be able to say that there are really homemade things.

    This is a delicate point because although there are "own" things, I really say that they are not made at home, they are "forked at home", since what is cunaguaro and guacharo are simple forks masked of iceweasel and icedove, and that It hurts whoever hurts, it's true. If there are things of their own such as the Python installer (I have fiddled with the code), the development tools installer (which the truth is half useless, I keep the terminal for those things) turpial (zero complaints with it), front- prompt ends like seed canaima to create flavors, etc ...

    Now, I kind of am going to write my own article later, but for November after I do the event I have planned and I hope to have some members of CNTI with me so that I can better discuss this whole matter because I feel that Canaima is still not the right thing to do. What it pretends to be, it is not progressing as it should and in fact community work is almost non-existent in many areas, almost all work is driven by the government and unfortunately I see Canaima as a scapegoat to say that we are "technologically sovereign" and politicize what which for me is unpolitical, the SL ...

    My opinion and anecdotes can be lengthened by paragraphs and paragraphs but more or less my idea is raised, this is a very delicate topic for me xD

    1.    satanAG said

      Honestly, I agree with a lot of what you say. Although it is also true that sometimes those of us who handle GNU / LINUX in a certain way have not made enough contributions to the distro. For example, I have friends who know quite a bit about programming or design on GNU / LINUX systems and have never even taken the slightest interest in helping the distro.

      I realize NANO that you are also Venezuelan, and I agree with you that the government tries to politicize what is not due, but we must also make Canaima more ours. In many things, Nano, I agree on that issue: Canaima is good but it lacks. That fact cannot be hidden.

      1.    dwarf said

        The funny thing is that I am a detractor of Canaima but I have good ties with those who maintain it xD… so I am always very aware of what is happening, surely it is because of my desire to get a lot with the LUG. Anyway, maybe I will develop my thesis under Canaima myself, or ... I don't know, it depends on whether they give me the infrastructure to manage it, but I insist, Canaima needs to be promoted outside of GTK, a project needs to be started for the creation of a true accessibility system in KDE-QT because it is something that would benefit the whole fucking world, any distro and that would be a tremendous step forward and a true homemade ...

        Regarding distros for phones and tablets, hell, reinvent the wheel? For God's sake, Plasma active and FF-OS and voila, shit dog, I know one of the only two REPs of Mozzila in Venezuela and so many things can be done, but nothing, even if Canaima "is ours" is financed by the government and decisions are made based on that on many occasions.

        1.    satanAG said

          It does not seem to me that the main problem is that of GTK, I honestly believe that within Canaima there are much more serious problems (politicization, lack of motivation for development, bureaucracy ...) than the issue of QT or GTK. I think we differ on that. But I do agree on many things you raise. Just to clarify, I never wanted to imply that I feel more Venezuelan for being aware of Canaima.

          1.    dwarf said

            I refer a lot to my area, which is directly development and that, certainly there is more to fix but there is less that can be done in that sense, that is why I say that the community is more an illusion than a reality

    2.    elav said

      Orca is not there, but KDE has Jovie ... and I doubt very much, that it does not have any such tool out there.

      1.    dwarf said

        There is accessibility but I think we would have to work a lot on its development but I really feel that KDE is a better way for canaima, the tests that were done on users released results showing that in MATE and in Shell they were lost, I feel that with KDE they can be take many steps forward and with razor-qt make a light version; I insist on QT not because I am a fanboy but because of the amount of possibilities that it presents in the future

    3.    Miguel said

      It shows enough that you are not a friend of Canaima, you have said it like 20 times. XD

  10.   Kerameki said

    It seems to me that supporting this distribution has nothing to do with supporting the Venezuelan government, they are two totally different things (although they do not have to be mutually exclusive). I fully support this type of projects that are born from Latin America in an effort to increase our presence in the world of software, I am Argentine and here we also develop our own distribution called Huayra used in the PCs that the government gives to middle-level students upon graduating from schools. I would love to see more of this type and of course I will try Canaima without any doubt. In case someone is interested I leave the link to the Huayra distro developed in Argentina.

    1.    Claudio said

      Dear Kerameki: did you know that to develop Huayra, there is a team of 15 people working since 2010? I mean: making a Debian artwork, using what Tuquito and Lihuen did before (among others) takes 3 years… and 15 people. And a large part of the contents are from, which started in the year 2000, banked by an Argentine millionaire who lives in London! I liked Lihuen (UNLP) better because there were students learning behind development, or Tuquito, which was at no cost to the State.

