Create your anime girl avatar online

Around here they say that I am a misogynist and a macho, I still don't know why but hey, here I bring a post that they will like more than them.

This is Anime Avatar Creator, a simple online anime avatar creator that is offered as a game.

It is very easy to handle and allows us to change many features of the face, it allows us to put decorations such as earrings or pigtails.

It is possible to choose the color of the hair, jewelry and eyes, but not the eyebrows or the skin, since the latter has its own pattern.

Here we can see an example based more or less on the type of woman I like:

And here we have another example, based on the type of woman completely opposite to what I like:

To put one downside, I would say that many of the hairstyles are very striking, that I personally prefer normal hairstyles, there are also some very good ones.

Of course there are men who will like this post since they are not averse to the use of female avatars, an example can be me, or it can be two people who appear on this blog and that I will not name haha.

Anime Avatar Creator

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  1.   Kitty said

    Oh yeah, I already used it, my blog avatar I did there. Very good! Thank you very much 😀

    1.    Courage said

      Haha here we who like anime are a few.

      A pleasure babe.

      1.    taregon said

        I am a man and my avatar is of an anime character: suiseiseki. I have no problem using an image of a female character 😉
        Also your avatar comes from the anime bleach, although he has never seen a chapter, his fame precedes him.

        1.    Courage said

          Indeed, you were one of those readers I was referring to.

          I say this because of the tendency of a certain person on the blog who is calling the one who wears female avatars a fag.

          Luckily he is not in the Mierdofu $ that if not ...

  2.   TDE said

    It looks interesting, I'll try to see how it works. Although I think, Courage, that the title should not be limited to "For girls." Suddenly I narrowed the field of interest a little to interested men. Whoever wants to use it, let him use it, no matter his sexual condition 😀

    Good post!

    1.    Courage said

      I'm going to change the title for another

  3.   Rayonant said

    I have not bitten by the subject of the avatar because the truth is a little equal to me but when seeing the photo if xD, Simone Simmons no? Epica was here recently I love this woman just like her voice

    1.    Courage said

      Indeed, Simone Simmons.

      The symphonic roll is not my thing but I like Epica, the combination of clean feminine voice and guttural masculine I quite like.

  4.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    I'm sorry, Courage

    But I see this article a bit effeminate, you have surprised me, it made you more Texas Walker Ranger xDD

    By the way, beautiful eyes of the girl in the image, she doesn't stop looking at me, I think she likes me 😀

    1.    nerjamartin said



    2.    Courage said

      Man, but I still don't like homosexuals, huh?

      1.    paran0id said

        You can always mess it up further, you should have just missed the comment.

        1.    Courage said

          It is that being a somewhat delicate subject I do not want them to think badly of me, I have already suffered a rumor (not here) and I do not like it.

          I know what Yoyo Fernández is doing, but sometimes he gets it wrong in writing, although I am also doing the same thing, we are not serious.

          There is a lot of joke around here as you know.

          1.    paran0id said

            Okay, that's what you say, it's hard to catch the tone when you write, and more if you don't know the person 😉

            Well nothing, I feel the confusion.

          2.    Courage said

            No man, well.

            This was a joke, of course it was, but sometimes in other posts the subject has already come up seriously and then I made the same comment.

            That's what i meant

  5.   azavenom said

    Excellent contribution, I love the photo of the epic singer, I haven't listened to her songs for a long time

  6.   antonella said

    this good

  7.   dayana aylem said

    mega benisimo

  8.   jhoselyn said

    I'm not going to do it