FPS: Best First Person Shooter Games Available for Linux

FPS: Best First Person Shooter Games Available for Linux

FPS: Best First Person Shooter Games Available for Linux

Since these last days, we write about an excellent and well-known Game for Linux, LLAMADA Urban terror, we have decided to make a compilation of other games similar to this, that is, of the genre FPS.

To the surprise of many, the list is long and very interesting, since, possibly some might think that there is no great offer available guidance on Linux en FPS gamesHowever, reality shows us the opposite.

Urban Terror: Version 4.3.4

For those, who have not read our previous post on Urban TerrorAfter reading this, you can click on it in the following link:

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FPS: First Person Shooter Games

FPS Games: First Person Shooter

1.- Free and Free FPS native to Linux

Alien Sand

On its official website it is described as: "A game combines some of the best aspects of games like Quake III and Unreal Tournament and wraps them up in a retro alien theme, while adding tons of original ideas to make the game quite unique.". Approximate size: 871 MB


On its official website it is described as: “A FREE, multiplayer, first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine. It takes place in realistic environments, with fast, addictive and fun arcade-like gameplay, offers efficient use of bandwidth". Approximate size: 50 MB


On its official website it is described as: “An open source single or multi-player first person shooter game built on a totally new and very unconventional engine. Cube is a «landscape style» engine that wants to be an FPS engine «indoor »”. Approximate size: 30 MB

Cube 2 - Sauerbraten

On its official website it is described as: “A free first-person shooter game, both multiplayer and single player. The engine that supports the game is completely original in code and design, and its code is Open Source". Approximate size: 600 MB

Enemy Territory - Legacy

On its official website it is described as: “An open source project that aims to create a fully compatible client / server for the popular online FPS game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Approximate size: 50 MB

Enemy Territory - Quake Wars

On its official website it is described as: “A game set in the year 2065 and allowing you to play under one of five unique character classes, either online or offline, with computer-controlled AI opponents and teammates". Approximate size: 700 MB

Nexuiz Classic

On its official website it is described as: “A high-quality cross-platform first-person shooter that can be played freely. Its free and open engine is called Darkplaces and it was created by Forest Hale. It is currently included in many Linux distributions". Approximate size: 900 MB


On its official website it is described as: “A free and open game in 3D, belonging to the genre of first person shooter. It was released one day after the source code for the Quake III graphics engine was released under the GPL.". Approximate size: 400 MB

Red eclipse

On its official website it is described as: “An open source, cross-platform first-person shooter game that uses the OpenGL API and is based on the modified Cube 2 Engine to deliver dynamic and fun first-person shooter gameplay.". Approximate size: 900 MB


On its official website it is described as: “A free and open source FPS Game with elements of real time strategy, where 2 opposing teams (humans and aliens) must attack the base and members of the opposing team while defending their own base". Approximate size: 106 MB


On its official website it is described as: “A free and open source first person strategy game that pits technologically advanced human soldiers against hordes of highly adaptable aliens, where you can choose between both teams". Approximate size: 480 MB

Urban terror

On its official website it is described as: “A free multiplayer multiplayer first person shooter, which works with any engine compatible with Quake III Arena. Also, it can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter with a lot of realism.". Approximate size: 1.4 GB.


On its official website it is described as: “A completely free and multiplatform FPS game, set in a futuristic cartoon world. In addition, it is considered one of the most frenetic FPS games, ideal for experienced and old school players.". Approximate size: 444 MB

Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

On its official website it is described as: “A free downloadable multiplayer game where players wage war as Axis or as Allies in team battles. A team game where you win or lose with them". Approximate size: 276 MB


On its official website it is described as: “An addictive arctic-style FPS game, with sharp movements and a wide range of weapons. Where intuitive mechanics are combined with frenetic close-up action. It is free and available under the GPLv3 + license". Approximate size: 276 MB

Special mention: COTB

"COTB is a third-person shooter game, in full development (alpha version), that offers the experience of feeling the freedom to explore the map on foot or with vehicles, whether they are land or air. Your goal is to blend the arcade game mode with the physics of the objects that surround the player, such as falls, bullet speeds and advanced collisions, such as the bouncing of grenades.". Approximate size: 4 GB.


Note: Since there are many, the ideal is visit each website, read, download, try and enjoy of each of them to experiment on their own computer, the pro and con of each one, beyond the information available on their official website and any other publication on each of them. However, later on we will surely delve into each of them, as we did recently, with Urban terror.