    2.    Miguel said

      Thanks for the Hayra link, I'm looking for a distro with a Latin American identity, and that has a classic desktop.

  11.   lovell said

    Greetings to all .

  12.   lovell said

    Greetings to all, I leave you 2 links to understand a little about this topic of free software and politics, I would recommend reading about CopyFarLeft and delving into the fundamental pillars of free software, the links: ... I hope you read them with an open mind.

  13.   truko22 said

    There is a way !!! Debian

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      In fact, I have been using it for a long time (although sometimes I take advantage of the times in which I comment from the Windows compus that the institute in which I study has).

  14.   José Miguel said

    I can't talk about Canaima because I don't know her. Even so, I can't quite understand how a free software migration project can generate so many doubts.

    That in Spain does not happen or jokes. In that sense, my congratulations to the Venezuelan government.


    1.    Miguel said

      I think the same

  15.   jamin-samuel said

    Oh wao… Canaima with Gnome Shell 3.4 ajajajajajajja…

    I'll see a few "comrades" say (I don't understand this shit) AJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ


    Ok, already out guacjafa, I really hope that the distro takes flight .. here in our country free software culture is urgently needed 🙂

  16.   Zironid said

    Does anyone know how they put the logo next to the menu?

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      No idea, but that should be done by Debian to attract more users.

      1.    Zironid said

        Amen XD

    2.    DanielC said

      There is an extension called "activities configurator" where you can make these changes (put an icon, put something else instead of "Activities", menu separations ...), once installed you can modify it from the same gnome extensions page:

      1.    Zironid said

        Thank you 🙂 (praying that it loads)

      2.    Zironid said

        From Iceweasel I was able to install it, thanks!

  17.   FernandoRJ said

    Conhecem or Cylon Linux do Sri Lanka?

  18.   KONDUR05 said

    Hello everyone, I am also from Venezuela, and if I use canaima. in large part because of having a vit computer at home, and as nano says you have its pros and cons, in the good part canaima is stable, fast as a good son of debian and its presentation is even beautiful, especially in the latest version (that I like it because ubuntu is ugly in that part) Another thing is that there are people in Venezuela who can help you when you are new and you do not feel alone before the world, (if there is help in linux worldwide, but nothing like that speak and understand in your own way XD).

    What's wrong with it? Well, to begin with, the developments are slow and I think that only the government gives it strong support, (well, the strong thing sometimes is only testimonial), and that as they should alone it does not always have the latest. I have also been critical of the CNTI people regarding the use of KDE for its possibilities and I share the criticisms of nano, as it is something logical what he raises.

    Conclusion? It is worth using it above if you are pro-government or an opponent, especially if you have a vit, it is not the only one in Venezuela (in FLISOL I saw another one from UCV). And as Venezuelans we should support it more, whoever takes away and one day becomes great among the great ones, hopes are not lost, don't you think?

  19.   eddy said

    friends who resent him because canaima is a project of the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, it is supposed to be free software and we can modify it according to our needs and what the distro has to offer, for those who do not want it to be politicized, I think they should To study the concept of politics and that if the decision was made by politicians it will not stop being used politically is something I think is super logical, those who love KDE and want to be free of suspicions if fidel knows what you type in Canaima, use, try contribute and collaborate with Projects like venenux to name a Venezuelan one, I support more development for those who already have knowledge and those who want to learn with scholarships, courses and all that can be done, I ask those who suffer because Canaima belongs to the government in which century, private industry would have even started a free software project in Venezuela if its intention is to fight it because it cannot give them dividends anddrives in free knowledge. The gentlemen who love the rumor they told me, listen, what is said, I see the realities in fact the educational content seems very good to me, my criticism that they already know is the large size of their repositories, constructive criticism should They should be the ones that should undermine the forums and other sites of Canaima, not the political frustrations of the opinion-makers. We are all Venezuelans, the thing is to see who appreciates what is Venezuelan and who works to improve it!

  20.   mtamasi said

    Since I have been involved in this free software thing, more than 10 years ago, one of the central objectives of all the movements was always to get governments to assume it as state policy. Now it turns out that it bothers you that the Venezuelan government "politicizes" the SL? Better say that you do not like the political color of the Venezuelan government, because of course they have the right to do so. But to speak of the "politicization" of the SL is absurd. On the contrary, adopting, promoting and developing it is a policy, and if it is a country that gets involved, welcome. I wish there were more.