FlatPress: The fastest, lightest and simplest CMS you'll ever find

Drupal, Joomla !, WordPress, are without a doubt the 3 most popular CMS these days, and each one has its purpose or area of ​​specialty, for example ... WordPress is the undisputed leader for informational sites, blogs, while for something more complex such as a online store, I would prefer Drupal or Joomla !.

But not everything ends here ... there are many other CMS with their own characteristics that we do not know, and here I will talk about FlatPress : )

FlatPress is without a doubt the fastest CMS that I have never found, by this I mean that opening pages, articles, the administration panel or any work is extremely Quick. What is this about?

Simple, a CMS gets heavy for two things:

  1. All the PHP processing (which is the most common) that it would generate on the server.
  2. The need for a MySQL database (which is the most common), its connection to it to enter or search data, etc.

What if I told you that FlatPress is almost immune to this? 😀

To begin with, it is something soo simple and simple that it makes it great, because the PHP processing it generates is minimal, tiny 🙂 ... if we add to that that it does NOT use any database (neither MySQL, nor Postgre, etc) ... well, seriously it's VERY but very fast O_O

But it is not only fast, it is also easy to use, like all CMS nowadays you can put themes to make the site or blog more pleasant to look at, even some of these themes modify the appearance of the administration panel 😀

FlatPress with a theme FlatPress with a theme and AdminArea

FlatPress with another theme FlatPress with another theme and AdminArea

And obviously ... they can also put plugins on it 🙂

You can see an online demo of FlatPress here:

FlatPress Demo

If you want to install FlatPress it is very simple, for example ... if you want to do it on your own computer, you must first install the packages:

apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5

Once these packages are installed, our Apache server should already be started.

Now let's put the following command in a terminal:

sudo mv /var/www/ /var/www-default && mkdir ~/www/ && sudo ln -s ~/www/ /var/www/

This will create a folder in our home called "www", and what we put for that folder will be what is shown to us when we open http://localhost/

If it doesn't work for you, restart the Apache service, on distros like Debian or derivatives is (I think that in Centos y Fedora it works the same):

sudo service apache2 restart

En ArchLinux is

sudo /etc/rc.d/apache2 restart

If you want to install it in a Hosting that you have bought, you do not need to do any of the above hehe

Well, now we have to download FlatPress:

Download FlatPress (v1.0, aka Solenne)

Once downloaded, we unzip that file in the www folder that is in our home, and we access http://localhost/flatpress/ to start with the installation 😀

… and that's it!!!

What, amazed? … Did you expect something more complex? 😀

Once this is done, they can access the site (same URL as before) and it will be shown as it comes by default:

Using the button Login on the right bar can access the Administration Panel (AdminArea):

Through the options of this you can modify many things ... for example, as we saw above, to put another more pleasant theme 😉 ...

First we search the FlatPress Wiki for the theme we want: [Wiki] FlatPress Themes

After we download it, we copy it to ~ / www / flatpress / fp-interface / themes / And voila, we can select it by the Themes button of the AdminArea, that button that is in the black bar.

And you can also put plugins: [Wiki] FlatPress Plugins

This, as you can see, is something really simple and simple ... but many times that is exactly what we are looking for 🙂

There are times when we don't want to make a blog or site as big as the same. From Linux, there are times when we just want to make personal notes, or save code, or write school assignments or something like that ... well, for cases like these (and others ) FlatPress is a great option 😀

I met this one thanks to elav, and I have already been curious to know other CMS that are light ... Perseus he told me about Octopress, I have to seriously see how lightweight it is, and its installation (and packages it needs) how complex it is hehe.

Anyway, I don't think there is much more to add. Let me know any problem or doubt, I will try to help you as much as I can.


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  1.   Manuel de la Fuente said

    To begin with, it is something soo simple and simple that it makes it great, because the PHP processing it generates is minimal, tiny 🙂 ... if we add to that that it does NOT use any database (neither MySQL, nor Postgre, etc) ... well, seriously it's VERY but very fast O_O

    Well yes, it will be very simple and fast, but remember that the more simple, the less power. I would only use this for very simple sites, like a tumblelog or a photo blog, maybe even my personal blog if I don't plan to do much with it, in order to save myself maintaining a more powerful CMS. For everything else, definitely WordPress. 😉

    There are times when we do not want to make a blog or site as big as the same FromLinux

    Smug. 😛

    1.    oscar said

      Yes, conceited 😛

    2.    elav said

      HAhaha, everything you say is true, even the conceited thing hahaha… I personally use it for a miniblog that serves as a draft for FromLinux.

