Fourth Industrial Revolution: The role of Free Software in this new era

Fourth Industrial Revolution: The role of Free Software in this new era

Fourth Industrial Revolution: The role of Free Software in this new era

The various productive sectors of the world are experiencing enormous and rapid change in the midst of this Fourth Industrial Revolution. Revolution characterized by the use of a wide range of «nuevas tecnologías» that integrate the existing physical, digital and biological worlds, which impacts all disciplines, economies and industries, and that even goes so far as to challenge existing ideas about what Human being.

In this Fourth Industrial Revolution, the existing Tools ecosystem (Applications, Systems and Platforms) are «Software Libre y Abierto» the adoption of said «nuevas tecnologías», allowing the Organizations may be more competitive and profitable in these times. Although also the human factor It is key, especially at the level of training and mastery of these tools.

The sentence: "Data is the oil of the XNUMXst century" takes great relevance within this Fourth Industrial Revolution, since, in this the latest and «nuevas tecnologías» not only at the operational level, but directly in each part of the production process or creation of a Organization

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Introduction

And precisely, the «Software Libre y Abierto» in the Organizations facilitates that every day these new technologies can be implemented at affordable or zero cost, in favor of the business objective of each one.

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

4 years ago, in 2016, during the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum) a clear conclusion was reached: "The world is facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution". It also recognized that the Internet is a reality that no longer revolutionizes human lives as at the beginning of its creation, but rather is a daily reality like any other.

And in this forum, it was also made clear that:

“There are three reasons why the current transformations do not represent an extension of the third industrial revolution, but the arrival of a different one: speed, scope and impact on systems. The speed of current advances is unprecedented in history… And it is interfering with almost every industry in every country ”.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: What is it?

And according Klaus schwab, Executive Director of World Economic Forum and author of book «The Fourth Industrial Revolution», this new revolution:

"It is not defined by a set of emerging technologies per se, but by the transition to new systems that are built on the infrastructure of the (previous) digital revolution."

Therefore, among the many areas or technologies running through the current Internet or they rest on it, and that they are the ones that give body or clearly define this Fourth Industrial Revolutionwe can mention the most relevant following:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  2. The Internet of Things, Internet of People and Internet of All
  3. Autonomous Driving and Drones
  4. 5G Networks and WiFi Networks 6
  5. Quantum and Cloud Computing
  6. Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Neurotechnology
  7. Tele-medicine, Tele-education and Tele-work
  8. Deep Learning and Big Data
  9. 3D Printing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  10. The new energy generation and storage systems

Fourth Industrial Revolution: OpenIL features

The role of Free Software in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In a previous article called Free and Open Software: Technological Impact on Organizations we express the following:

"Today it is obviously understandable that the use of Applications, Systems and Solutions based on Free and Open Software facilitate and lower the cost of insertion and innovation processes in the world of the digital economy, as well as the contribution of the Free Software Communities by through open innovation helps Organizations more easily adopt digital transformation".

"Therefore, it is no secret to anyone that at present, Free and Open Software helps organizations to move and advance on the path towards digital transformation, to respond in an agile and effective way to the increasingly growing and accelerating business demands".

And we mention a long list of Tools based on «Software Libre y Abierto» that make it possible for companies to keep up to date, that is, within the technological modernity at a low cost. List that we recommend to review and keep present.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: OpenIL advantages

However, we want to add to this list one more call OpenIL (Open Industrial Linux), which is nothing more than, according to its creator:

"An open source software platform for industrial automation".

Later, surely in another article, we will talk more in detail about it, but for now we can make it clear that «OpenIL», is a Linux Distribution focused on industrial automation and was created by the company NXP Semiconductors, a world leader in secure connectivity solutions.

And that surely the same, is marking for him «Software Libre y Abierto», for 3 years now, a beginning, a path, safe and successful on the new trend of the industrial automation inside the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Conclusion


How we see, the Fourth Industrial Revolution It is here and now, flooding our present. And little by little it immerses us in great changes that provoke new ways of seeing and doing our lives. Hopefully, the same accompanied not only by the «Software Libre y Abierto»but for its philosophy and freedoms, bring us more benefits than damages in the short term, both individually and collectively, to achieve a better world for all.

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