2.- Free FPS by Steam for Linux

  1. America's army
  2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  3. Team Fortress 2

3.- FPS Payments by Steam for Linux

  1. Bioshock Infinite
  2. Borderlands 2
  3. Day of Infamy
  4. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
  5. Half-Life 2 (and episodes)
  6. Left 4 Dead 2
  7. Insurgency
  8. Metro 2033 Redux
  9. Natural Selection 2
  10. PAYDAY 2
  11. Sanctum 2
  12. Serious Sam 3: BFE
  13. Shadow Warrior

4.- FPS recommended by the Community

  1. Digital Paintball 2
  2. World of padman

Note: If you know someone else that would be worthy of including to our list for the knowledge and enjoyment of all passionate about FPS games on GNU / Linux, do not hesitate to comment and tell us what it is to include it later. And if you want to expand this information consult this other huge «Catalog of free and open multiplatform FPS Games»Available at Sourceforge.

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We hope this "useful little post" about some of the best known, used and best «Juegos FPS para Linux», both native, as free by Steam and paid by any available method; is of great interest and utility, for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the diffusion of the wonderful, gigantic and growing ecosystem of applications of «GNU/Linux».

And for more information, always do not hesitate to visit any Online library Be OpenLibra y jedit to read books (PDFs) on this topic or others knowledge areas. For now, if you liked this «publicación», don't stop sharing it with others, in your Favorite websites, channels, groups, or communities of social networks, preferably free and open as Mastodon, or secure and private like Telegram.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   M13 said

    The Open Source is practically the same as more than ten years ago, not much progress has been made in that.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, M13. Certainly some of those mentioned have not had a major update in many years, but for example, Urban Terror 4, which is one of the best and current, should be close to version 5.

  2.   one two said

    To mention
    digital paintball 2 (dplogin)
    world of padman

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, One Two. Thank you for your comment and excellent contribution. I'll be researching on both.

  3.   l1ch said

    Urban Terror, although it is free, is neither free nor open source, be careful there.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, | 1ch. Thanks for your comment. Yes, because of that it is in the category of free and free, because it meets this last condition.

  4.   noobsaibot73 said

    The best FPS games? It is a joke? On Linux, most of the free FPS are rehashed using graphics engines from Quake II, III, and Unreal Tournament, from over 21 years ago (all released before 2000). You just have to see them, they are rehashes of Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament, that was good 21 years ago, but now people want to see a game like Counter Strike, Battlefield, Medal of Honor ... Not one rehash after another of Quake or from Unreal Tournament.
    There are some that try to be different (Smoking Guns, Urban Terror ...) but their latest versions click at various points (not only because of some errors, which have them), but because something as simple as its installation should be, it becomes a whole odyssey ... The Smoking Guns, only has a 32-bit version, with its installer packaged in a .deb, so in a 64-bit Linux, you must force the installer to install it, and even so, it does not work. Urban Terror, more of the same for other reasons, if you download the latest version (4.3.4) the installer is not up to date and you hold on that it will tell you that it is not the right one and that is why you hold on, that it is not it installs you. If you go back to the Urban Terror website, you will see installer updaters, from version 4.3.3 to 4.3.4, but they are not useful either because you have downloaded the full version 4.3.4 and it does not update anything, so eat yourself snot. If you finally have the good fortune to update, you have to see a beautiful error, because… ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡If I forgot to put in the installation script the original and alternative path where the xmllint package is installed and without it the game does not load !!!! Well, nothing happens, I put it ... To see that in lines 65, 66, 67, 70, 82, 96, 108 and 125 there is an error in them ... ¿DO YOU TAKE MY HAIR ??? ??? Do I have to go around fixing errors? I want to play, not spend the afternoon watching because they have not bothered to review the installation script before uploading it ...
    The Assault Cube is the obsolete brother of Counter Strike, with some graphics and enemies, below this, although seeing what is in Linux, it is a good option.
    Sauerbratent throws errors, packages are missing, the sixth package loses my patience but it finally works ... And I see that it is little less than a Quake II a little graphically improved, the game is entertaining, but oozes an old air on all four sides ...
    Red Eclipse, graphically better, but (and we return to the same thing) it is not more than a Quake III Arena or a graphically improved Unreal Tournament ... And an FPS is more than Quake III or Unreal Tournament, there are no games like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Battlefield ... on Linux and frankly, the remakes of the remakes of the remakes of Doom, Quake II and III and Unreal Tournament, smell like a corpse for a long time, let them die in peace at once, there is life beyond of those games.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Greetings, Noobsaibot73. Thank you for your comment and give us your honest opinions on the games mentioned.

      1.    noobsaibot73 said

        Let's see, obviously that's better than nothing, at least you're entertained for a while, but they're all rehashes of the same games, Quake III and Unreal Tournament, and if we keep at it, we'll keep at it.
        When will we see something like "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" or something like "Battlefield II" natively on Linux? I don't want to have to use GoG or Wine, to load a decent FPS on Linux.

        1.    Linux PostInstall said

          Regards, Noobsaibot73. Thank you for your comment, and yes, let's hope that what you say materializes at some point.