    3.    anti said

      There are the static site generators, like Hakyll. With a few adjustments it becomes a nice personal blog, and how it generates it with markdown and others; it is easy to write.
      However, I have not been able to get it to work on ArchLinux in any way. I even contacted the main author and everything, I hope they have the solution there.

  2.   dwarf said

    I do not know what you mean simply, but Octorpress (made in ruby ​​and sinatra) is exaggeratedly simple, just not to use ... not for something is cms for "hackers" xD

  3.   v3on said

    these days I have tried GetSimple CMS and I think it gives 10 kicks to FlatPress xD

    1.    elav said

      My mother, it's great .. Right now I'm trying it 😀

  4.   nonamed said

    I have been using it for a long time for my personal blog, with the typical notes so as not to forget about this world, and without any problem

  5.   Daniel said

    It is very pleasant at first impression, I just installed it on a very old machine (I have it for testing) and it runs very well, fast.

    Thanks for the input

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thanks to you for the comment 😀

  6.   proper said

    KZKG ^ Gaara:
    "WordPress is the undisputed leader for informational sites, blogs, while for something more complex like an online store, I would prefer Drupal or Joomla !."

    WordPress gives much more, I have seen virtual stores and Intranets (yes, like those of universities) in WordPress.

  7.   Riven taker said

    Hi, let's see if someone gives me a cable, I can't get it up and running, install apache and the libraries, but when I restart it I get "Restarting web server: apache2Warning: DocumentRoot [/ var / www] does not exist
    … Waiting Warning: DocumentRoot [/ var / www] does not exist »

    In / var I have the www-default folder and within it the www folder, when I create the link to my Home, it drops "mv: cannot perform` stat 'on "/ var / www /": The file does not exist or the directory »

    So since I don't have Apache started, it doesn't let me see the Flatpress installation, by the way, I'm on Solusos Eveline, just installed ...

    1s and I hope I can run it as I need it.

    1.    elav said

      Try putting in the console:

      $ sudo mv /var/www-default/www /var/

  8.   Riven taker said

    elav does not work, it moves the directory (www) to / var, but when I try to create the link to Home it disappears and returns within www-default O_O, therefore everything remains the same ...

    sudo mv / var / www / / var / www-default && mkdir ~ / www / && sudo ln -s ~ / www / / var / www / >>>>>> throw this at me

    ln: target «/ var / www /» is not a directory: The file or directory does not exist

    I do not know…

    1.    Riven taker said

      my finger went off 😀
      when I try to create the link to Home it is moved back to www-data

      I must have something wrong in the sentence right?

      sudo mv / var / www / / var / www-default && mkdir ~ / www / && sudo ln -s ~ / www / / var / www /

      1.    elav said

        Well, I you do not complicate. I delete the www-default and www folder from the hard drive, and then create it again under / var / www /. What this folder should have is root permissions: www-data if I'm not mistaken ...

  9.   Riven taker said

    I've already done it (/ var / www), but it only works for me from / var / www, what would be the link for my / home then?

    1.    elav said

      To make the link to your home, you have to delete the / var / www / folder and then make the symbolic link, from the / home / www folder to / var /

      1.    Riven taker said

        I already did, thank you man, I did not think that so easy could be a pain of h ... xD

        sudo ln -s ~ / www / flatpress / var / www


  10.   dwarf said

    Well, I've been trying to install it for a while but it doesn't want to go through the first step, it tells me that I have to make the fp-content folder writable. The thing is that the whole flatpress folder has read / write permissions on / var / www and it is breaking my eggs not getting the solution.

    I already did the server reset, I already have the packages installed, I already have everything, but ... it keeps screwing me xD

  11.   magician said

    mmm I get some errors in windows

  12.   magician said

    mmm now I have tried it in an older version of xampp and it runs perfectly 😀

  13.   magician said

    XAMPP for Windows Version 1.6.7!

  14.   m said

    I am surprised that being a lightweight CMS -and therefore the economy of resources of our server- nobody has mentioned using nginx instead of apache 😎

  15.   margara said

    He's handsome, I'll try it out, by the way which is the official page, the opensourcecms one?
    There is a very active project to create forums and blogs of the same nature

  16.   Jasper said

    Around here there is one quite interesting, visual and all http://goo.gl/yC31oi

  17.   CARLITOS said

    I installed it in a contracted virtual machine with minimal resources, and the machine was almost not impacted by the Ubuntu server 16, with 20 GB of disk and 1 GB of RAM, and it was using 15% of the RAM